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NTSE Syllabus 2019


Table of Content


NTSE 2019 SyllabusNCERT does not prescribe any NTSE syllabus but it does not mean that studying for NTSE is a witch-hunt process. NTSE syllabus 2015 is exactly the same as NCERT syllabus for the class you are studying in. Hence, students of Class IX need to grasp the NCERT syllabus before attempting to move on to NCERT or NTSE syllabus for Class 10. So to crack NTSE, prepare NCERT syllabus of class IX and NCERT syllabus of Class X.


Students need to follow the following syllabus in Science in order to score good marks in NTSE exam.

Class IX Syllabus

Class X Syllabus

Matters in our surroundings and their purity

Chemical reactions and equations

Atoms and molecule

Acids, bases and salts

Structure of an atom

Metals and non-metals

Fundamental unit of life

Carbon and its compounds


Periodic classification of elements

Diversity in living organisms

Life processes, control and coordination

Motion force and laws of motion

Reproduction of organisms, Heredity and evolution

Gravitation, Work and Energy


Light - reflection and refraction

Reasons behind illnesses

Electricity and magnetism

Natural resources and improvement in food resources

Sources of energy, Our environment, & Management of natural resources


Students need to follow the following syllabus in Math’s in order to score good marks in NTSE exam.

Class IX Syllabus

Class X Syllabus

Number systems

Real numbers



Coordinate geometry

Pair of linear equations in two variables

Linear equations in two variables

Quadratic equations

Introduction to Euclid's geometry

Arithmetic progression

Lines and angles

Triangles and circles


Coordinate geometry


Introduction to trigonometry and its applications

Areas of parallelograms and triangles

Areas related to circles

Circles, Constructions, Heron's formula, Surface areas and volumes, Statistics and probability

Surface areas, Volumes



Social Sciences

For Social Science, one needs to focus on History, Geography and Economics


Class IX Syllabus

Class X Syllabus

French revolution

Nationalism in Europe

Socialism in Europe

Nationalist movement in Indo-China

Russian revolution

Nationalism in India

Nazism and rise of Hitler

Making of a global world

Forest society and colonialism


Pastoralists in the modern world

Work, life and leisure

Social history of clothing

Print culture and the modern world


Class IX Syllabus

Class X Syllabus

India's size and location& Physical features

Resources and development


Forest and wildlife resources


Water resources

Natural vegetation and wild life



Minerals and energy resources


Manufacturing industries


Life lines of national economy


Class IX Syllabus

Class X Syllabus

Basic concepts about production in a village

Sectors of the Indian economy

People as resource

Money and credit

Poverty as a challenge

Globalization and the Indian economy

Food security in India

Consumer rights


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