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Do you wonder if class 11 is of any use? Well if you think that class 11 is all about relaxing after the hectic schedule of class 10 board exams then it is time to burst this bubble. Class 11 is your stepping stone for class 12. To help you understand the NCERT concepts of class 11 better, AskIITians brings NCERT solutions online for all subjects.

AskIITians is a team of ex-IITians with an aim to make learning simpler for the students. Our NCERT solutions are available for download for absolutely NO COST. Our detailed and easy to understand solutions of NCERT textbook questions are perfect for those who need a little help in preparing their assignments.

By class 11, most of the teachers ask students to prepare the solutions on their own as homework and discuss only tough questions in the class. Many students, out of hesitation, never discuss their difficulties with the teachers. But now they no more need to worry about facing issues with NCERT questions.

Our class 11 online NCERT solutions are available for all subjects. So whether you are stuck at set theory in maths or willing to understand the laws of motion in physics, our solutions will be your guideline. Download them in PDF forms from the links given below and make class 11 fun to learn!


Why NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Are Important For You?

1. Application of Formulae

Class 11 has many numerical based subjects. Whether it be maths, science, economics or accounting, students will be learning tons of formulae. Practicing the NCERT questions first helps them in understanding the basics. Our experts have provided step by step usage of the formulae in the solutions.

2. Learn Problem-Solving

Class 11 teaches the students some basic topics that will further be required in class 12. If you have understood class 11 topics well, it is likely that you will be able to solve the questions of class 12. It also gives you the ability to discard the wrong answers and chose the right ones using the basic understanding of the topic.

3. Prepare for Class 12

As we know, class 11 builds a strong base for class 12. So if you have prepared NCERT solutions thoroughly, you will be able to understand and apply the concepts well. When advanced topics will be discussed in class 12, you will face no issues in understanding them. So use our NCERT solutions in class 11 and make way for class 12. 

4. Boost Your Confidence

Do you know consistency is the key to better performance? If you study well in class 11, you will enter class 12 with much confidence. On the other hand, if you have spent class 11 bunking the classes and watching movies, the idea to prepare class 11 and class 12 topics will scare you.

5. Prepare for Entrance Exams

Whether you want to appear for IIT-JEE, NEET or other entrance exams for BBA and Law, every tutor would emphasize to prepare class 11 concepts first. Our class 11 online NCERT solutions help you understand the class 11 concepts better and you can enhance your learning further from there.


What AskIITians Has For Class 11 Students?

Along with FREE NCERT solutions online, AskIITians has a variety of learning aids for aspiring students. There are sample papers for all objects that you can download and practice for the exams well. We also provide revision notes of FREE on our website that the students can access anytime. Now you do not have to spend time making notes for NCERT chapters.

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Table of Content



Physicsl World

Mechanical Properties of Solids

Units and Measurement

Mechanical Properties of Fluids

Motion in A Plane

Thermal PropertiesoOf Matter

Laws of Motion


Work Energy And Power

Kinetic Theory

System Of Particles And Rotational Motion







Some Basic Concepts Of Chemistry

Redox Reactions

Structure of Atom


Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In Properties

The s Block Elements

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

The p Block Elements

States Of Matter 

Organic Chemistry Some Basic Principle and Techniques




Environmental Chemistry




Sequences And Series

Relations And Functions

Straight Lines

Trigonometric Functions

Conic Sections

Principle Of Mathematical Induction

Introduction To Three Dimensional Geometry

Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations

Limits And Derivatives

Linear Inequalities 

Mathematical Reasoning

Permutations And Combinations


Binomial Theorem




The Living World

Transport In Plants

Biological Classification

Mineral Nutrition

Plant Kingdom

Photosynthesis In Higher Plants

Animal Kingdom

Respiration In Plants

Morphology Of Flowering Plants

Plant Growth And Development

Anatomy Of Flowering Plants

Digestion And Absorption

Structural Organisation In Animals

Breathing And Exchange Of Gases

Cell The Unit Of Life

Body Fluids And Circulation


Excretory Products And Their Elimination

Cell Cycle And Cell Division

Locomotion And Movement

Biotechnology - Principle and Processes

Neural Contro and Coordination



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