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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy

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By Sharang Shibu
I have joined askIITinas for the preparation of CBSE grade 8th examination. No doubt, it helped me a lot. It gives extensive knowledge of the subjects (Math and Science) making aware of the fundamental ideas clear and help me in better understanding of the matter. AskIITians gives me the confidence to excel and do better in the exam and daily studies

By Anand verma
AskIITians is simply awesome. I joined the two year course and I am quite comfortable with their teaching methods. The best point about this portal is that here the academics are planned according to student’s needs. It offers the right mix of problem solving and doubt removal sessions with thoroughly revised study material. Their test series are the best part. I am really afraid of facing exams but now having faced so many tests I have become very comfortable with tackling questions. Thanks a lot askIITians and hope you will continue improving your services further.

By Vishal Deep Nair
"I really enjoy the classroom, the faculties and their way of teaching. I have gained a lot of confidence after joining the AskIITinas. I am very thankful to the faculties who developed my interest in organic chemistry and making my fundamental crystal clear. The coaching helped me to update myself continuously. Live interactive classes are simply awesome."

By Shravani Kulkarni
The askIITians website has been helping a lot. I am able to improve myself with the help of the tutors. The modules and the questions provided are helping and also the tests are satisfying. I dont face much problems during the sessions and if I do I am helped to solve them very quickly. The timings are perfect and I would like to continue with askIITians in future too.

By Mirnal upadhyay
After joining askIITians not only my marks improved but my confidence level has also gone up very high. The teachers are very interactive and provide individual care to the students. The doubts are cleared effectivelyand the study material is very useful. It contains all the important topics with proper explanation. Earlier I had to spend hours on understanding one topic of Mathematics but now after attending the online class I just go through the study material once and the topic is prepared. The subjects have become simple and interesting only due to askIITians!

By Shawn
I would like to thank the faculty of askIItians for their support and excellent online lectures that helped in clearing my doubts and forming a solid foundation. The main thing I like about this portal is their daily practice papers. Once a topic is over, they provide practice papers on the topic which helps in knowing what kind of questions can be asked from the particular topic. This thing also helped me in knowing the areas where I lack so that I could work more on those domains. I must also thank the faculty for their valuable and precious guidance.

By Apurv Sinha
I had lot of difficulty in understanding Physics problem earlier. But now I enjoy solving the problem related to the Physics. And yes, not only physics I also enjoy solving the mock question papers provided by AskIITians. Thanks to AskIITians for making my concepts clear and also for developing interest in Science and Math. Let me admit the fact that online interactive classes are superb. Kudos……!!!!!!!

By Sindhu Chatakonda
I came into askiitians through my school. The askiitians teachers came to my school and explained how one must study and they even told many study techniques which has helped me a lot.
From here my journey had started with the askiitians. I still remember my first class and that was my math class taken my Nishant Vora sir.
Askiitians has strengthened my fundamentals. I used to dislike physics a lot because of its formulas but now because of askiitians, I have started to like physics.
Askiitians has helped me in discovering myself. It has shown me my strengths and even my weak points. Through askiitians, I am now even able to take part in competitive exams. I have learnt so many things from this company that I will never forget in my life.
I am proud to be a part of askiitians.

By Dany sunish
Thanks to AskIITians for making my Foundation strong and clearing my doubts. I love attending the Online Interactive classes by the AskIITians . The Faculties help me to prepare me in the right direction. I appreciate the concern which AskIItians have for the student’s preparation.

By Sushmita Nayak
First of was a great experience at askiitians. I learnt a lot of stuff that is of high level so i know my future in 10th,11th and 12th is going to be easier .I thank the Academics team a lot for giving me this opportunity and also thank my teachers in the live class ,for they were great! It was something quite different from school...because i definitely learnt more here! again big thumbs up askiitians! For sure everyones happy with the effort. Great classes, teachers and study material! Im very grateful for all of it.Besides it was an achievement ;to be taught by IITians!


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