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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy

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By M.Mohamed Akkram Khan
a) Chose askIITians to gain more knowledge, clarify my doubts and try to get 100% marks. b) Its helping me to the best extent and I found good improvement in my recently conducted school exams after attending the classes, thanks a lot!

By Khalid Massod
I have a wonderful experience with Askiitains. With Askiitains I have developed a confidence that I can crack NTSE. Teachers made my fundamentals clear . The explanation in the study material is awesome and makes concept robust. I believe that without Askiitians it would not have been possible for me to acheive the heights

By Rekha dixit
My Chemistry base was very weak. I always secured just passing marks in it. This was the main issue for me as I was preparing for IIT JEE. So as I was searching for coaching classes I got to know about online tutoring. Though a bit hesitant, I joined it thinking that it would save my time of commuting to coaching classes. And today I really thank God that I took a right decision. I have not only developed interest in chemistry but also I can easily solve most of the questions. This dream couldn’t have realized without askIITians.

By Sunidhi sekhawat
AskIITians is solely instrumental in helping me reach the position I am at today. I managed to clear IIT JEE just because of the coaching I received here. The teachers helped me a lot with all my doubts, never hesitating to put in extra time to explain things clearly. It is only due to them that I could manage my boards along with the JEE preparation. I despite being an average student managed scores of 99%, 99%,100% in Maths, Physics, Chemistry in the Board exams. I thank askIItians for making my future this bright!

By samihan
I joined askIITians for the JEE preparation. It offers a variety of benefits to its students. The comprehensive study material inclusive of questions enables students to master every topic. Its unique mock tests acquaint a student with his weak areas and the test series give an idea about the trend of questions asked in the examination. The online lectures gave the feeling of a classroom where I could even ask my doubts. On the whole, I would say I really thank askIITians for their stupendous support which helped me crack the JEE.

By Avinash Bandlapalli
I had lot of difficulty in understanding Physics problem earlier. But now I enjoy solving the problem related to the Physics. And yes, not only physics I also enjoy solving the mock question papers provided by AskIITians. Thanks to AskIITians for making my concepts clear and also for developing interest in Science and Math. Let me admit the fact that AskIITinas online interactive classes are superb.

By Dikshita Naidu
Let me admit the fact that ya I am enjoying my studies with Askiitains. The faculties here are very talented and supportive .They made the subject very easy for me. With Askiitians I developed interest in the subject and confident enough to Crack Olympiad examniation.

By Kavya Prasad
I was afraid of Physics. In fact, I had a phobia for Physics. Due to this, I was extremely worried as to whether I would be able to make through the JEE. However, after joining askIITians, I have become fascinated for Physics. The pedagogy of askIITians has not only eliminated the fear but has also instilled the much required confidence in me. Now I am confident of tackling questions easily. Hence, I would give the complete credit to the adroit faculty at askIItians for their support as today if I can be hopeful of getting through IIT JEE, it is because of them

By Anitha S
Askiitains helped me a lot in saving my precious time and utilize it in my studies. I have never gone to any coaching studies. I am enjoying my studies with Askiitians. Faculties are awesome and are very helpful. The made subject very easy.

By V.S.R Vijay
a)I chose AskIITians because i believe that i will be able to achieve my goal through your classes . b) I think my basic concept and doubts relating to each subject will be cleared and by practicing the material that has been sent i am getting more practice and the speed in which i answer the questions has also improved


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