Online Tutoring in Abu Dhabi

The First Step to Success through Online Tutoring

Online tutoring allows access to the best coaching and education to students based anywhere in the world. Be it a rural area, countryside, sparsely populated locations or densely populated metros, one has easy access to live online classes on their laptops, tablets or personal computers. With no need for actual attendance in a physical class.

askIITians takes education to the doorstep of all NRI students stationed at distant geographical locations through its various online courses. Our courses are focused on the reputed engineering and medical entrance exams for admissions to the top colleges like IITs, AIIMS and NITs, in India.

We understand that the NRI students in Abu Dhabi, desire quality coaching with the aim to prepare for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS. The high repute of IITs, AIIMS and colleges like NITs is not restricted to within India, but all across the world. They have managed to churn out lakhs of expert doctors, engineers, scientists and researchers who are helping change the world for the better.  In their aim to clear these exams, students need expert guidance and regular coaching that keeps them on track with their ultimate aim. askIITians is the industry leader in Online Tutoring in Abu Dhabi and offers vast coaching expertise through the online mode. The coaches go all out to support aspirants in their journey to clear these exams.

We, at askIITians, provide Online Tutoring in Abu Dhabi so that engineering and medical aspirants have access to quality coaching facilities. They can thereby prepare in the correct manner to excel and eventually clear these exams.  Our live online classes in Abu Dhabi assist in the correct manner to prepare and clear these entrance exams and also make them proficient in academics.

Our well-designed and well-structured courses help aspirants prepare for these reputed exams in a most appropriate manner

We design and schedule our courses only after understanding past trends and taking into account the academic schedules of the students

askIITians already enjoys tie-ups with two reputed schools in Abu Dhabi for imparting coaching for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS.


Abu Dhabi Indian School

Our Own English High School

Benefits of askIITians’ Live Online Classes

  1. IIT JEE Preparation

askIITians offers live online classes in Abu Dhabi for JEE preparation. All engineering courses are designed per past exam trends and course requirements. We offer,

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students.
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students.
  • Foundation series for Class 6- 10 students.

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  1.  AIIMS Preparation

We offer the best technologically oriented online tutoring classes for AIIMS preparation for NRI students in Abu Dhabi. All our online sessions are undertaken by top medical experts who bring along years of teaching experience. We offer:

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students.
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students.
  • Foundation series for Class 6- 10 students.

Live Online Classes in Abu Dhabi for IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMSLearn more about AIIMS coaching in Abu Dhabi.

  1.  NEET Preparation

For the students of Abu Dhabi, the expert panel at askIITians provides live online classes for NEET exam preparation. We offer:

  • One-year fast track course for Class 12 students.
  • Two years complete course for Class 11 students.
  • Foundation series for Class 6- 10 students.

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How can online tutoring in Abu Dhabi make a difference?

AskIITians have developed specific teaching methods by focusing on the exam trends, question patterns and weightage of chapters in the syllabus of every subject for these entrance exams. The sessions are designed in such a way that the aspirants will be able to follow the syllabus properly during taking online tuition in Abu Dhabi.

Students will also find the highest level of support from the top mentors handpicked for specific topics and subjects by the authority. In fact, the assignment of online tutors in Abu Dhabi also depends on their expertise and experience. The management team also focuses on the doubts students have to resolve them on time with the assistance of these mentors.

The best tutoring in Abu Dhabi will also make students more enthusiastic and dedicated to the specific exam preparation. They will feel the urge to be more competitive and to gather better skills under the guidance of the subject experts.

Apart from preparing at home, the online tutoring Abu Dhabi sessions will enable students to make a huge difference. Proper study material and the supervision of the mentors will escalate conceptual knowledge and problem-solving skills among the aspirants.

Advantages and Comforts of Our Live Online Classes

Our comprehensively collated and strategically structured teaching solutions provide a perfect opportunity for students of Abu Dhabi to prepare well for India’s top entrance exams.

  • Abiding by the high teaching standards, we allow students to participate in free demo classes to understand our approach to tutoring and then share their buy-in
  • We also provide scholarships to deserving students and always encourage students from all sections of society to give their best shot
  • We specially schedule a few sessions for the students who require more attention on some chosen topics
  • askIITians prepare and provide comprehensive reference material for all its students, along with the recordings of all live online sessions
  • All classes are scheduled per the timings of the students’ schools and a lot of emphasis is given to the basics taught in the school
  • Our test series are prepared in consultation with ex-IITians and top medical experts
  • Parents are always kept informed about their child’s progress through regular parent-teacher connect
  • We have a panel of counsellors to encourage and motivate all students throughout the course of their programs

We at askIITians provide ample opportunities through exhaustive online programs to the students of Abu Dhabi towards the preparation of top entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET and AIIMS. We carefully analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each student and work accordingly. While we sharpen their strengths, we help them work on their weaknesses, till they become their strengths. Our counsellors also provide great assistance in motivating students during this journey. All our programs are seamlessly delivered by the aid of advanced technology, as we tread our way to fulfil the dreams of lakhs of students.


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution