Olympiad Sample Papers (National + International Level) 


Olympiads are competitive tests conducted at national and international levels by different independent organisations. Students from Classes 1 to 12 can participate in different olympiads if they suffice the eligibility conditions. The registration for these olympiads is generally done separately through their website. However, some schools also provide registration facilities for these olympiads. The olympiads are generally conducted for subjects like: 

  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), 
  • Mathematics, 
  • Junior Science, 
  • Astronomy, 
  • Computer,
  • General Knowledge, and 
  • Languages like English, etc. 


Some popular olympiads amongst Indian students are: 


  • NTSE
  • International Science Olympiad [ISO] by HBCSE
  • International Mathematical Olympiad [IMO] by HBCSE
  • Humming Bird Education Olympiads
  • SilverZone Olympiads 
  • GREEN Olympiad by TERI
  • National Science Olympiad [NSO] by Science Olympiad Foundation 


Sample Papers for Olympiads (National + International)

askIITians provides the complete question bank for different olympiads conducted in India and even at international levels such as IJSO, IPhO, IChO, etc. Students can download these sample question papers from our website for free and refer to them whenever they want. 


Olympiads sample papers will help students in many different ways: 


  1. Understanding the exam pattern: Our sample papers are based on the latest exam pattern of the olympiads. So, students will be able to understand what kind of questions will be asked in the olympiad, its marking scheme and paper pattern. It will help in enhancing your preparation for the olympiad. You can build up a better strategy on how to tackle the olympiad and answer maximum questions. 
  2. Practising for the olympiad: Students can work upon their problem-solving speeds by practising different sample papers for an olympiad. This way they will be able to solve all the questions in the olympiad within the given duration. It will also help you in revising the important formulae and their applications for the olympiads. 
  3. Track your performance: Solving sample papers is a great way to self-assess your performance in these tests. The more problems you solve, the better prepared you will be for the olympiads. You will also be able to understand your areas of strengths and weaknesses in the subject and will be aware of the concepts that are generally asked in the olympiad. 
  4. Revise better: When you study something once, chances are you will forget it after some time. But with sample papers, you can keep revising your concepts and remember them better. The more you revise, the better your chances are to score well in exams. Statistics prove that those who spend enough time in revision perform better in exams compared to those who don’t. Solving mock papers helps in a comprehensive revision of everything you have studied.


Class-wise Sample Papers for Olympiads 

We provide sample papers for Class 1 to Class 12 in different subjects like science, mathematics, general knowledge, information technology, English, etc. Check the links given below for the latest sample papers of olympiads. 


Sample Papers of Olympiads 

Class 1

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 2

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 3

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 4

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 5

Paper 1

Class 6

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 7

Paper 1,   Paper 2 

Class 8

Paper 1

Class 9

Paper 1,   Paper 2,   Paper 3,   Paper 4

Class 10

Paper 1,   Paper 2,   Paper 3

Class 11

Paper 1,   Paper 2,   Paper 3,   Paper 4,   Paper 5

Class 12

Paper 1,   Paper 2,   Paper 3,   Paper 4

Green Olympiad

Paper 1


Frequently Asked Questions 


  • What kind of questions are asked in Olympiads? 

Olympiads generally include MCQs (multiple choice questions) where students have to select one correct answer out of the given options. Some olympiads also include long-answer-type questions where students have to write elaborate answers. 


  • How to prepare for an Olympiad? 

Start with identifying the olympiads in which you want to participate and understand their exam pattern and syllabus. Generally, the syllabi for olympiads will match the syllabus of your class. Buy some books for the olympiads that include sample questions and advanced concepts. Practise daily from these books and enhance your conceptual understanding beyond what you have studied at school. 


  • How can askIITians help me in preparing for an olympiad? 

askIITians provides live, online coaching classes to students who want to prepare for olympiads dedicatedly. We provide complete training to the students for the olympiad based on its exam pattern and syllabus. We also provide study material for the olympiad such as revision notes, formula sheets, sample papers, past papers, daily practice tests, etc. 


  • Are olympiads hard? 

Olympiad exams are of advanced level and a little difficult to crack. Students need in-depth knowledge of the subject to clear an olympiad. But, any hurdle can be crossed with better preparation and strategy. So, students should participate in olympiads and experience learning beyond classrooms. 


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