KVPY Past Papers

Cracking Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahana Yojana (KVPY) is an ambitious goal for any science student. Going through KVPY previous year papers is a good strategy for any KVPY aspirant.

At askIITians, we recommend our students to go through KVPY past year question papers at various stages:

1. Students should check out KVPY previous papers after going through the entire syllabus once. This will help them to have an understanding of what kind of questions are they preparing for and what are the things they should focus on.

2. They should again go through KVPY previous years question papers for practice. Once they read a chapter, they should try to solve questions related to it from KVPY past papers. One can also cross-check their answers with the help of KVPY solved papers that contain step-by-step explanation of how to answer a question.

3. KVPY papers can be quite useful during revision and analyzing your strong and weak points. At Askiitians, we offer SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) report as well as recommendations for students who opt to appear for our KVPY test papers. This report can help you put your finger on what exactly you need to do to make sure you get best scores in the actual exam.

4. KVPY last year papers are always the most important as they are closest to the current exam pattern. Hence, you should pay extra attention to this paper. 

 Find links to KVPY exam papers here:

Question Papers with Solutions

2018 Paper SA

2018 Answer Key SA

2018 Paper SB SX

2018 Answer Key SB SX

2017 Paper SA (19 Nov.)

2017 Answer Key SA (19 Nov.)

2017 Paper SB SX (19 Nov.)

2017 Answer Key SB SX (19 Nov.)

KVPY 2017 Exam was rescheduled on 19 November 2017 for those candidates who were not able to complete their aptitude test due to some technical issues.

2017 Paper SA (5 Nov.)

2017 Answer Key SA (5 Nov.)

2017 Paper SB SX (5 Nov.)

2017 Answer Key SB SX (5 Nov.)

2016 Paper SA

2016 Answer Key SA

2016 Paper SB SX

2016 Answer Key SB SX

2015 Paper SA

2015 Answer Key SA

2015 Paper SB SX

2015 Answer Key SB SX

2014 Paper SA

2014 Answer Key SA

2014 Paper SB SX

2014 Answer Key SB SX

2013 Paper SA

2013 Paper SB/SX

2013 Answer Key

2012 Papers SA 

2012 Answer Keys

2012 Papers SB/SX 

2012 Answer Keys

2011 Papers SA 

2011 Answer Keys

2011 Papers SB/SX 

2011 Answer Keys

2010 Papers SA (Part A) 

2010 Answer Keys

2010 Papers SA (Part B) 

2010 Answer Keys

2010 Papers SB/SX

2010 Answer Keys

2009 Papers SA 

2009 Papers SB/SX


Experts at askIITians also offer you KVPY model papers and KVPY sample papers. KVPY model question paper is good for practice while KVPY sample question papers contain KVPY sample questions that our experts think might be asked in the paper.

Click here for KVPY Sample Papers

Know How to Prepare for 2019 KVPY Exam

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