Best Coaching Institutes for IIT JEE in Kota [Updated 2022]


For over the past ten years Kota has been a hub for JEE aspirants. It has been found that every year almost 2 lakh students move to Kota and enrol in coaching institutes for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. But, due to the pandemic, many students decided to come back to their hometowns and yet many students are still worried about  whether it is worth it going back there. While many students and parents think that studying in Kota was an effective option for JEE, we can give you the names of best coaching institutes from Kota that are bringing the essence of the JEE preparation right at your homes. Yes, we are talking about online JEE coaching from premier institutes situated in Kota. 


1. Resonance Kota 

Established in 2001, Resonance is a well-known institute in Kota that provides JEE preparation. If you want to study in Kota at Resonance, you can go there and enrol yourself. They have 6 branches in Kota where they provide various learning programs for students of Classes 6 to 12 for preparing for competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, etc. This institute charges around 1.5 lacs INR per year for JEE Main + Advanced preparation.


2. Allen Coaching 

Allen is another renowned name in Kota for JEE preparation. It now also offers online coaching programs, online test series, and live classes through Allen Digital. You can attend the classes from anywhere and you will also get the recordings of online lectures. If you join their classroom program in Kota, you will be given a school-like environment where you have to wear a uniform and maintain complete discipline while studying. Their fee structure is given below:





NURTURE (11th class students)

Course for JEE MAIN

2 years

77000 (first year only)

ENTHUSIAST  (12th class students)

Course for JEE MAIN

1 year


LEADER  (Passout Student)

Course for JEE MAIN

1 year


NURTURE (11th class students)

Course for JEE Main + Advanced

2 year

1,52,000 (first year only)

ENTHUSIAST (12th class students)

Course for JEE Main + Advanced

1 year


LEADER (Pass-out Student)

Course for JEE Main + Advanced

1 year



3. Vibrant Academy Kota 

Set up by ex-faculties of Bansal coaching, Vibrant coaching was established in 2009. From then it has maintained a reputation of a well-experienced and top coaching institute for JEE in Kota. They offer a variety of courses for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. Students can either study in their classroom program or enrol for online coaching and study from home. Their fee structure is given below:





Mega Course

Course for JEE [Main + Advanced] + Board 2023

1 year 

149000 (offline)

90000 (online)

Micro Course (for Class 11th)

Target for JEE [Main + Advanced] + Board 2024

2 years 

147000 (Offline)

76000 (online)


Course for JEE [Main + Advanced] 2023

1 year

155000 (offline)

99000 (online)


4. askIITians 

Led by the spirit of making education possible for every student, askIITians provides affordable online courses that students can opt for JEE Main and Advanced preparation. For more than 15 years askIITians has been a trendsetter when it comes to JEE preparation. Our exceptional student results say it is all about how learning online can change your life for the better. We have seen students preparing without any pressure. They get the time and freedom to study at their own pace and as per their schedule. They can still participate in discussions, attend regular classes for JEE, and ask doubts wherever they arise. Our JEE coaching fee structure and course details are given below:


Course Name 

Course Details 

Fee Range

Two Year Classroom Program for JEE (Main & Advanced) and Other Engineering Exams

  • 412 hr Live Lectures
  • 150 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 72 hr High Order Thinking Skills
  • 82 hr Chapter Tests (JEE Main Level)
  • 30 hr Unit Tests (JEE Mains Level)
  • 15 hr  Full Test (JEE Main Level) (PCM)
  • 15 hr Full Test (JEE Advanced Level) (PCM)
  • 15 hr SAT Subject Tests (PCM)
  • 40 hour Parent Teacher Meeting

INR 46,000 – 2,88,200

One Year Classroom Program for JEE (Main & Advanced) and Other Engineering Exams

  • 301 hr Live Lectures
  • 111 hr Live Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 53 hr High Order Thinking Skills
  • 46 hr Chapter Tests (JEE Main Level)
  • 21 hr Unit Tests (JEE Mains Level)
  • 78 hr SA Tests (online+offline) (PCMB)
  • 3 hr PSA Test (School Level)
  • 24 hr Full Test (School+ JEE Main Level) (PCM)
  • 20 hour Parent Teacher Meeting

INR 46,000 – 2,88,200

Crash Course for JEE (Main & Advanced)

  • 170 hrs Live Lectures
  • 82 hrs Doubt Removal Sessions
  • 52 hrs High Order Thinking Skills
  • 80+ Chapter Tests
  • 16+ Part Tests
  • 15+ Mock Tests
  • 80+ Chapters Video for Theory
  • 80+ Mind Maps
  • 80+ Study Planners

INR 46,000 – 2,88,200


Choosing a JEE Main+Advanced Coaching Institute can be your Best Decision 

Many students pursue coaching for JEE as an additional burden to their stressful lives. But, we say that the right coaching institute can help you achieve the rank that you dream of. A coaching institute whether it is in Kota or whether it is providing online classes can benefit students in many ways: 

  • Strengthening core concepts of Physics, Maths and Chemistry
  • Doubt solving 
  • Test series/ sample papers/ mock tests 
  • Strategy and problem-solving techniques 
  • Constant motivation and guidance


Students preparing for JEE need some guidance at some point in their preparation. Coaching institutes can guide you about what to do and how to do it. There are students with different kinds of skills and teachers at coaching institutes will bring out the best in them. The faculty at coaching institutes provides additional references on important JEE topics, which is not possible with self-study. Hence, it is essential to choose an institute that is best for the students.


How to select the best JEE Coaching from Kota

  • Check student testimonials: The first thing that you can do is check how students feel about the coaching program. Read through the testimonials carefully to understand what worked for them and what did not. You can also get insights about the mentors and the teaching methodology of the coaching through these testimonials. 
  • Past performance of students: Check the results page and see how the students of that coaching program have performed in the JEE. There should be students with an AIR 100 or below every year. This shows consistency and reliability. 
  • Faculty members: If you get a chance, check the profiles of faculty members. They need not be from IIT but should be from reputed engineering colleges in India. Also, check their teaching experience and success stories. 
  • Fee structure: Many coaching institutes lure students by charging low fees and then do not even provide basic help in JEE preparation. We understand that parents might have a strict budget but complete research is necessary before making the payment. 
  • 24/7 help: Choose coaching that can be available 24/7! This means that you can access their study resources at any time and send out your queries. Also, check how easy it is to reach the faculty members. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Is Kota best for JEE preparation? 

Kota has many JEE coaching institutes so students get a study environment there which they often cannot find in their hometowns. Many cities still do not have any good coaching facilities for JEE so students prefer moving to Kota. However, we cannot say that you will get the best education in Kota only. Today online coaching institutes are also providing the same classroom-like environment to the students and they get a chance to study from the safety of their homes. 


  1. Can an average student go to Kota? 

Nowadays, many coaching institutes have started admission criteria. They take entrance tests to understand the level of the students while some institutes also consider their Class 10/Class 11/ Class 12 marks. This makes it difficult for an average student to seek admission in institutes at Kota. Online JEE coaching at askIITians does not have any such clauses. We train every student for JEE with the same dedication and enthusiasm. 


  1. How many hours should a JEE aspirant study every day? 

This totally depends on the student, their learning abilities and availability. Some students can understand a concept in just half an hour while others might take two hours to complete that concept. However, it is said that students must take out at least 3-4 hours everyday after school to study for JEE. 


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution