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NEET (AIPMT) 2018 Answer Key 

NEET (AIPMT) 2018 Answer KeyNEET Answer Key shows the correct answers of the questions that candidates attempted in the NEET 2018 examination. Like every year, this year also the Board will publish the NEET (AIPMT) 2018 Answer Key on their official website once the exam has been conducted. This is very beneficial for the candidates because they can calculate their scores much ahead of the announcement of results and this way a lot of anxiety about the results can be eased, as observed by the NEET (AIPMT) 2017 Answer Key and NEET (AIPMT) Answer Key 2016. askIITians offers NEET 2018 solutions to all NEET aspirants for free.

With the help NEET (AIPMT) 2018 Answer Key students were able to do a prior calculation of what position they would have secured. This year also with the help of NEET 2018 Answer Key students would be able to get a rough idea of the range of the rank they might be getting. Thus the students can compare their assumed marks with the range of NEET 2018 cut-off lists and hence can develop a list of colleges to be applied for counselling.

Apart from the Board, the NEET 2018 Answer Key will be uploaded by many other sites as well. In case the Board site becomes unavailable or slow, you can check other sites also, but later try to cross check with the Board site as the answers may tend to differ slightly. We would also upload NEET 2018 solutions with the NEET 2018 answer key.

NEET (AIPMT) 2018 Answer key

Set FF Set PP Set QQ
Set RR Set XX Set BB

NEET (AIPMT) 2017 Answer key

Set A Set B Set C Set D
Set P Set Q Set R Set S
Set W Set X Set Y Set Z


NEET (AIPMT) 2016 Answer key


Set P


NEET (AIPMT) 2015 Answer key


Set A Set B Set C
Set D Set E  


NEET (AIPMT) 2014 Answer key


Set P Set Q Set R Set S


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