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IIT Preparation for Class 9For many students, IIT is the first choice to pursue engineering as it is one of the highly reputed institutes, which impart top quality education. For admitting students to various IITs, an entrance exam called JEE is conducted every year. It takes a lot of skill and hard work to clear JEE as there are several other students, who appear each year. For this reason, numerous students start their preparation for JEE from class 9 as this would give them enough time to study all the topics in a best possible way. The IIT preparation for class 9 is crucial for students as there is a stiff competition for getting that coveted seat in IIT.

There are numerous students, who decide what they want to do, probably they decide by class 9. These students are at an advantage as they are exposed to rigorous preparation from an early age and thus they become used to it. The syllabus of class 9 covers the basics of science and Mathematics that help students in the JEE preparation. Class 9 introduces the basics topics of Algebra, Trigonometry, Matrices, etc. to students, thereby making their fundamentals strong. These two classes, help students build concepts and enhance the problem- solving skills.


Reasons to Start JEE Preparation from Class 9



JEE preparation is very time- consuming and requires a lot of patience if you want to be successful in the exam. If you start early and refer IIT JEE class 9 books for preparation, you will have a lot of time to revise and practice. This will increase your confidence level.


Save Money on Coaching

Starting early gives you an edge over students who start only in class 11. These students have to join coaching classes as they have a huge syllabus to cover in very less time. But by starting early, you already know the basics better. You have solved most of the IIT based questions for class 9 and have a grip on basics. This allows you to save money in JEE Coaching.


No Year- gap

The most important thing is you don’t have to waste a year to prepare and get a good score in JEE. Many students drop a year after class 12 so that they can get a top rank in JEE. But you are already well- ahead of those students in terms of syllabus and hence you don’t have to take a gap.


Syllabus for class 9

The syllabus of class 9 plays a major role in preparation for JEE. Students can learn the basic concepts right from the beginning and gain an insight into the actual syllabus of JEE. askIITians have experienced teachers, who teach the subjects of class 9 according to the JEE syllabus.  Students can see the detailed syllabus, reference books, and sample tests at their website.


Books for IIT JEE Preparation

With books playing an important role in making the foundation strong, students can refer the books that are mentioned below. From the perspective of iit preparation for class 9, these will help towards getting clarity on concepts. These will help you set your basics right, while you pursue your school studies.

IIT JEE preparation time table for class 9


  • R.D. Sharma

  • S. Chand’s Foundation

  • Arihant Publications


  • H.C. Verma

  • Nelkon and Parker

  • Pearson IIT Foundation


  • O.P. Tandon

  • Pearson IIT Foundation

  • M.S. Chauhan

List of JEE Main & JEE Advanced Books


Test Series

For students of class 9, askIITians also provide all India tests series, which helps students, improve their preparation level and track their performance. The tests also allow students prepare for multiple engineering exams and improve time taken by students to solve the problems. askIITians also provide detailed test analysis on the basis of several parameters.

It is 140 hours of intensive preparation that includes all the tests including school level PSA tests, chapter tests, PCMB SA tests, unit tests and full test.


Past Years Papers

The past years papers are also provided by askIITians and that includes all the competitive exams and school level exams. This allows students to refer the papers and understand them so that they can prepare accordingly.

  • askIITians provide training for all the competitive exams in addition to the school exams

  • With the help of top subject experts, askIITians also provide NCERT Solutions to students

  • askIITians offer a platform, where students can get all their doubts cleared by ex- IITians


Foundation Program

IIT JEE Main and Advanced preparation tips from class IXaskIITians offers classroom foundation course to the students of class 9 so that they can learn the basic concepts in a more comprehensive manner. This program is handled by ex- IITians, who have many years of experience in training students. The program is 450+ intensive preparation including live doubt removal sessions, unit tests, SA tests, school+ Olympiad training and school level PSA test.

askIITians provide demo class to the students so that they can know about our teaching methodology before joining. The program is designed by top experts, who have many years of experience. Detailed question bank and smart study materials are also provided to the students joining our foundation program.


General Preparation Tips to Prepare for IIT JEE from Class 9

There are numerous students who ask- “How to prepare for IIT from class 9?” It is better to start early so that you have an edge over others and have more time for understanding the concepts. Below mentioned are the best IIT preparation tips for class 9 students that will help them prepare for JEE in the best possible way.

  • It is crucial that you understand all the basic concepts from the beginning of class 9 so that you don’t stumble later in the JEE preparation. You should clear all your doubts as and when you solve IIT JEE questions for class 9. This will also help you solve problems in your class 11 and 12 as the syllabus of class 9 play a major role.

  • You can choose IIT books for class 9 free download option to get the best books for JEE preparation. You can find numerous complex problems to solve that will help you later.

  • While preparing for JEE in class 9, make sure you identify the topics in which you are strong as well as weak. For example, if you are solving IIT JEE Maths questions for class 9, note down the topics you are weak in and clarify those doubts in the next class.

  • You can refer IIT JEE sample papers for class 9 for a better understanding of the exam. By referring the sample papers, you will get an idea of the paper pattern.

  • Group studies are always beneficial if done seriously. You can solve numerous problems if you discuss and study in the groups. You can also learn new things and get ideas from the group members. You can also revise and get clear in the concepts when you teach the members of the group.

  • While preparing for JEE don’t forget to note down the important points, which will help you during the last minute revision. Every concept has an important point that has to be noted for future reference.

These are some of the tips and suggestions for class 9 students, who are looking to start their IIT JEE Preparation. Starting the preparation from class 9 will definitely help you in getting familiar with the topics. But while you prepare for JEE in class 9, make sure that you are stress- free and find time for enjoyment along with hard work and dedication towards studies.


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