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We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy
We promise that your information will be our little secret. To know more please see our Privacy Policy

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By Vishal Bharadwaj
Joining AskIITians for my CBSE as well as NTSE preparation has changed my life. It has changed the way, I see the problem. Online classes are very interactive and give the confidence to exceland get the goal. The personal touch given by the teacher to every individual student is very remarkable

By Nishita verma
AskIItians helped me a lot in my 7th board preparation. it gave me a very good understanding of the subject specially Math and Chemistry. Live interactive classes are simply outstanding. Tests helped me in rectifying my errors. With AskIITians I developed myinterest in Chemistry. Test helped me a lot in rectifying my errors.

By Shravani Kulkarni
The askIITians website has been helping a lot. I am able to improve myself with the help of the tutors. The modules and the questions provided are helping and also the tests are satisfying. I dont face much problems during the sessions and if I do I am helped to solve them very quickly. The timings are perfect and I would like to continue with askIITians in future too.

By Fayas Ahmed
I admit that joining Askiitians is a life changing experince for me . I have been selected in IIT-JEE with good rank and happy with my result. The faculties at Askiitians are awesome and helped me a lot in clearing my doubts at each and every level. At the end i admit the fact that good studies and guidence like which provide Askiitains is enough for cracking the examination like JEE

By Sushmita Nayak
First of was a great experience at askiitians. I learnt a lot of stuff that is of high level so i know my future in 10th,11th and 12th is going to be easier .I thank the Academics team a lot for giving me this opportunity and also thank my teachers in the live class ,for they were great! It was something quite different from school...because i definitely learnt more here! again big thumbs up askiitians! For sure everyones happy with the effort. Great classes, teachers and study material! Im very grateful for all of it.Besides it was an achievement ;to be taught by IITians!

By Yusuf Ahsan
a) I chose askIITians to prepare for JEE, SAT, BITS etc, examinations. b) it has helped me a lot. it is covering everything that is to be taught. the tutors are of high standard and are very helpful.

By Shanti Sudha
I have always enjoyed my classes with the AskIITians professors, specially their way of delivering lecture and making the subjects easy . Hat’s off to them. All India Test Series helped me to find out my weak area and I have also started working on it….wish me luck for JEE . Thank you AskIITians. "

By Sharang Shibu
I have joined askIITinas for the preparation of CBSE grade 8th examination. No doubt, it helped me a lot. It gives extensive knowledge of the subjects (Math and Science) making aware of the fundamental ideas clear and help me in better understanding of the matter. AskIITians gives me the confidence to excel and do better in the exam and daily studies

By Chandramani reddy
I am glad that I took a correct decision by joining askIITians. It helped me to get rid of the daily hassle of travelling to the coaching classes. I got enrolled in the crash course as there was less time left for preparation. But I wasn’t confident as to whether it will be useful or not. Firstly, online classes for such difficult exam and top of it a crash course! But soon I started grasping concepts and their frequent test series also helped me in gaining confidence. Today, I am much better placed as compared to what I would have been without askIItians. So I thank them from the core of my heart.

By Prince Thomas
I have joined Askiitians fro my NTSE as well as Olympiad Preparation. I have experienced a lot of changes in thinking as well as problem solving skills.I am blessed to study with the Faculties which not only makes the doubt clear but also helped me to encourage for Olympiad examination


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