BITSAT Sample Papers: Let the experts help you practice!

BITSATBITSAT sample papers at askIITians have been designed by a highly knowledgeable and experience team of IIT professors and ex-IITians after thorough analysis of actual BITSAT question paper, BITSAT pattern and types of questions that have been asked in the BITSAT paper in the past. Based on the feedback we received from our students who successfully cracked BITSAT this year, our BITS sample papers proved to be very helpful in their practice and revision work and were quite close to the actual exam they took.

Our sets of BITSAT model papers with solutions have been specifically designed to introduce all types of questions from all topics and sub-topics from each subject. These include questions of different difficulty level so that students can be judged on comparative parameters by askIITians experts.

 Download BITS Pilani Practice Papers:

Practice Papers


Practice Paper 1 Practice Paper 1 Solution
Practice Paper 2 Practice Paper 2 Solution
Practice Paper 3 Practice Paper 3 Solution
Practice Paper 4 Practice Paper 4 Solution
Practice Paper 5 Practice Paper 5 Solution
Practice Paper 6 Practice Paper 6 Solution
Practice Paper 7 Practice Paper 7 Solution
Practice Paper 8 Practice Paper 8 Solution
Practice Paper 9 Practice Paper 9 Solution
Practice Paper 10 Practice Paper 10 Solution
Practice Paper 11 Practice Paper 11 Solution
Practice Paper 12 Practice Paper 12 Solution
Practice Paper 13 Practice Paper 13 Solution

BITSAT sample test free download pdf have detailed solutions and step-by-step explanation about how to approach a problem. Yet, if you have any doubts or queries, you can post your questions on askIITian forums.You can also seek guidance of askIITians experts on how to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in various topics with the help of BITSAT sample paper.

Things BITS sample paper won’t help you learn:

  • Candidates need to bring a pen for signing documents and do rough work on the blank sheets provided for the purpose.

  • Candidates are not allowed to bring calculators, logarithmic tables, mobiles or other electronic gadgets in the test centres.

  • There is no break between different sections of the three-hour BITSAT exam.

  • Students can go back and forth between different sections of the exam for the duration of the exam and attempt questions in any order. However if they opt for 12 extra questions and take a chance to score higher, they will not be able to return back to the 150 questions they attempted earlier.

  • There is negative marking in the exam. Any incorrect question will have a penalty of 1 mark which will be deducted from the total score of the candidate.

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