RD Sharma Class 6 Solutions


RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book solutions are the best study materials for students who want to strengthen their Maths concepts in Class 6. RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book contains a plethora of problems that help students solidify their concepts. Students can practice different questions to increase their problem-solving speed and prepare themselves for competitive exams and Olympiads in Class 6. The askIITians team has prepared RD Sharma solutions keeping in mind the learning curve of Class 6 students. We have provided step by step solutions for every chapter, organised in an exercise-wise manner so that students can access the solutions easily. 


Online RD Sharma Class 6 solutions by askIITians can save a lot of time for the students by solving their doubts immediately. We all know that RD Sharma's book contains questions from basic to advanced levels. So, students might get confused in finding the right answer to some questions. Our RD Sharma free solutions will help them identify their mistakes easily as we have prepared self-explanatory, comprehensive and easy to understand solutions for every question. Students fear Maths from early classes like Class 6 and Class 7. If they are given proper guidance and study resources in these crucial years, they can develop a knack for numbers and be friends with Maths for life. This is why we have prepared these RD Sharma solutions to help every student master the Maths concepts in Class 6. Download our chapter-wise RD Sharma Class 6 Maths solutions today and start practicing! 


RD Sharma Solutions for Class 6 Maths All Chapters 


RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book contains 23 Chapters on topics like whole numbers, integers, fractions, decimals, algebra, basic geometrical concepts, angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, parallel lines and transversal, mensuration, and data handling. There are questions based on the presentation of data, bar graphs and pictographs. Students will also learn about prime and composite numbers, prime factorization, ratio, comparison of ratios, proportion, and unitary method. Concepts of angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and circles are explained in separate chapters so that students can understand each concept in depth. Here we have listed RD Sharma solutions for Class 6 Maths chapter-wise. Further, we have provided exercise-wise solutions for every chapter so that students can easily access the solutions and get their doubts solved. All these solutions are free of cost so study as much as you can and clarify your concepts. 



                                       R.D. Sharma Class 6 Solutions

Chapter 1: Knowing Our Numbers

Chapter 13: Quadrilaterals

Chapter 2: Playing With Numbers

Chapter 14: Circles

Chapter 3: Whole Numbers

Chapter 15: Pair of Lines and Transversal

Chapter 4: Operations on Whole Numbers

Chapter 16: Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes

Chapter 5: Negative Numbers And Integers

Chapter 17: Symmetry

Chapter 6: Fractions

Chapter 18: Basic Geometrical Tools

Chapter 7: Decimals

Chapter 19: Geometrical Constructions

Chapter 8: Introduction to Algebra

Chapter 20: Mensuration

Chapter 9: Ratio Proportion and Unitary Method

Chapter 21: Data Handling Presentation of Data

Chapter 10: Basic Geometrical Concepts

Chapter 22: Data Handling Pictographs

Chapter 11: Angles

Chapter 23: Data Handling Bar Graphs

Chapter 12: Triangles


Why RD Sharma Solutions for Class 7 Maths are Important for Students? 


Practice is the key to success in Mathematics. The more questions a student practices, the better they retain the Maths concept. This is why many students refer to RD Sharma Class 7 Maths book along with NCERT or other Maths textbooks recommended by their school. However, there can be times when students need help in solving a Math problem. So, they have to wait until they ask their teacher or just keep the doubt as it is and study further. With askIITians RD Sharma free solutions, students get a chance to solve their doubts on their own. They can refer to our solutions and understand the concepts on their own. 


  • Online RD Sharma class 6 solutions are prepared for the self-learning of the students. They no longer have to wait to get their doubts solved by their teachers. They can simply refer to these solutions and get clarity on concepts. 
  • Our experts have solved every question of RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With these solutions, students can enhance their conceptual understanding of Class 6 Maths concepts. 
  • All the solutions for RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book are available for free of cost to the students. One can refer to them at any time they want and study as per their schedule. 
  • Our experts have verified and checked each solution so that there are no mistakes. Students can rely on our solutions without thinking twice. 
  • Students can solve RD Sharma questions at their own pace and whenever they have a doubt, they can refer to our solutions. This gives each student time to learn on their own without any pressure. 

Every student who wants to score full marks in Class 6 Maths exams and prepare for competitive tests, aptitude tests, quizzes or Olympiads must refer to RD Sharma solutions by askIITians. Our solutions will help you in learning every concept from decimals to data handling in-depth. Download RD Sharma Free Solutions for Class 6 Maths by askIITians today and start practising with full confidence! 


RD Sharma Class 6 Maths Solutions FAQs


#1 Can I get solutions to all the chapters of RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book? 

Yes, we have provided chapter-wise solutions for RD Sharma Class 6 Maths. You can find solutions to all the chapters in just one click. 


#2 How many chapters are there in RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book? 

RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book contains 23 Chapters that include Knowing Our Numbers, Playing with Numbers, Whole Numbers, Operations on whole Numbers, Negative Numbers and Integers, Fractions, Decimals, Introduction to Algebra, Ratio, Proportion, and Unitary Method, Basic Geometrical Concepts, Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Pair of Lines and Transversal, Understanding Three Dimensional Shapes, Symmetry, Basic Geometrical Tools, Geometrical Constructions, Mensuration, Data Handling I (Presentation of Data), Data Handling II (Pictographs), Data Handling III (Bar Graphs). 


#3 How should I study RD Sharma Class 6 solutions at home? 

  • You must solve NCERT textbook questions and understand concepts given in the NCERT books first. 
  • Once you complete a topic from NCERT, you can solve questions related to the same from RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book. 
  • If you face any difficulties in solving RD Sharma exercise questions, you can refer to askIITians RD Sharma solutions for Class 6 Maths and resolve your doubts.  
  • The best way to use RD Sharma solutions is to first try to solve the exercises by yourself. If you are unable to find the correct answer, then you should check our RD Sharma solutions and assess your mistakes. 
  • Our solutions are presented in a stepwise manner so you will be able to identify your mistakes easily. These solutions are comprehensive and self-explanatory so you will not face any problem in understanding them. 

#4 What if I need additional help in Class 6 Maths? 

askIITians provides online coaching for Class 6 Maths where students can learn from our top experts and ex-IITians in live classes. We provide regular classes and study materials for Class 6 Maths that will help in solidifying all your concepts. Our study resources include chapter notes, worksheets, mock tests, mindmaps and more! 


#5 Can online RD Sharma solutions for Class 6 help me in the CBSE Maths exam?

Yes, RD Sharma book for Class 6 Maths covers the CBSE Class 6 Maths syllabus. It also includes previous year questions of CBSE in its exercises. Practicing RD Sharma Class 6 Maths will help you prepare for CBSE Class 6 Maths exam thoroughly. 


#6 How many exercises are there in RD Sharma Class 6 Maths chapters? 

The number of exercises varies accordingly in RD Sharma Class 6 Maths book. Some chapters like Fractions, Decimals and Playing With Numbers include more than 6 exercises. In general, the chapters have at least 3-4 exercises. 



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