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Widen your knowledge base with Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is quickly getting recognized as one of the best options for widening the knowledge base of students living in different parts of the world. It is a mechanism where students can get quality coaching from some of the best tutors from different geographic locations. Students preparing for top entrance exams held in India like IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS can take advantage of Online Tutoring classes and prepare in an effective manner. askIITians has been successfully delivering tutoring classes of IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS to students in need of quality coaching in Doha, Qatar.

Online Tutoring in Doha by askIITiansStudents in Doha, NRI students, in particular, know the significance of getting higher education in top institutes in India. For this reason, they prepare for entrance exams as it is the only option to get admission in those top institutes. However, they are void of getting quality coaching needed to ace those exams. This is where askIITians, with an accomplished team of experts around the world, has helped in bringing Online tutoring in Doha.

With competition increasing each year for limited seats in top institutes, it becomes crucial for students to score well in entrance exams and get the desired course in one of the top institutes. askIITians brings live online classes to homes so that students can get proper guidance and support to beat the competition and ace those exams. We bring well- designed and well- structured curriculum to students to achieve best results.

  • We have ex- IITians and best medical experts as tutors to give quality coaching to students
  • We make students’ foundation strong by clearing concepts and teaching basics again
  • The curriculum is designed keeping in mind the past trends so that students can enhance their skills to take entrance exams

We already have tie-ups with school in Doha that help its students to get quality coaching for top entrance exams

  • Al Khor International School, Doha – Qatar
  • Bhavans Public School, Doha – Qatar

What students can get obtain from our Live online classes

IIT JEE Preparation

Live Online Classes in Doha for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMSaskIITians provides Online Tutoring Classes​ for IIT JEE preparation. The online classes are conducted by ex- IITians and experienced experts. The courses offered are,

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students
  • Foundation series for Class 6 – 10 students

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AIIMS Preparation

askIITians provides ​Live online classes in Doha​ for students to prepare for AIIMS entrance exams. Top medical experts and ex- professors conduct the classes and students can choose from,

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students
  • Foundation series for Class 6 – 10 students

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NEET Preparation

askIITians also provides ​Online Tutoring in Doha for students of to prepare for NEET. The live online classes are taken by subject experts and top medical professors with years of teaching experience. The courses offered are,

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students
  • Foundation series for Class 6 – 10 students

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Significance of Live Online classes from askIITians

As the number of candidates increasing each year to give top entrance exams, it is important for students to study in a significant manner and ace the exams.

  • The live online classes are scheduled according to the school hours so that students get enough time in between
  • These online classes are recorded so that students can refer in case they miss the live class
  • A demo class is given to students for them to know our teaching methodology
  • The live online classes cover all the important aspects for preparation of entrance exams
  • The reference material is provided along with online classes so that students can study and revise
  • The test series are designed by our team of experts by evaluating past year question papers
  • To encourage and motivate students, counsellors are provided to students for an entire duration of the program
  • The students are allowed to take their own tests with the desired syllabus and level of difficulty
  • askIITians offers scholarships to meritorious students
  • We conduct special classes for students who need special attention

askIITians has emerged as one of the top choices for entrance exam tutoring as we are consistently providing great results each year. The students of askIITians are equipped with knowledge and confidence that help them to score well in exams. With the most advanced technology and resources, askIITians believe in offering only the best to students preparing for entrance exams. We provide guaranteed support to all our students and help them achieve the goal of getting into a top Institute and becoming one of the best professionals in the country.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution