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ISC Class 11ISC Class 11 is the most crucial stage where students need to choose subject of their interest out of all the subjects that students have studied till now. Since, class 11 is a building block for the next board exam, hence students needs to focus more on the syllabus in order to prepare well in the upcoming examination.

At askIITians, we provide the best online study material for the students of class XI and help them handle the vast and complex syllabus through various multimedia resources. Here at askIITians, we help students provide the best knowledge about ISC class XI topics, subjects, syllabus and tips & tricks.

ISC Class 11 Syllabus

The ISC Board has introduced value-based questions in ISC 11th question papers since 2014. Check the modified ISC syllabus for class 11 students. 

Physics Syllabus

Physics –  Part 1

Physics –  Part 2

Physical World

Mechanical Properties Of Solids

Units And Measurements

Mechanical Properties Of Fluids

Motion In A Straight Line

Thermal Properties Of Matter

Motion In A Plane


Laws Of Motion

Kinetic Theory

Work, Energy And Power


System Of Particles And Rotational Motion




Chemistry Syllabus

Chemistry- Part 1

Chemistry - Part 2

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Redox Reactions

Structure of Atom


Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

The s-Block Elements

Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

The p-Block Elements

States of Matter

Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles and Techniques




Environmental Chemistry




Biology Syllabus

The Living World


Biological Classification

Cell Cycle and Cell Division

Plant Kingdom

Transport in Plants

Animal Kingdom

Mineral Nutrition

Morphology of Flowering Plants

Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Respiration in Plants

Structural Organization in Animals

Plant Growth and Development

Cell : The Unit of Life

Digestion and Absorption

Breathing and Exchange of Gases

Chemical Coordination and Integration

Body Fluids and Circulation

Excretory Products and their Elimination

Locomotion and Movement

Neural Control and Coordination


Mathematics Syllabus


Relations and Functions

Trigonometric Functions

Principle of Mathematical Induction

Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equation

Linear Inequalities

Permutations and Combinations

Binomial Theorem

Sequences and Series

Straight Lines

Conic Sections

Introduction to Three Dimensional Geometry

Limits and Derivatives

Mathematical Reasoning






English Syllabus









Sentence, Clause, Phrase


Reported Speech



Economics Syllabus

Indian Economic Development

Statistics for Economics

Unit I- Indian Economy on the Eve of Independence


Unit I- Indian Economy 1950-1990

Collection of Data

Unit II- Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization: An Appraisal

Organisation of Data

Unit III- Poverty

Presentation of Data

Unit III- Human Capital Formation In India

Measures of Central Tendency

Unit III- Rural Development

Measures of Dispersion

Unit III- Employment: Growth, Informalisation and Other Issues


Unit III- Infrastructure

Index Numbers

Unit III- Environment and Sustainable Development


Unit IV- Comparative Development Experiences of India and its Neig



Computer Science Syllabus



High level of computer

Basic architecture of a simple processor and its instruction set Simple Hypothetical computers

Propositional logic, hardware implementation, arithmetic operations


System and other software

Introduction to algorithmic problem solving using java Objects

Primitive values, wrapper classes, types and casting

Variable, expression


Array, Strings

Elementary data structures and associated algorithms, basic input/output

Implementation of algorithms to solve problems

Social context of computing and ethical issues


ISC Class 11 Referrence Books

askIITians prescribe some of the best books for ISC Class 11 students. Below is the list of prescribed books for ISC class 11 by askIITians. 




A Textbook Of ISC Biology For Class Xi by R. K. DHAWAN


  • I.S.C. PRC. Chemistry 11 VOL-1 by S P SHARMA

  • ISC Chemistry For Class XI (Book - I) by R. D. Madan

Computer Science

ISC Computer Science with Java-XI 17TH by Mukherjee


  • Frank ISC - Economics (Class 11) 10th Edition (Paperback)

  • ISC Economics Book I for Class XI by Abhijit Das


  • Art Effective Eng. Writing For ISC Students 01 Edition By O P Singh

  • Intermediate Comprehension Passages (Paperback) by Byrne


ISC Mathematics For Class XI (Book I) 01 Edition Paper by S. K. Gupta


  • Pradeep's A Text Book Of Physics With Value Based Quest by K.L. Gogia

  • ISC Physics Book I for Class XI (English) (Paperback) by P Vivekanandan

Tips & tricks

  • Accomplish Your Time Successfully: In order to succeed well in life, you need to be good at time management. Therefore, you must manage the time for your studies

  • Study Well: When you study a topic, make sure you understand it well. Rather than mugging a topic; try understanding it properly. This will help you learn the chapter/topic in a better way.

  • Study As per Your Body Clock: Design your timetable as per your body-clock. Schedule the most difficult subject when you are mentally sharp and the easier one when you are less efficient.

  • Practice Past Papers: Practice solving previous year question papers to improve your weaker area and excel well in the examination. 

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