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Best Coaching Institutes for IIT JEE in Kota

Top JEE Coaching Classes in KotaMany students dream of getting an engineering degree from IIT, which is the most prestigious engineering college in the country. But it is not very easy to get a seat as each year there are hundreds of thousands of students, who fight to get into any one of the IITs. To get the brilliant minds, IIT conducts Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) every year in two phases- JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. It is crucial for students to clear both the exams in order to get a seat in IITs.

Kota is the hub for IIT JEE aspirants, who are looking to get into one of the prestigious institutes. With competition increasing every year, many students across the country are finalizing their destination as Kota for JEE preparation. You can choose best coaching institute for IIT in Kota and prepare for JEE in a best possible way. There are both JEE Main and JEE Advanced coaching centres in Kota that prepare students for writing the entrance exam.


Some of the best online IIT JEE coaching institutes are mentioned below:

Bansal Classes

It is one of the oldest JEE coaching institutes in Kota, providing top class coaching to students since 1984. It was started to provide quality coaching to all the enrolled students equally so that they have equal opportunities of studying in IITs. It has some of the best professors for every subject, working hard to make students understand the concepts. It also provides online coaching to those students, who are unable to make it to Kota. Every year it proves its class by producing rankers in JEE. Every teacher in Bansal Classes handles the students according to their needs and requirements. The students of Bansal classes are moulded in such a manner that they can handle the pressure of JEE and perform well. They also provide coaching according to the changing patterns of JEE so that students are ahead of the competition.


It was started by two ex- IIT-Delhi students with an aim to help students prepare for JEE in a more detailed and extensive manner. They realised the pain of the students, who travel to different cities for JEE Preparation. They wanted to bring JEE coaching to the homes of students so that they don’t have to leave their families and work hard in unknown places. Thus they started a few years ago and since then, they have helped many students realized their dream of getting into IIT. Everything is provided online to students, thereby saving the time of the JEE aspirants. Students have the option to choose from one year, two year and foundation programs. They also have courses for a single subject like only for Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics. They provide consistent AIRs to support their claim of being the best online coaching institute for IIT JEE preparation.

Allen Career Institute

It was started in 1988 and it was the only institute that time to provide coaching to students in all the subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology. It has shown good results in JEE Mains and Advanced over the past few years. Over 2000 students of Allen Career Institute have cleared JEE Advanced and over 25000 students have cleared JEE Mains, which is a great achievement. With continuous success over the years, Allen started online coaching classes to help students, across the world, to prepare in a best possible way. During the coaching, it not only focuses on JEE but also on other entrance exams like BITSAT, SRMEEE, VITEEE, etc. The students who are struggling to cope up with the pressure are also provided with extra classes.

Aakash Institute

Aakash Institute is a well- known IIT coaching centre in Kota with parent institute in Delhi. It has some of the best ex- IITians as teachers, who also mentors students to perform well in JEE. The institute has a strict regime that has to be followed by the students enrolled in their programs. They have various features such as monthly performance reports, regular tests, access to online reference materials, bilingual study aids and much more. It also has a comprehensive online program, which helps several students to prepare for JEE from the comfort of their homes. It has a powerful testing scheme, which improves the analytical skills of students. It has helped numerous students achieve their dream of studying in IIT and other Top Institutes. It is consistently delivering astonishing results in tough entrance exams and has been bagging top ranks from the last few years.

Resonance Coaching Institute

With a maximum number of students qualifying for JEE Advanced Exam from Resonance, this JEE Coaching Academy has been at the top since its inception. It was established in 2001 with an aim of producing successful rankers in JEE and other Medical Entrance Exams. Not only in these entrance exams has this institute helped students get top ranks, but also in the other competitive exams such as CA/ CS, NDA, etc.  It has around 12 classroom study centres in major cities with over 300 faculty members, who work full- time. The success of this academy can be attributed to the staff with 25% of them ex- IITians. They work hard to develop and nourish the analytical skills of the aspirants and guide them towards achieving their goal. It also offers Distance Learning Programs including one year and two year programs for students of class 11 and 12. It also has numerous e- learning programs for several competitive and school exams.

Let’s see some of the best offline IIT JEE Coaching Institutes in Kota

Vibrant Academy

It was started by the ex- faculties of Bansal classes and quickly it has established its name in the coaching field of Kota. Compared to other institutes, it is fairly new as it was started only in 2010. It has garnered a lot of attention because of its excellent results in JEE Advanced Exam. It has almost 50% success rate in the JEE Advanced exam conducted in the last few years. It uses the latest technology while giving lectures to students and also the teachers give individual attention to students. It is known for giving regular assignments and conducting mock tests that help students prepare in a best possible way. Students can choose Vibrant Academy if they are looking to score a top rank in the JEE Advanced exam.

Rao IIT Academy

It is a well- known JEE coaching institute in Kota as it has been providing great results for many years. It was started by Dr BV Rao, who is an ex- IITian and hence the institute is named after him. Dr Rao personally guides JEE aspirants and motivates them to perform better in the exam. He not only wants to display his all- round experience and teaching ability but also wants his students to outscore everyone in JEE. In the past few years, the academy is able to produce many top rankers, who ultimately get selected in IITs. It is popular for robust management system and infrastructure in addition to some of the top subject experts for assisting students in JEE preparation. They also conduct surveys for getting periodic information on student satisfaction.

Narayana IIT Academy

With a commitment to providing success oriented JEE coaching to the aspirants, Dr P Narayana founded the Narayana IIT Academy in 1979. When we talk about engineering entrance exams coaching, this institute stands along with the best institutes. It has centres in 17 major cities including the national capital and has some of the highly experienced teachers for imparting quality coaching to students. It is renowned for developing skills of the students and mentoring them throughout the course duration. It has a very well- designed curriculum that helps students learn all the concepts in an intensive manner. Over the years, more than 400 students of Narayana IIT Academy have been selected in JEE Mains and over 200 students in JEE Advanced. The academy has made a reputation for coaching several students through its centres in 17 cities and producing rankers on a regular basis.

Career Point

Students who are looking to get top IIT coaching in Kota can look to get enrolled in Career Point. It is one of the top JEE coaching institutes in Kota with experience of 20 years. It is popular for producing consistent results in JEE Advanced as they have better teaching methodology. The faculty members in Career Point include ex- IITians and ex- professors, who together make JEE preparation easy for the students. The teachers at Career Point encourage concept learning so that students can achieve best results in the entrance exam. They also provide residential facilities to students that can be chosen along with the coaching. Their teaching methods are very efficient and they also give special attention to students, who struggle to understand the concepts. They also provide some excellent results in JEE Mains and Advanced, due to which they made it to the top list of coaching institutes in Kota.

Motion IIT Academy

With inception in 2007, Motion Academy is one of those academies that is highly regarded by students for JEE preparation. It is a class apart as it has been producing ranks under 50 consistently over the last few years. It has already set a benchmark in the coaching industry and aims to help more students clear the prestigious entrance exam. With the best in class IT infrastructure and excellent teaching faculty, this academy is successfully providing future engineers. They regularly update themselves with the technology and provide seamless teaching experience to the students. The expert teachers in Motion Academy are highly qualified and have lots of experience in tutoring JEE aspirants. They plan effectively and hence they are able to complete the syllabus before the deadline that helps students achieve best results in JEE.

Why Go for an IIT Coaching Institute?

Coaching institutes are an important part of the JEE preparation by the students. For any competitive exam, it is crucial to enrol for the coaching classes so that students can study and improve their skills to compete with several students.

JEE Main & Advanced Coaching Centers in KotaThere are numerous benefits of joining a coaching institute as suggested by Anish Singhal, IHE (IIT Kharagpur) and esteemed member of the AskIITians team.

He says that students preparing for JEE will need some guidance at some point in life, to have a bright future. Coaching institutes can guide you about what to do and how to do. Students have different solution and logic for same the question. There are students with different kind of skills and teachers at coaching institutes will bring out the best in them. The faculty at coaching institutes will provide extra references on few topics, which is not possible with self- study. This is the reason it is important to choose an institute that is best for the students.

How to Choose Top IIT Coaching Institutes?

Anish says, “There are hundreds of coaching institutes for IIT JEE and NEET in every major city of India. Now the major problem is how to choose the best institute out of those hundreds.”

Students should take care of few things while choosing a coaching institute.

  • Before joining any institute, check the track record of that institute if they higher success record

  • The number of students qualifying for JEE Advanced depends on the faculty. Thus, check the number of expert faculties in the institute

  • Know about the different parameters they follow while assessing the students in the tests

Kota IIT JEE Coaching Classes ListA good coaching institute will have several qualities that can help students in JEE preparation. They not only help students to study for JEE but also make them mentally strong and improve their skills. According to the IITian Anish, some of the traits of a great coaching institute are,

  • They provide individual counselling to the students and understand student’s psychology

  • Analyses weak points of students and help them in improving their performance and keep updating the content pertaining to the JEE Syllabus

There are numerous students, who often ask this question- How to Choose Best Coaching institute for IIT JEE in Kota? Understanding this need of our fellow students, we have brought here Kota IIT JEE coaching classes list for JEE aspirants. Students can refer this list and get an insight into the best coaching classes in Kota for their JEE preparation. These coaching institutes that are listed below are technologically advanced, have many years of experience and have some of the brilliant professors for teaching the JEE aspirants. Kota is already known for its dominance in coaching JEE aspirants. This is possible only because of these top coaching institutes listed below.

Conclusion: These are some of the best JEE Coaching Institutes in Kota and online coaching institutes that help students prepare for JEE in a best possible way. You can choose any one of the institutes from Kota coaching classes list to prepare for JEE Mains and Advanced. Though the entrance exam can be cleared by self- study, it would be wise to join an IIT institute in Kota as the teachers can guide you well and show you the path to success. But if you are not able to join any coaching classes in Kota; you can always enrol in the online program of as it lets you study from the comfort of your homes.