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CBSE Class 9 English includes reading, writing, grammar, and literature skills. It is not just about reading poems and stories but helps in developing your imagination and creativity skills. The communication skills that you will gain in this subject will help you in various areas of life. You will be able to communicate in various social situations with confidence. The supplementary reading activities will make it easier for you to become an independent learner. 


AskIITians faculty has prepared CBSE Class 9 English study materials such as NCERT solutions, chapter notes, and sample papers. Our teachers have explained the chapters in a comprehensive manner which will make it easier for you to prepare for CBSE Class 9 English exam. Along with this, we also offer regular online coaching sessions for Class 9 English, where you can interact and learn together with our talented faculty. 


All our CBSE Class 9 solutions and revision notes for English are created based on the latest curriculum and exam pattern. We follow the recent changes in the syllabus and make sure that students get the correct information. Get unlimited practice worksheets for English grammar and writing practice. You can download all our study materials for free and study whenever you want. 


Class 9 CBSE English Curriculum

As per the Class 9 CBSE English curriculum, the annual examination would include three sections namely - Reading, Writing & Grammar, and Literature. The examination is of 80 marks while 20 marks are for internal assessment. Given below is the detailed exam pattern for CBSE Class 9 English:


Section A: Reading - It includes two unseen reading passages. First will be a factual passage with objective type questions. The second one will be a discursive passage with short answer type questions and objective type questions. The passages will test your vocabulary, evaluation, inference, and analysis. 


Section B: Writing and Grammar - It includes writing a descriptive paragraph such as a diary entry or writing an informal letter. It also includes a question on story writing where you will have to write a story based on the cues. There will be a question about dialogue writing. This section will also test your grammar skills such as tenses, modals, reported speech, clauses, prepositions and determiners. 


Section C: Literature & Supplementary Reader - This section is of 30 marks and will include questions based on the Literature textbook and Supplementary Reader textbook. There will be long answer questions and short answer questions in this section. 


AskIITians provides CBSE Class 9 English study materials for all these three sections. We have covered every previous year question and NCERT textbook solution for your reference. Download our study materials right now and start preparing for exams. 


Class 9 CBSE English Syllabus 

The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends two NCERT textbooks for Class 9 English - Beehive (English Textbook) and Moments (Supplementary Reader). Beehive includes 11 prose and 10 poetry chapters namely: 


Chapter 1: The Fun They Had

Poem: The Road Not Taken

Chapter 2: The Sound of Music

Poem: Wind

Chapter 3: The Little Girl

Poem: Rain on the Roof

Chapter 4: A Truly Beautiful Mind

Poem: The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Chapter 5: The Snake and the Mirror

Poem: A Legend of the Northland

Chapter 6: My Childhood

Poem: No Men Are Foreign

Chapter 7: Packing

Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 8: Reach for the Top

Poem: On Killing a Tree

Chapter 9: The Bond of Love

Poem: The Snake Trying

Chapter 10: Kathmandu

Poem: A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

Chapter 11: If I Were You


Every chapter in Beehive includes different exercises such as ‘Thinking About The Text’ which includes questions based on the chapter, ‘Thinking About Language’ which includes questions based on grammar and vocabulary, ‘Writing’ which includes writing exercises and ‘Speaking’ where students are given group discussion topics.


Moments Supplementary Reader for Class 9 English includes 10 Chapters namely:


Chapter 1 – The Lost Child

Chapter 2 – The Adventures of Toto

Chapter 3 – Iswaran the Storyteller

Chapter 4 – In the Kingdom of Fools

Chapter 5 – The Happy Prince

Chapter 6 – Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Chapter 7 – The Last Leaf

Chapter 8 – A House Is Not a Home

Chapter 9 – The Accidental Tourist

Chapter 10 – The Beggar


Every chapter in Moments Supplementary Reader includes questions related to the chapter and an activity for students for discussion. Students are also recommended additional reading materials. 


