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Solutions to HC Verma Physics Part 1

H. C .VermaHC Verma Physics Part 1 book should be ideally covered in Class 11. It covers 22 chapters in all. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most recommended books for IIT Physics as it not only covers a major portion of the JEE syllabus but is written in a lucid easy-to-understand language suitable for pre-college students.

HC Verma Physics book for JEE preparation is much in demand because the problems given at the end of each chapter cover a wide range and have varying difficulty levels.

At askIITians, you can find complete set of Solutions to HC Verma Physics Part 1 book. Students should solve the questions first and then, refer to these IIT Physics problems with solutions to analyze where they went wrong and how they should approach a particular problem to reach the right answer.

You can download Solutions to HC Verma Physics Part 1 chapter-wise in pdf format.


List of Solutions

Chapter 1

Chapter 12

Chapter 2

Chapter 13

Chapter 3

Chapter 14

Chapter 4

Chapter 15

Chapter 5

Chapter 16

Chapter 6

Chapter 17

Chapter 7

Chapter 18

Chapter 8

Chapter 19

Chapter 9

Chapter 20

Chapter 10

Chapter 21

Chapter 11

Chapter 22