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Are you worried about how you will cover the entire syllabus of class 9 before the exams? As teachers always suggest, you must focus on NCERT books first and make sure you are thorough with all the chapters and the textbook questions. To help you in preparing your NCERT syllabus with ease, AskIITians brings you NCERT solutions for class 9. Download them today and kickstart your preparation.

Class 9 is a stepping stone in every student’s life. CBSE has designed the syllabus of class 9 in such a way that it lays the right foundation for the CBSE board exams in class 10. We all know how important the board exams are for students. In fact, this is the first time students experience a serious challenge in their academic careers. Hence, you must pay attention to your studies in class 9.

Solving NCERT exercises is a great way to ensure that you have understood the whole chapter. These questions are designed in such a way that they cover all the important topics of the chapter. This means if you prepare all the NCERT solutions, you can achieve good marks in the examinations.

Many times you think that you have understood the topic but when you sit to answer questions based on it, you are not able to write a word. Sometimes, students are unable to elaborate on a topic because they do not have much information about it. No matter what difficulty they face in solving the NCERT exercises, a little help from the outside will enable them to overcome every problem.

Students can download the NCERT solutions for class 9 for FREE from the links given on this page. The solutions can be downloaded as PDF files. Download them once and use them from your computer or mobile device any number of times you want.

3 Reasons to Download Class 9 Online NCERT Solutions from AskIITians

1. Help in understanding the concepts

With our NCERT solutions, class 9 students can find a direction to excel in their studies. The solutions that we provide are prepared by our qualified faculty of ex-IITians. They enhance the understanding of difficult topics and the process of writing persuasive answers. Once you have understood these things, you can easily answer higher-order thinking questions easily.

2. NCERT solutions online for All Subjects

At AskIITians students can find NCERT solutions for class 9 for Maths, Science, English, and Social Science. Our teachers have written all the answers carefully. The language that is used is easy to understand. Appropriate diagrams and tables have been included to make the explanation easier.

3. Learning, anytime - anywhere

The NCERT solutions are nothing but a resource for class 9 students. They can download them and save them on their computers. They can then use them whenever they want. This means students take a leap towards independent learning. They can use the solutions in making notes, writing assignments and preparing for their examinations.

NCERT Solutions from AskIITians - The Best Resource For Class 9

Right guidance is necessary for class 9 students. Many times students refer to websites without even knowing whether the resource is authentic or not. Thus, they end up learning incorrect facts which results in low marks in the exams. With AskIITians, authenticity is never an issue as the IIT alumni are a part of our dedicated faculty. Hence, using our NCERT solutions for class 9 would be the best option for all.

Every subject in class 9 is important. While maths concepts lay the foundation of topics studied in higher classes and for competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET and SAT, languages like Hindi, English, and Sanskrit enhance the creativity of the students.

An interest in social science subjects can be an indication that humanities would be your career option and you should start thinking about it seriously. In fact, many UPSC examiners suggest NCERT books of class 9 to 12 for better preparations.

No matter which subject you find the toughest and what interests you, NCERT solutions by AskIITians will help you find clarity. If you find any issue in understanding our solutions, you can connect with our tutors online and clarify your doubts. Our online tutoring classes are a step towards better learning for class 9. Reach out to our customer support for more information about our online learning sessions.

AskIITians has made learning easy for you by eliminating the need to rush to a private tutor or wait for school to re-open. You can carry on with your studies without any inconvenience. Have a look at our class 9 online NCERT solutions and we are sure you will be benefited!





Number System



Areas Of Parallelograms And Triangles

Linear Equations In Two Variables


Introduction To Euclids Geometry


Lines And Angles

Herons Formula


Surface Areas And Volumes

Coordinate Geometry








Matter In Our Surroundings

Atoms And Molecules

Is Matter Around Us Pure

Structure Of The Atom

The Fundamental Unit of Life



Work And Energy

Force and Laws of Motion

Why Do We Fall Ill


Natural Resources


Improvement In Food Resources


Diversity in Living Organisms






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