Solutions to HC Verma Part 2

HC Verma Physics Part 2 book targets Class should be ideally covered in Class 12. Part of the two-volume book set, it has become one of the most recommended books for IIT JEE Physics over the years.

Not only the book covers the rest of the JEE syllabus (which is not covered in Part 1) but also presents a wonderful array of IIT Physics problems with solutions at relevant places throughout the chapter.

There are unsolved questions too for practice at the end of each chapter.

Hence, students can go through a chapter and understand its concepts and then, they their hand on IIT numericals and questions related to that chapter.

To find answers to unsolved questions, you can check out Solutions to HC Verma Physics Part 2 here. These solutions can be downloaded chapter-wise in pdf format:

List of Solutions

Chapter 23 – Heat and Temperature

Chapter 36 – Permanent Magnets

Chapter 24 – Kinetic Theory of Gases

Chapter 37 – Magnetic Properities of Matter

Chapter 25 – Calorimetry

Chapter 38 – Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 26 – Law of Thermodynamics

Chapter 39 – Alternating Current

Chapter 27 – Specific Heat Capacities of Gases

Chapter 40 – Electromagnetic Waves

Chapter 28 – Heat Transfer

Chapter 41 – Electric Current through Gases

Chapter 29 – Electric Field and Potential

Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect and Wave – Particle Duality

Chapter 30 – Gauses’s Law

Chapter 43 – Bohr’s Model and Physics of the Atom

Chapter 31 – Capcitors

Chapter 44 – X-rays

Chapter 32 – Electric Current in Conductors

Chapter 45 – Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices

Chapter 33 – Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current

Chapter 46 – The Nucleus

Chapter 34 – Magnetic Field

Chapter  47 – The Special Theory of Relativity

Chapter 35 – Magnetic Field and due to Current



For JEE aspirants, ‘Heat and Thermodynamics’ and ‘Magnetic Effects due to Current’ are quite important this year. So, they should pay special attention to these chapters.


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