You can download our detailed CBSE Class 9 English syllabus to know more about the exam pattern, types of questions, and marking scheme of CBSE. We have added all the important information in the syllabus. Along with this, you can also download a detailed CBSE syllabus for Class 9 all subjects from our website: 


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CBSE Class 9 English Study Materials

The faculty at AskIITians has prepared chapter-wise Class 9 English CBSE notes for your assistance. These notes contain a chapter summary and explain every character of the story in detail. We have also mentioned the meanings of different vocabulary along with a discussion on the moral of the story so that students can understand the perspective of the writer. Along with this, you can download complete CBSE Class 9 English study materials for every chapter from our website and study every chapter thoroughly. 


Which English book is best for Class 9?

CBSE recommends NCERT textbooks for English. Hence students must study Beehive and Moments textbooks for CBSE Class 9 English exam. The NCERT English textbooks for Class 9 include questions based on all the three sections of the paper, that is, reading, writing & grammar and literature textbook. 


Is NCERT book enough for Class 9 English?

NCERT books are best for Class 9 English because they are easy to read and understand. They not only include literary elements but also vocabulary, grammatical, writing and speaking questions for students to practice. Therefore, NCERT books are the best for Class 9 English. Students must also study Words and Expressions Workbook-1 for practice. 


English NCERT Solutions - Class 9 CBSE Solutions

Learning from home is a challenge for students these days. Many times students are unable to read and solve the NCERT textbook chapters on their own. At times their doubts just pile up and they are unable to solve them until the exams are around the corner. But now, AskIITians helps you manage your studies on your own. We have created exercise-wise NCERT solutions for CBSE Class 9 English chapters. 


Class 9 CBSE solutions will help you start your exam preparations. You will be able to understand the chapter completely and all your doubts will get solved whether it be grammar or literature. The solutions have been prepared based on the latest CBSE syllabus and exam pattern. Go through our solutions once and you will be able to understand how you need to write answers in the exams. 


Which chapters in NCERT English Solutions for Class 9 are important for CBSE exams?

All chapters in NCERT English solutions for Class 9 are important for CBSE exams. Therefore you must study both the books Beehive and Moments and solve their exercise questions. Questions could be asked from any of the chapters of NCERT books. You may also refer to Class 9 English CBSE notes from AskIITians to enhance your understanding of the prose and poetry chapters of the NCERT textbooks. 


CBSE Class 9 English Notes for Revision

To make your English exams preparations easier, AskIITians has prepared Class 9 English CBSE notes. These notes will help you understand the chapters easily. You can make note of all the characters of the stories and understand their personalities. The notes will also help you write NCERT solutions. 


Our Class 9 English CBSE notes include short points rather than lengthy paragraphs as it is much easier to remember single words rather than long sentences. This will help you remember the concepts of the chapter easily. Going through the notes a day or two before exams will help you revise both the NCERT English books easily. 


Reading chapters again and again before the exam is quite confusing and overwhelming for the students. We have also added chapter summaries along with the notes so that you can revise the chapters quickly without getting overwhelmed. Also, our notes will keep your learning organized. We have added effective titles, headlines, and bold points that will make it easier for you to remember the chapters. Just sign up with AskIITians right now and download all the CBSE Class 9 English study materials we have for you. 


CBSE Class 9 English Previous Year Question Papers

Previous year question papers of CBSE Class 9 English are the best study resource before exams. They help you understand the CBSE exam pattern. You get to know what kind of questions could be asked in the exam and hence can prepare accordingly. 


Many times students panic once they see a different question being asked in the paper. But by solving previous year question papers, you become habitual to attempting different questions. You would be able to process any kind of question easily in the exam as well. 


AskIITians provides past year papers for CBSE English and all other subjects for Class 9. We have also compiled a list of important questions that have greater chances of being asked in the exam. You must check this list of important questions and download the previous year question papers for CBSE Class 9 from our website. We have also prepared CBSE Class 9 solutions for all these important questions and past papers for your reference. 


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CBSE Class 9 English is an interesting subject. Learn it from home anytime you want with AskIITians. Ask questions from our expert teachers and get your answers within minutes on our Q&A forum. Take live classes and study all the chapters from our teachers. Practice grammar and writing questions and make yourself ready for final exams with AskIITians from the comfort of your home. 


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