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Askiitians now offers online coaching for foreign students/NRI’s specially made for them as per their requirements. Getting help to clear IIT JEE out of India is especially difficult due to the lack of experienced teachers who know the ever changing pattern of this exam which is considered by many to be one of the toughest in the world. Competing with the lakhs of Indian students who have access to all the resources required to clear IIT JEE can be a scary task. Keeping all this in mind Askiitians launches the RIP or Remote Instruction Program for foreign students/NRI’s aspiring to clear the IIT JEE. Our expert teachers having years of teaching experience with the help of virtual classrooms can help you gain the confidence you need to make your dreams come true. The RIP incorporates the following features which are unique to Askiitians 

  • Foreign based aspirants can now get last minute guidance and mentoring as well as one to one doubt clearing sessions before appearing for the exam from

  • Students don't have to travel to India for coaching; or have to seek correspondence coaching when they have the luxury of live online classes at your doorstep.

  • Students have the convenience of having test series, study material and assignments all designed by iitians.

  • Batch sizes are small to encourage a better interaction between the teachers and the students. 

Please go through the course designed for you as per the country you live in:








Saudi Arabia





Shining stars of askIITians worldwide in class 12th - 2018 

Student Name

School Name



Kshitij Ingle Delhi Public School, BalcoTownship, Korba India 96.40%
Devansh J Ponda FAIPS (DPS), Ahmadi, Kuwait Kuwait 96.40%
Subham Das Our own English high school sharjah boys branch Sultanate Of Oman 96.20%
Ananya Joshi AECS kaiga india 95%
Kavya Parthasarathy National Public School, Gopalapuram, chennai India 95%
Suzain Ali Indian School Salalah, Salalah-Oman Sultanate Of Oman 95%
Rishika patel Indian school Salalah, Oman Sultanate Of Oman 94.80%
PRAVEEN BALAJJI FAIPS- DPS, Kuwait Kuwait 94.40%
Pabitra Bansal FAIPS- DPS, Kuwait Kuwait 94.40%
Roshan Mujeeb Birla public School , doha qatar Qatar 94.20%
ROHAN SATISH KADKOL FAIPS (DPS), Ahmadi, Kuwait Kuwait 93.80%
ANOOP SUBASH International Indian School, Riyadh KSA 93.60%
UMAR ALI KHAN International Indian School Al Jubail KSA 93.60%
N Naveen shankar Our Own English high school UAE 93.50%
Vignesh Srinivasan Al Khor International School - CBSE india 93.40%
Isabel Lisa Jose GULF INDIAN SCHOOL, KUWAIT Kuwait 93%
Ritika bhardwaj Our own english high school ajman UAE 92.60%
Kamya Dhulipala International Indian School KSA 92.60%
Muffadal Abbasi Diwan FAIPS- DPS, Kuwait Kuwait 91.20%
Niharika G Naik Atomic Energy Central School, Kaiga india 91%
Supritha HariShankar Our Own English School , Al Ain UAE 91%
Mohammad Misbahuddin International Indian School, Al - Jubail KSA 90.80%
Mayank Kumar International Indian School, Al - Jubail KSA 90.20%

Students in Middle-East

If you are one of the hundreds of students in the middle-east who feel that you have a spark for engineering, then IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) is the place for you. And if IIT is the place you want to be at, then askIITians is all you need. 

IITs are a renowned brand in themselves, so an engineering degree from an IIT holds value globally. Also, the IIT alumni spread all over the world have proven themselves in every field possible. So be it in terms of the faculty, the infrastructure or the quality of the education -IITs are one of the best in the world. Studying in an IIT thus, is an incomparable experience that no engineering aspirant would want to miss out on. 

So What Role can askIITians Play?

askIITians has everything in store for you that you would need during the course of your preparation. As a student, miles away from the huge network of IIT coaching available in India, you can get the best of study material, coaching tips, the best of faculty for yourself sitting in your room. How would that feel? 

The first of its kind, askIITians provides you with all the help online. 

• Ex-iitians as a faculty available for live voice-interactive classes. 

• Detailed study material , the best available for each subject. 

• Online test designed by five ex-IITians according to the latest IIT-JEE and AIEEE question paper pattern. 

• Online test- series throughout the year. 

• Assignments topic and sub-topic wise in each subject with detailed solutions. 

• Recordings of all sessions. 

• A comprehensive discussion forum consisting of ex-IITians, and engineering aspirants world-wide. 

• Analysis of the tests and comparative ranking among IIT-JEE aspirants world-wide. 

All this just a click away, no matter which country you stay in, in the UAE, on a very nominal charge. And you can find yourself in one of the top most engineering colleges in India. 

How is askIITians Different?

askIITians coaching program covers the entire syllabus of IIT-JEE and AIEEE entrance exams. So irrespective of which school you are in, in Dubai, Doha Qatar, Tanzania or Jakarta and what curriculum is followed there, you get coaching help that covers every topic required by the IIT-JEE and AIEEE exams, in detail. 


ALGEBRA - Complex numbers, inequality, cube roots of unity, properties of modulus; quadratic equations; arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions; logarithms and their properties; permutations and combinations; binomial theorem, matrices. 

TRIGONOMETRY - Trigonometric functions, their periodicity and graphs, sine rule, cosine rule, inverse trigonometric functions. 

ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY - Cartesian coordinates, section formulae, equation of a straight line/circle/parabola/ellipse and hyperbola, locus problems; direction cosine and direction ratios, equation of a straight line in space, equation of a plane. 

DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS - Real valued functions of a real variable; sum, difference, product and quotient of two functions; polynomial, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions; limit and continuity of a function, derivative of a function, derivatives of polynomial.

INTEGRAL CALCULUS - Indefinite integrals of standard functions, definite integrals and their properties, integration by parts/substitution/partial fractions, formation of ordinary differential equations. 

VECTORS - Addition of vectors, scalar multiplications, scalar products, dot and cross products, geometrical interpretations. 


GENERAL - Units and dimensions, physical quantities, methods of measurement and error analysis for physical quantities, dimensional analysis, least count. 

MECHANICS - Kinematics in one and two dimensions, projectiles, circular motion and relative velocity; Newton’s laws of motion, static and dynamic friction; kinetic and potential energy; systems of particles, law of gravitation, rigid body, moment of inertia; linear and angular simple harmonic motions, pressure in a fluid, wave motion, resonance. 

THERMAL PHYSICS - Thermal expansion of solid, liquid and gases; latent heat, Newton’s law of cooling, ideal gas law, elementary concepts of convection and radiation. 

ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM - Coulomb’s law, electric field and potential, flux of electric field, Gauss’ law and its applications; capacitance, electric current, Ohm’s law, heating effect of current; Bio-Savart and Ampere’s law. 

ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION - Faraday’s law, self and mutual inductance. 

Optics - Rectilinear propagation of light, reflection and refraction at plane and spherical surfaces, combination of mirrors and thin lenses. 

WAVE NATURE OF LIGHT - Huygen’s principle, interference. 

MODERN PHYSICS - Atomic nucleus, alpha, beta and gamma radiations, binding energy and its calculations, fission and fusion processes; photoelectric effect, Bohr’s theory. 


PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY - Atoms and molecules, Dalton’s atomic theory, oxidation, reduction and displacement reactions; gaseous and liquid state, ideal gas equation, kinetic theory of gases, law of partial pressure; atomic structure and chemical bonding, Bohr’s model, wave particle duality, de Broglie hypothesis, electronic configuration of elements; hybridization, VSEPR model and shapes of molecules. 

ENERGETICS - First and second law of thermodynamics, internal energy, work and heat, pressure-volume-work, fusion and vapourisation. 

CHEMICAL EQUILIBRIUM - Law of mass action, equilibrium constant, acid and bases, hydrolysis of salts,. 

ELECTROCHEMISTRY - Electrochemical cells and cell reactions, Nernst equation, electrochemical series, Faraday’s law of electrolysis, concentration cells. 

CHEMICAL KINETICS - Rates of chemical reactions, order of reactions, rate constant and its temperature dependence. 

SOLID STATE - Classification, close packed structure, simple ionic compounds. 

Solution - Raoult’s law, elevation of boiling point and depression of freezing point. 

NUCLEAR CHEMISTRY - Radioactivity, isotopes and isobars, carbon dating, kinetics of radioactive decay. 

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Preparation and properties of non-metals/ oxides/peroxides/hydroxides; general characteristics of transition elements, ores and minerals, extractive metallurgy, carbon reduction method, self reduction method. 

ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Hybridisation of carbon, structural and geometrical isomerism, nomenclature, determination of empirical and molecular formula of simple compounds, carbocations/carboanions and free radicals; preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes/alkenes/alkynes; reactions of benzene; phenol; carbohydrates; amino acids and polymers. 

The study material covering all this and more is sent to your door-steps. 

Our Pedagogy Sets Us Apart

Study material is only the first step in IIT-JEE coaching for you. What matters is how you use them in your preparation. And this is where we come in.

Our UAE RIP Course, a Remote Instructions Program designed exclusively for the students in the middle- east gives you all the mentoring needed : 

• Online help familiarizes you with the various topics in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. 

• Ex- iitians as faculty help you clear all your doubts and concepts. 

• Through scheduled live online classes we ensure preparation on a daily basis for you, in accordance with the changing pattern of the exams. 

• Regular assignments are provided, equipped with answers and explanations for you to do a self- check. 

• If you happen to miss a class, we will update you by sending a recording link of that class as all the classes are recorded. And the      recording links are available to all the students in the form of an archive. 

• Exclusive online test series designed by ex-IIT professors helps you keep a track of where you stand in the world wide ranking. 

• Analysis of the paper enables you to figure out your strong and weak areas and work according to the demand of IIT-JEE and AIEEE  curriculum. 

• The discussion forum enables you to connect to many other IIT-JEE aspirants from all over the world. 

So the gap between the English- American education system followed in schools all over the middle-east and the IIT-JEE curriculum is filled by askIITians, for you. 

The Indian HRD ministry is already in the process of increasing the number of seats in IITs and making the admissions process simpler for foreign students. With a little help in your engineering coaching from askIITians you can actually make it to IIT and experience the campus life, Indian culture along with the studies of course !! 


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution