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IIT JEE Foundation Courses
Courses Coaching in
Saudi Arabia

Our Toppers

IIT JEE and Engineering Entrance Coaching
Entrance Coaching in
Saudi Arabia

Our Toppers

  • 170 JEE Main 2016

    Shahbaz Basheer

    From – Saudi Arabia

    School – DPS Riyadh

  • 130 JEE Main 2016

    Mohammed Minhajuddin Majid

    From – Saudi Arabia

    School – International Indian School

  • 120 JEE Main 2016

    Anirudh Prakash

    From – Saudi Arabia

    City – International Indian School

  • 112 JEE Main 2016


    From – Saudi Arabia

    School – International Indian School

Online IIT JEE Coaching

1 year fast track (Class 12)

1 Year Target Course for Class 12

  • 671 hours of classes with IITians.
  • 75 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 90 Books for PCM, 30 each for each subject.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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2 years complete course (Class 11)

2 Years Complete Course for Class 11

  • 1307 hours of classes with IITians.
  • 145 All India Test Series through online mode.
  • 90 Books for PCM, 30 each for each subject.
  • Intensive doubt removal and High order thinking skills sessions
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Foundation Courses for Class 6 to 10

  • Live and Interactive classes with IITian faculty.
  • 3 days classes weekly of 2 hours each.
  • Books for Science & Math.
  • Regular Test papers & home assignment for regular performance assessment.
  • Special focus on Olympiad, NTSE and other competitive exams
  • All India Test papers to compare your score with fellow students.


IIT JEE Live Online Classes and Study Material Prepared by Expert Faculties


With not less than 360 hours of classes from the top-notch faculty members, students of our IIT JEE coaching in Saudi Arabia have been doing wonderfully well in their boards as well as JEE Main and Advanced. In order to help more and more aspiring engineers in their JEE preparation, we offer you a customized world-class JEE coaching assistance service.


Our IIT JEE coaching programs are tailored to the IIT JEE preparation needs of NRI students in Saudi Arabia to specifically prepare them to compete with the students in India and other countries. Our study material includes a good number of books: 30 to be precise, which include 10 books of Physics, 10 of Chemistry, and 10 of Mathematics. This is how serious we are about helping the students crack IIT JEE in the first go itself. We also offer 22 All India Test Series as rigorous practice sessions for you.


We understand that our students are in Saudi Arabia and hence, take special care that they can avail best quality education through us. We like to maintain our reputation of being a high-quality coaching institute rather than just another online coaching centre.
Many AIR rank holders of our batches in JEE Main are from Saudi Arabia.

Video Testimonials

Jacob Thomas Sony
S/o Mr. Sony Mathew Thomas
Al Falh International DPS School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
askIITians Batch – Arya 10


Mohammad Misbahuddin
S/o Mohammad Ziauddin
International Indian School, Al - Jubail, KSA
askIITians Batch – Homi A30


Mohammed Minhajuddin Majid
S/o Mohammad Ziauddin
SAT Test - 800/800(Math 2), 800/800(Chemistry)
International Indian School, Al-Jubail, KSA
askIITians Batch - Homi A24 [10 CGPA (CBSE)]


askIITians Batch - Chandra 9


Smrithi Prakash
D/o Mr. Subramani Prakash
New Middle East Intl. School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
askIITians Batch - Chandra 9 Gold


Mohammed Hafiz Qays
Son of Mohammed Afsal Koya
Grade 8th
Birla public school, Doha, Qatar
askIITians Batch - rama 2


Avinash Bandlapalli
Son of Satish Kumar
Pursuing Engineering (Purdue University)
DPS Doha, Doha, Qatar
askIITians Batch - Gold 18


Mr. Vinayak Limker
Father of Dhruvan Limker
Grade 8th
Emirates Future Intl. Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Rama 2


Mr Srinivasa Charan
Father of Sree Nigamaditya Nimmagadda
Grade 10th
Ashram Public School, Kakinada, India
askIITians Batch – Chandra 7


Deepak C. Satheesan
Son of Satheesan C. Neelakandan
Grade 8th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Arya 6


Malar Jeyaseelan
Mother of Jeyaseelan
Grade 7th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Rama 4


Manoj Kumar
Son of Mr. Muthu Kumar
Grade 9th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Arya 7


Ganeshan Rajagopalan
Father of Rajaram Ganesan
Grade 9th
Merryland International School ,UAE
askIITians Batch - One to One


Mr. Vinayak Limker
Father of Dhruvan Limker
Grade 9th
Emirates Future Intl. Academy, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch – Chandra 8


Meenakshi P. Sailan
Daughter of Sailan
Grade 8th
Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi, UAE
askIITians Batch - Arya 6


Hari Chandana
Parent Name: Ramajaneyulu Kakumani
Grade 8th, CBSE
Delhi Public School- Riyadh
askIITians Batch -Rama 2


Parent Name: Abdul Nasser
Grade 7th, CBSE
India International School-Jubail
askIITians Batch -Maurya 1


Smrithi Manoharan And Sneha Manoharan
Parent Name: K. Manoharan Nambiar
Grade 10th, CBSE
International Indian School - Al-Jubail
askIITians Batch -Chandra 7


Anshul Vishal Nitnaware
Parent Name: Vishal Nitnaware
Grade 8th, CBSE
International Indian School- Jubail
askIITians Batch -Rama 2


Ridhiksha Hemanth
Parent Name: Mr. Hemanth
CGPA: 8.6 CGPA (7th, CBSE)
International Indian School Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)
askIITians Batch - Maurya 2





By Shubhankar Jadhav
Askiitians has made a huge impact on my life it has improved my problem solving ability and it has also increased my stamina for studying and also has intrigued a sense of understand a particular question or problem it has made my studies more interesting and interactive by their very informative and interesting modules and their highly qualified teachers. with no doubt askiitians has greatly improved my studies and also with that it has improved my life.........

By Zeel Chaudhari
I am ZEEL CHAUDHARI from 9th grade. I would like to thank the AskIITians team for their excellent jobs (in teaching, providing regular homework, online tests and also solving my problems). A very special thanks to Vijay Mukati sir, Piyush Madan Sir, Anju Garg Maam and Pratima Rathore Maam for providing me with excellent teaching method. Study material also helped me a lot in my exam preparation. Again a very thank you to the AskIITians team…

By Mohammed Anas
Its been two years of my precious life here at askIITians. I am one of those lucky students that have the full advantage of this course. If you talk about the study material provided by them, it is advanced if you compare it to the School Textbooks. It gives us better examples to understand. The staff is really liberal, and the best is that whatever they teach is contagious. I found this really helpful for me getting "Straight A* (A -stars) " in the school. Even though my curriculum is not Indian but I found this informative for other boards as well. The has great facilities for studying, like the "Test Generator", “Batch Discussion", " Homework Assignments" and” Test Series" as well. These were really helpful for me to cope up with the lesson and to test my knowledge of the lesson I have studied. That's all about askIITians, it's great! I really like it. Any student who is reading this, must look into this educational organization because is one of the best resources of education online. I would like to thank all who work here because they are not only mentors, they guide you to the correct path in you life, and you all have been just more than teachers. They have solved every issue I have faced. I am really satisfied!

By Vivek Chowdhary (Parent)
My daughter Aastha Chowdhary, Batch Chandra 7 was able to secure 97.6 % in SA1 with 89/ 90 in Science, which is highest in her school ( only one more Child was able to secure that much).Ask IITians helped her a lot in clearing her concepts. Thanks for the same

By Vishnu raj
a) I chose askiitians because I heard from my seniors ,that it is one of the best online coaching institute for iit aspirants. b) NO doubt , that this is the best online coaching institute. the teaching faculty is simply outstanding. they make us do a lot of problems, makes us to face high level questions confidently.I am lucky that I chose askIItians. :)

By Yusuf Ahsan
a) I chose askIITians to prepare for JEE, SAT, BITS etc, examinations. b) it has helped me a lot. it is covering everything that is to be taught. the tutors are of high standard and are very helpful.

By Saransh Mohanty
Ask IITIANS provides online coaching to the students. This saves a lot of time as I can log into my account and get the coaching at my home and I don't need to go anywhere else. The faculty is highly qualified and efficient. They cover the portions on time and help us in our weak areas. The institution also gives the facility of online test series which helps a lot in our preparation for various competitive exams.

By Saransh Mohanty
No ther option is available in Saudi Arabia ,hence I opted for Askiitians. I would love to spend more time with you, like in extra classes,summer vacation extra classes, online test series. you can also offer evaluation of student at present level etc. including feedback from teachers about the student, his areas of concern and how to improve.

By Saravanan
a) I am basically very interested in learning . My aim is to get into IIT JEE . Some acquaintances of mine suggested that Askiitians is a good choice . And so , I have chosen it . b)Till date , I have attended only 1 class in askIITians. But however , the class was very interesting and easy to understand . It was simply awesome ! After yesterday's class , I have got a confidence of scoring more in my exams .

By Shahamat Hussain
a) I chose askiitians for clearing my doubts on the subjects like physics, chemistry, maths.And learning the basic techniques for clearing IIT-JEE. b)Being quite far away from india, with the help of askiitinas things have got way easier.The feeling of being in a live classroom just from sitting at home has become a reality with the help of askiitians. This live interaction with the teacher and clearing all the topics from the very base is helping me a lot. Hope for the best in future.

By Abdul rahman mohammed shaikh
Askiitians was suggested and chosen due to its admirable reputation as an established online coaching course. Askiitians has helped me understand the cbse concepts a lot better and is providing me with enough practice for my upcoming entrance examinations. If only the askiitians study material would contain every concept that is taught in the class, it would make studying portions of the missed classes a lot easier.

By Muhammad Shadhuly
I have chosen askIITians on the basis of my preparation for IIT-JEE entrance. askIITians is doing a wonderful job. It helps me a lot in my preparation for CBSE as well as JEE . Thanks to the faculties for doing an extremely excellent job by providing examples and a lot of numericals enhancing my study. I hope to get a good result in my entrance.

By M.Mohamed Akkram Khan
a) Chose askIITians to gain more knowledge, clarify my doubts and try to get 100% marks. b) Its helping me to the best extent and I found good improvement in my recently conducted school exams after attending the classes, thanks a lot!

By Apurv Sinha
I had lot of difficulty in understanding Physics problem earlier. But now I enjoy solving the problem related to the Physics. And yes, not only physics I also enjoy solving the mock question papers provided by AskIITians. Thanks to AskIITians for making my concepts clear and also for developing interest in Science and Math. Let me admit the fact that online interactive classes are superb. Kudos……!!!!!!!

By Anand Sinha
No doubt AskIITians helped me to look the questions in a logical way. AskIITians made the learning of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics fun. AskIITians changed my way of learning. I don’t go for any additional coaching. AskIITians helped me to utilize my precious time in learning and development.

By Ashish Parihar
I am so grateful for the AskIITinas all the help given me during my Board examination preparation. I enjoyed my learning with AskIITians and helped me in improving my knowledge and clearing doubts in Math and Science area. Online interactive class is the best one. It feels like sitting in a classroom. The study material provided by AskIITians is a great package in itself. Thank you AskIITians and Team . Cheers!!!!!!

By Kavita Jayachandran(Mother of Aishwarya)
I would like intimate my appreciation on the great efforts Mr. Harishwar Reddy, Mr. Aziz Alam and Mr. Nishant Vora are putting in getting the students ready for their IIT competitive exam. Not only are they making the classes very interactive and interesting, they are also doing their best in clarifying the students' doubts and reinforcing concepts. I hope the tutors continue their great job and are able to motivate the students to achieve success in life. The PTM conducted by Mr. Nishant Vora today was very informative. Thank you Mr. Nishant for giving us feedback on Aishwarya's performance and enlightening us on what she needs to do to get better. I hope that our sincere appreciation is conveyed to Aishwarya's tutors and wish and hope that their hard work carries their students to great heights of success.



Benefits of Online IIT JEE Preparation

IIT JEE coaching by Experts

Taught by IITians

We are bunch of more than 90 Ex-IITians.

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Live classes of IIT JEE preparation

Live Classes

Attend Live Classes of JEE Preparation in Saudi Arabia

Test Series for preparing JEE Main and Advanced exam

Test Series

Designed by Ex-IIT professors and a group of 20 IITians. (Request for FREE test)

Special online coaching for IIT JEE

Special Classes

For student needing special attentions in any topic

Flexible timings for IIT JEE preparation

Flexible Timings

Classes are conducted in align to your school time

Recorded lectures for IIT entrance exam preparation in Saudi Arabia

Recorded Lectures

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