IIT Coaching After 10th

JEE preparation after class 10thIIT is the dream of every engineering aspirant and to get admission in one of the IITs, every aspirant puts their heart and soul. The path is not easy and for this one has to start the preparation from 10th standard. It is an ideal time to start with the preparation as the syllabus of class 10th is quite similar in terms of the topics and chapters that are included in IIT JEE. You are eligible for IIT JEE only after you have appeared for your 12th. When you prepare from the 10th standard, you have two years for the boards as well as the IIT entrance. It will be a wise decision to choose to opt for IIT Coaching classes after 10th.


Why AskIITians for coaching after 10th?

AskIITians has been reputed for providing the best IIT coaching after 10th and choosing us you get the following benefits.

Top faculty members: We have top IITians who have joined us in the venture of providing impeccable Online Coaching for IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. While you get the hand holding for your boards, you also get to prepare for the next JEE Entrance that suits you.

Basic foundation: Joining us after your 10th, you brush up on the basic concepts that you got acquainted with during your 9th and 10th. These concepts are Algebra, Trigonometry, Probability, Distance, Height, Motion, Wonk, Energy and Power, Sound, Atoms and Nuclei, Organic Chemistry and much more. When you get them right, it gets easier for you to connect with the upcoming JEE Course from us. Basic foundation is the need of every student and every entrance you appear for as you don’t have to answer essay type questions but multiple choice questions during your entrance. It is a fact that multiple choice questions need conceptual knowledge more than memorized knowledge.

Get used to the entrance pattern: As soon as you have completed your 10th, you only have a vague idea that you want to Crack IIT JEE Entrance in one go. Something that students don’t get used to is the entrance pattern. Once you join us and the group of talented faculty members from various IIT Colleges and Engineering Colleges, you get more accustomed to the entrance that you will sit for in future. It builds your confidence.


Packages that you can choose for IIT Coaching after 10th

Top IIT Coaching Classes after 10th - askIITiansTwo years is a lot of time to get your preparation perfect for the entrance if sincerity and dedication prevail in every step. We have several packages that you can choose after your 10th. Mentioned below are the details.


Two year program for JEE Main/Advanced

  • It will be an intensive 831 hours of preparation

  • This package also ensures that there is a fixed hour for parents’ teacher meeting. This will give your parents learn about your progress frequently

  • You get 90 printed books, 30 each of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and a comprehensive test series

  • The books are designed in order to meet the requirements of the type of questions in both JEE Mains and Advanced

  • You also get special illustrations by our tutors who have the experience of workshop, quizzes customized as per the syllabus

  • You also get accustomed to graded assignments


One year program for JEE Main, Advanced and other Engineering Exams

  • In this package, you prepare for one year and get taught for 657 hours

  • You will be taught online and a class will have a maximum strength of 20 students

  • You need to come across 30 AITS  or All India Test Series in all making you extremely confident for the upcoming entrance

  • Daily practice papers keep you more engaged and busy in your subjects. You have 75 daily practice papers for each subject.

Other than these two courses, you can choose the self-study package too. You will be provided with everything required for the preparation.


Self-Study Course

Get the Best IIT Coaching Classes after 10thComplete JEE Main/Advanced two year program: In this program, you can buy online access or offline access. You get 1500 and more recorded lectures videos for your preparation. Being one of the top IIT Coaching classes after 10th, we also provide the success study planner as well as test paper with solutions on video.

If you need preparation for an individual subject; Physics or Chemistry or Mathematics, we have that too for you. The choice is yours!

Each of the packages that we offer has been designed to bring you up to the level of AIR rankers. We have a dedicated team of ex-IITians working with you for your progress and reaching the height of success. You also get counseling sessions where you are given advice and suggestions for better performance the next time. Your success is our motto and we live by our words.


How to choose best IIT Coaching after 10th?

By the time, you have gained more understanding of what you want in terms of your career. When you have taken the decision of doing engineering from an IIT, you should also know that IIT JEE can’t be cracked without expert help. You get that from an esteemed coaching institute. You can use the following tips in choosing the best one after 10th.

  • Check the website and look for testimonials by the ex-students. This will give you an insight into the teaching methodology in the coaching center

  • You should also check for the past performance of the students. If not toppers all the time, there has to be students in the AIR below 100 every year

  • Faculty members should be from top and reputed colleges so that you get expert help

  • If fee is a concern for you, you can also check for the fee structure. Although, most of the institutes provide the facility of EMI, it is always wise to confirm

  • 24*7 help atmosphere should prevail so that any problem you have, they are just a call or email away

  • Convenience of travel also matters. Do you want to go for online or offline coaching classes? You need to be clear with that

All these aspects mentioned above are available when you choose AskIITians. Being in the service of the students for 8 years, we have made the dream of every engineer come true. IIT is not just a dream, it is a reality with us.

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Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution