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Online Tutoring is helping Students Re-define their Career Goals

Online tutoring is a necessity in today’s fast paced life, where students are too preoccupied with surplus academic and curricular courses. However, making a bright career is always on the priority list, once they reach the higher classes. This is when online tutoring classes bring in the required support and guidance, to tread that upward journey with knowledge and confidence.

From physical classroom teaching to online coaching, the world has come a long way. Especially so, when people are moving around the world and are settled in various geographical locations. askIITians brings online tutoring in Bahrain, for the NRIs and students who aspire to secure admissions in the top engineering and medical institutes of India. Our online courses offer opportunities to brush up your concepts, prepare yourself well for entrance exams by understanding the paper patterns and the past trends. Our course offerings focus on reputed entrance exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS and NEET. Not only do we offer live online classes by our experts, but also provide the related study material for further reference and revision.

Online Tutoring in Bahrain - askIITians

Excel in Your Exams with Live Online Classes

It is extremely difficult to crack such competitive exams that see lakhs of applicants every year, without proper coaching and guidance. Therefore, at askIITians we understand past paper trends, analyze the curriculum, prepare notes and build tricks; to structure our course and delivery modes around them. This is all to support our students in their aspirations for the future and help them crack IIT JEE, NEET or AIIMS.

Through our live online classes in Bahrain, NRI students get to achieve a clarity of vision and thereby a correct path to follow, for their preparations. Our aim is to make the students bridge the gap between what is required and how to achieve that smartly. And, we do that by:

  • Offering well designed courses that abide by the previous exam trends and allow students the courage to attempt even the most challenging questions
  • Our online classes are well supported by the best of technology to allow a smooth interface for teachers and students
  • Across all our branches, we have subject experts and scholars who are top in their game, are ex-IITians and reputed medical experts
  • In Bahrain, askIITians already has tie ups with reputed schools like: The Indian School and the Asian School

Entrance Exam Preparation through Live Online Classes


The JEE exam enjoys the highest repute when it comes to engineering entrance in India. It opens doors to admission in IITs, NITs and more such reputed colleges. Our ex-IIT faculty has great hold on the subjects and the exam trends to offer:

  • One-year fast track course for Class XII students
  • Two years complete course for Class XI students
  • Foundation series for Class VI-X students

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Our AIIMS preparation classes are conducted by top medical experts who take the students through the required syllabi in the most structured manner. We offer:

  • One-year fast track course for Class XII students

  • Two years complete course for Class XI students

  • Foundation series for Class VI-X students

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askIITians also provides live online classes to the NEET aspirants. The coaching for NEET is given by reputed teachers who are experts in their fields. We offer,

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students.

  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students.

  • Foundation series for Class 6- 10 students.

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Benefits of our Live Online Classes in Bahrain

askIITians has an accomplished team of engineering and medical experts to deliver all live online classes.  Significant course offerings include:Live Online Classes in Bahrain for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS

  • Demo classes: so that it gives a clear picture of the course offerings, mode of delivery and expertise of the faculty

  • Scholarships for the meritorious and deserving candidates

  • Interested students in Bahrain can chose to attend live online classes for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS

  • All lectures are recorded and shared with the aspirants, so that they do not miss out on anything important

  • Special classes are conducted for the students who require more time

  • Problem Solving sessions are also conducted regularly

  • Live online classes are scheduled to accommodate regular school hours

  • Test series are also provided to the students on a regular basis

  • We also offer a regular parent teacher connect to allow them an update on their child’s progress

askIITians is the leader of online tutoring in Bahrain and offers value for money courses for engineering and medical aspirants. Our courses are regularly updated and redesigned to meet the ongoing trends of the syllabi. For the ones who believe in themselves, askIITians provides all expert support. So, reach out to us, now!


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution