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Innovatively designed to meet exponentially growing demands of IIT JEE aspirants, AskIITians’ new IIT JEE center in Pune is a revolutionary step in the country’s education reform. This remarkable initiative in the history of AskIITians not only encourages innovative learning, but also takes process of learning with latest methodologies to an altogether new level.

Our initiative aims to create new academic and professional opportunities for IIT aspirants from the less privileged sections of the society.

Just like our other successful ventures in the past few years, our new coaching center in Pune has garnered positive reviews from students and their parents alike. Over 50 aspirants reportedly enrolled in for the programs offered by Pune center in 2013 alone, which by all perspectives is a commendable figure for any dream project in its initial stage.

“Innovative learning environment with the latest educational practices was a distant dream for many IIT JEE aspirants like me living in suburbs of Pune. However, AskIITians’ initiative of high quality education even in less privileged sections of the society has come as a boon, which will shape the future of India and its youth,” said Sachin Kolhe, one of the engineering students from AskIITians’ Pune Center. 

The center will especially prove beneficial for IIT aspirants coming from financially humble background in Pune. In fact, to go by official reports, poor financial condition of families in suburbs of Pune is the key reason behind many students opting out of IIT dreams midway.

Equipped with state of the art facilities to innovate the classroom experience, our center in Pune is anchored by expert online training faculty, which ensures highest quality of education with the latest teaching methodologies.

Our goal is to provide right skills and guidance to help students gain a wide innovative exposure to their options in both academic and professional career.

Resources offered by our center in Pune includes:

  • Expert faculty (only ex-iitians),

  • Well-planned study material, DPPs (Daily Practice Papers), and AITS (All India Test Series),

  • 24X7 support online and offline.

“To help our kids achieve their dreams, an education institution will also have to acknowledge the basic issues of their families that hamper their pursuits of a better education. AskIITians’ Pune center for IIT JEE aspirants is an ideal example of what young India wants today. It has not only connected with aspirants from less privileged sections of the society, but has also brought the light of hope to many IIT aspirants in Pune,” said Ashutosh Pulekar, father of an IIT aspirant currently studying at AskIITians’ Pune center.

Courses Offered by AskIITians’ Pune Center:

Contact Details:

Center Director: Dr. Aparna Deshpande

Pune Center Address:  
Concept Academy
12, Mangalam Chambers
Opp. Jog Hospital, Paud Road
Pune, Maharashtra- 411038 

Contact Number (Mob): 7775086544, 7775079806  



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askIITians Results – 2016 : Leadership Proved Once Again

JEE Advanced 2016 474 Selections

Amey Ravindra Patil (AIR – 65)

Amey Ravindra Patil, an askIITians student got AIR 65 in JEE Advanced 2016. He says “askIITians provides fabulous and fascinating educational experience through its properly designed syllabus that covers schools level and takes the student to competitive level so that he can clear his JEE exam easily.”

Toppers AIR
Gargi Singh 136
Siddhant 233
Joshi Pranil Satish 296

JEE Main 2016882 Selections

Amey Ravindra Patil (Total Marks – 311)

Amey Ravindra Patil, an askIITians student scored 311 marks in JEE Main 2016. He says “askiitians is best institute to prepare for JEE online. No need to go anywhere and get utilized each and every second of your time which is most important in JEE Preparation.”

Toppers Total Marks
Harsh Pare 297
Kenrick Xavier Pinto 293
Shubham Gupta 283


Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution