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NTSE Past Papers

NTSE is one of the oldest and most prestigious scholarship exams in India and in order to crack it, one need complete focus and dedication. Once you are through with the basics and have understood the concepts fairly well, you should try solving NTSE papers of the previous years and analyze it too.

Students can check the NTSE question and answer key for the academic year 2013. 

NTSE Past Papers

NTSE 2010 MAT (Stage~ 2) Std - 8

NTSE 2010 SAT (Stage~ 2) Std - 8

NTSE 2011 MAT (Stage~ 2) Std - 8

NTSE 2011 SAT (Stage~ 2) Std - 8

NTSE 2012 MAT (Stage~ 1) Delhi

NTSE 2012 SAT (Stage~ 1) Delhi 

NTSE 2013 MAT (Stage~ 1) Std - 10

NTSE 2013 SAT (Stage~ 1) Std- 10

NTSE 2014 MAT  Delhi

NTSE 2014 SAT Delhi

Most important question papers are of course NTSE question paper 2012 and NTSE question paper 2013.

NTSE paper 2013 is available with the NTSE answer key 2013. You can use the answer key to know how much you would have scored last year and where you stand right now in terms of your preparation.

Solving NTSE question paper for Class 10 is also good for practice. It helps you increase your speed and make a strategy for the actual day of the exam.  

NTSE Past Paper For Other Zone

Andhra Pradesh NTSE 2014 MAT  
Bihar NTSE 2014 MAT  
Chandigarh NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Chattisgarh NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Jharkhand NTSE 2014 MAT  
Karnataka NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Madhya Pradesh NTSE 2014 MAT  
Maharashtra NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Odisha NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Rajasthan NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Tamilnadu NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT
Uttar Pradesh NTSE 2014 MAT  
West Bengal NTSE 2014 MAT NTSE 2014 SAT

Previous years’ papers are like dress rehearsals. Your performance in the papers helps you estimate your chances of successfully cracking NTSE and offers you an opportunity to do better and score more.

At Askiitians, experienced teachers can help you review your performance and formulate a study strategy for NTSE customized for you. In case you need help, Askiitians offers regular online course for NTSE aspirants as well as a correspondence course too.

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