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IIT JEE preparation time table for class 8There is a race going on to get into IITs for pursuing engineering as they offer a lot of knowledge and skills to be a successful engineer. Studying in an IIT is a dream of numerous students because they know the significance of getting an engineering degree from such a reputed institute. This is one of the main reasons that students start the preparation early so that they have an edge over other students. Before the students can get into an IIT, they have to clear one of the toughest and most reputed entrance exams- JEE. Due to its difficulty level, many students ask IIT preparation tips for class 8 so that they can start early and cover all the topics of the IIT JEE syllabus.

With so much competition to get into an IIT, students start their preparation very early that helps them to study in a more comprehensive manner. There are several students who start their preparation from class 8, only to achieve their dream of studying in an IIT. However, those who chose to initiate iit preparation for class 8, have their solid reasons and of course a lot of time at hands. So, this might be a judicious call after all. Read through and know for yourself.

Reasons to Start JEE Preparation from Class 8

When you start JEE preparation from an early age, there are numerous advantages to it. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • When you start the preparation in class 8, you have ample of time to give JEE. You can start slowly and get your basics right that will help you in the higher grades. You can easily balance between school and coaching classes or you can dedicate your time for JEE during the weekends.

  • When you have enough time for preparation, you can revise and practice on a regular basis. You can refer many IIT JEE books for class 8 and prepare for JEE as well as your class 8. You will gain lots of knowledge and hence confidence level will increase.

  • On starting early, you will also be stress- free compared to the students, who start only in their class 11 or class 12.

  • On referring IIT books for class 8, you can improve your problem-solving and analytical skills and can use them for your school exams.

  • With regular practice, you will get to know the JEE syllabus and the paper pattern better than any other JEE aspirants.


AskIITians has the expertise and experience in teaching science and mathematics subjects pertaining to the IIT JEE syllabus. They have numerous foundation programs that can be chosen by the class 8 students. This will help them get used to the JEE Syllabus right from the beginning of their JEE preparation.

Books for IIT JEE Preparation

Students, who are planning to prepare for IIT JEE from class 8, can refer these books in addition to NCERT books.

IIT JEE preparation tips for class 8


  • S. Chand’s Foundation

  • R.D Sharma

  • Arihant Publications


  • Pearson IIT Foundation

  • H.C. Verma

  • Nelkon and Parker


  • Pearson IIT Foundation

  • O.P. Tandon

  • M.S. Chauhan

Test Series

AskIITians also provide all India Test Series Foundation Program for class 8 students. The program is quite sought after, for IIT Preparation for class 8. It is designed by experts and the high quality tests help students prepare for different engineering exams in a significant manner. It also measures your performance that helps you make a strategy for the exams. AskIITians offers a smart preparation tool that tells weak and strong areas of the students. It is a 140 hours of intensive preparation that includes chapter tests, SA tests, unit tests, full tests and offline SA tests.

Past Years Papers

AskIITians provides past papers of all the school exams and competitive exams that will help students get to know about the paper pattern and level of difficulty.

  • They also train students for various competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, Olympiads, CBSE and ICSE exams.

  • Students can get answers to all their questions as askIITians have ex- IITians in our team to solve them.

  • AskIITians also provides NCERT solutions to the students of class 8.

Many schools and coaching institutes have also started foundation courses for students, who wish to start early with their JEE Preparation. The IIT foundation syllabus for class 8 is similar to the school syllabus that helps students learn in an intensive manner. Parents are increasingly enrolling their children in foundation classes from an early age so that they can get used to the analytical thinking that will be useful for their future. Most of them think that class 8 is the right time to start preparing for IIT and make their children get acquainted with the stress and hard work needed for JEE preparation.

Foundation Program

There is a One-Year Foundation Program for class 8 students that help them learn basic concepts in a simpler manner. It is 400+ hours of intensive preparation that includes live lectures, doubt removal sessions, chapter tests, SA tests, school level tests and much more.

AskIITians provide one- stop solution for JEE preparation to the students of class 8. This includes complete syllabus theory, effective revision notes and comprehensive question bank.


General Tips to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 8

With IIT JEE gaining popularity and competition increasing, several students ask this question- How to prepare for IIT JEE from class 8? For all of you, who are seeking answers to that question, askIITians have listed some IIT preparation tips for class 8 that can help you prepare for JEE along with your school syllabus.

  • You are already ahead of thousands of students by starting your JEE preparation at class 8. So, you should keep revising the topics you have studied before you start your next topic.

  • An IIT JEE class 8 book can be referred for studying a subject, but if still you are not satisfied, you can refer other study materials available either online or with the coaching centre.

  • From the beginning of class 8, you should be clear in your concepts as it very crucial for JEE preparation. Make sure that all your basic doubts in the class 8 topics are cleared as that will help you in studying class 11 and 12 syllabus.

  • When you join coaching classes, you can study from IIT foundation syllabus for class 8. This will help you in JEE preparation and also in studying the class 8 syllabus in an extensive manner.

  • When you start early, you have enough time before giving JEE Exam. Do not waste time thinking that and get distracted. Keep yourself updated with the JEE exam pattern and refer sample papers of the exam. This will help you know the exam pattern, the number of questions asked, syllabus, etc.

  • Make a time table and follow it regularly. Plan out smartly so that you have time to learn new topics, practice questions and also to play sports for being healthy.

  • While preparing for JEE, identify your strong and weak areas and note them down and then prepare accordingly.

If you are looking to start preparing for JEE from class 8, these tips will help you and give you an idea of the kind of preparation required. But don’t prepare forcefully or under someone’s influence. Take the decision of JEE preparation only when you think you want to pursue the engineering career in future.


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