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Science as a subject lays the foundation of the whole universe. It explains various phenomena to the students that they might never know of. For instance, how trees reproduce or how the universe came into existence. Science ignites their imagination and curiosities towards nature and brings them a step closer to the existence of human beings. Science also encourages inquiry, experimentation, research, and analysis which is crucial for the overall development of the students. 


CBSE Class 8 Science study materials aim at teaching the important concepts of Science in an interesting and challenging manner. The CBSE curriculum is not at all loaded with just facts but also illustrations, experiments, activities, and explanations. AskIITians follows the same pattern with more examples and illustrations to make CBSE Class 8 Science study materials easy to understand for students. 


Science is an interesting subject in itself. But, relying on books and Class 8 Science CBSE notes would not bring you good results. This is why our teachers have prepared advanced study materials, textbook solutions, revision notes, and sample papers for your practice and learning. Given below are some details about the same. You can connect with our teachers anytime and seek guidance on how to prepare for CBSE Class 8 Science examination. 


Class 8 CBSE Science Curriculum

The Class 8 CBSE Science Curriculum starts with questions rather than concepts. The questions intrigue students and start their thinking process. Each concept is associated with some activity in which students are actively involved. These activities not only help them understand the concepts but makes the subject interesting for them. At AskIITians, our teachers commence with the topics that are related to the direct experience of Class 8 students. We also provide Class 8 CBSE solutions as per the latest CBSE curriculum. It is important to follow the latest marking schemes and guidelines of CBSE and prepare your answers accordingly. 


CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus

The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends NCERT books for Class 8 Science. AskIITians recommends students to read and study from NCERT textbook first. At times, students buy tons of reference books to study for CBSE Class 8 Science. This often confuses them as they refer to the same concept from various books. The syllabus for Class 8 Science includes 18 chapters. It includes topics like food resources, synthetic and non-synthetic clothing materials, metals and non-metals, cell structure, friction, electricity, chemical reactions and light. Given below are the chapters included in CBSE Class 8 Science syllabus:


  1. Crop Production and Management
  2. Microorganisms: Friend and Foe 
  3. Synthetic Fibres and Plastic 
  4. Materials: Metals and Non-Metals 
  5. Coal and Petroleum
  6. Combustion and Flame 
  7. Conservation of Plants and Animals 
  8. Cell - Structure and Functions 
  9. Reproduction in Animals 
  10. Reaching the Age of Adolescence
  11. Force and Pressure
  12. Friction
  13. Sound
  14. Chemical Effects of Electric Current 
  15. Some Natural Phenomenon
  16. Light
  17. Stars and The Solar System 
  18. Pollution of Air and Water 


At AskIITians, we provide detailed information about the CBSE Class 8 Science syllabus along with CBSE Class 8 Science study materials and class notes. This includes important questions related to every chapter along with NCERT textbook solutions and NCERT exemplar solutions for Class 8 Science. You must go through the complete syllabus of CBSE Class 8 Science so that you can create a better study plan for your exam preparations. 


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CBSE Class 8 Science Study Materials 

Science could be one of the toughest subjects in Class 8. Therefore, students must ensure that they have the best CBSE Class 8 Science study materials. The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends NCERT textbooks for Class 8 Science. One of the main reasons why NCERT books are the best for Science students is that NCERT books include easy to understand language. The authors have explained every concept using adequate examples and activities. This would not only help you understand the concepts well but also will make it easier for you to remember the concepts for longer times. 


Is NCERT book enough for CBSE Class 8 Science? 

If you are willing to score more than 90% in Class 8 Science subject, then only NCERT textbook will not be enough. You need detailed NCERT solutions for Class 8 Science, along with Class 8 Science CBSE notes, and important questions. AskIITians provides all these additional resources to the students in our online CBSE coaching for Class 8. 


Which book is best for Class 8 Science? 

Along with NCERT books, students can refer to Lakhmir Singh’s reference books and Together with Science books. If you want to practice questions, consider NCERT Exemplar books first as they contain multiple choice questions, short answer questions and long answer questions. AskIITians provides all reference book solutions for CBSE Class 8 Science. 


Science NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSE Solutions

The Science NCERT book for CBSE Class 8 is self-explanatory. Yet, students often face trouble in solving the chapter-end questions of the NCERT textbook. These questions are based on the CBSE exam pattern and marking scheme. They not only test your knowledge of the chapter but also ensure that you are prepared to answer any question that is asked from the chapter. Many times CBSE Class 8 science exam papers include direct questions from the NCERT textbook or NCERT Exemplar book. All this makes it crucial for students to solve NCERT textbook questions. 


At AskIITians, we provide detailed NCERT solutions for the Class 8 Science textbook. Our teachers have answered all the questions in an easy to understand manner. We have included diagrams, illustrations and definitions wherever necessary so that you can understand the topics easily. Download solutions along with CBSE Class 8 science study materials from AskIITians today and make your exam preparations ten times easier. 


Class 8 Science CBSE Notes for Revision 

Until class 7, students generally do not have a habit of creating notes. But from class 8, as the concepts become more complex, students must develop the habit of creating and studying from class notes. Notes help you remember all the important points of the chapter. They are not much textual like your NCERT textbooks, so it would make it less scary for you to study from notes. 


At AskIITians, our highly-experienced faculty has designed class 8 science CBSE notes for your assistance. These notes contain all important definitions and concepts of the chapter that have a higher chance of being asked in the exam. We have also added important concepts, diagrams, charts and tables that will make it easier for you to memorise the chapter. You can use these notes at the time of your revision before the exams and you would not miss any important topic at all. 


CBSE Class 8 Science study materials generally include both objective and subjective type questions. With the help of your notes you can revise the concepts as per objective and subjective basis. These notes are organized as per the NCERT syllabus only so you will not get confused with the topic names. Download our revision notes for CBSE Class 8 Science and start preparing. 


CBSE Class 8 Science Previous Year Question Papers

Does your study plan include solving previous year question papers? If not, then reschedule your plan and create ample space for solving past papers. This would not only make you confident for the exam but will also give you a clear idea of how you need to attempt the paper. It will make you aware of the exam pattern, marking scheme and types of questions that could be asked. Once you get into the habit of solving new questions, you would not get scared if something different is asked in the examination. Here are some more reasons why you should include CBSE Class 8 Science previous year question papers in your revision schedule:


  • Solving past papers would help you understand the language of the question paper. For instance, you would know that the paper will start with short answer questions and then would include long answer questions and very long answer questions.
  • Solving past papers will help you in time management during your real examination. You will understand how much time should be spent on each section so that you are able to complete the paper in the stipulated time. 
  • In this technical world, where students are habitual of sending text messages and working on computers, not all have good handwriting speed. Solving past papers will help you enhance your writing speed so that you are able to complete the paper on time. 
  • Lastly, you can easily analyse your performance in the past papers and guess where you would stand in your class. It would motivate you to study better. After all, it is said that your biggest competitor is ‘you’!


So without any further delay, download past papers for CBSE Class 8 science from AskIITians and make sure you are 100% ready for your exams:


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Stay updated with the latest CBSE class 8 science study materials, class notes, sample papers and more! Register today with AskIITians and get a chance to take CBSE online coaching from IITians. Study from the safety and comfort of your home and learn a new concept every day. Our online classes are available as per your convenience and schedule. Get daily papers, presentations and engaging activities. Learn today for your better tomorrow with AskIITians! 



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