Best Correspondence Course for JEE Main and Advanced


Many students prefer learning independently for JEE Main and Advanced. We at AskIITians help such students by providing online correspondence courses for IIT JEE. This course is self-explanatory and helps in clarifying all the concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics for JEE. Here students will get everything they need for JEE Main and Advanced preparation, from books to lectures, demonstrations, practice papers and notes. 


Many times it happens that students feel stressed and pressured in coaching classes. While coaching classes demand their presence and time every day in the classroom, a correspondence course gives them the freedom to study at their pace and convenience. In our distance learning program, students will get all the guidance that they need along with the opportunity to study as per their own schedule. At AskIITians, you can avail yourself of the best correspondence coaching for IIT JEE entrance preparations. 


Our best IIT JEE correspondence course for Main and Advanced includes the latest sample papers, study materials, booklets, practice papers and notes to help the students. We have included tips and tricks based on the latest exam patterns. With our online JEE correspondence classes, students will be able to prepare themselves for not only JEE but also for other competitive exams and Olympiads. 


What’s Included in AskIITians Correspondence Course for JEE?


AskIITians JEE Main and Advanced online correspondence courses include the following: 


Books for JEE: Our study package includes books for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics written and compiled by our faculty. These books follow the latest JEE exam pattern and syllabus. Students will get at least 10 books for each subject which are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. 


Daily Practice Papers: While studying independently for JEE, DPPs or Daily Practice Papers will keep you on track and will make it easier for you to practice the latest JEE questions. We have included 225 DPPs (75 DPPs each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics). 


All India Test Series: Our All India Test Series includes 18 full tests for JEE Main and Advanced that will help you analyse the level of your preparation for JEE. We have included 18 such tests in the JEE correspondence courses package


You can find more information about what’s included in our JEE study package here


Benefits of Distance Learning Program for JEE


If you are wondering whether it is worth studying the correspondence course for JEE Main and Advanced from AskIITians, check out the benefits of distance learning programs for JEE given below. We have also included some tips that will make distance learning for JEE worthwhile for you. 


#1 Flexibility 

One of the most noteworthy benefits of distance learning is flexibility. When you attend special coaching classes whether online or offline, it is expected that you are present in the classroom for your benefit. This means that you have to stick to a schedule. But, with distance learning, you are the master of your own schedule. You might alter your study timings based on your requirements/availability and still prepare for JEE perfectly. 


Tip: Being flexible does not mean that you do not need to study regularly in the correspondence program. So, students must create a little discipline in their lives even while studying the correspondence course. 


#2 Study at your own pace 

A lot of students get stressed or feel pressured in the classroom because they have to match each other’s pace. In most cases, students have to match the pace of the teacher and ensure that they understand the concept in the class otherwise they will lag in JEE preparation. But with distance learning JEE correspondence courses, students can take their time. They may take two days on one concept and even a few hours on the other. 


Tip: Studying at your own pace is good but you must have some weekly goals for yourself so that you can complete the JEE syllabus on time. You have to keep challenging yourself as you are in charge of your own learning. 


#3 Convenience 

The third benefit that a distance learning program for JEE has to offer is convenience. It does not matter whether you have a laptop or a fast internet connection. All your study material is provided to you and you just have to find the time to study. Also, on days when you are not feeling well or when you have some other responsibilities to fulfil, you can alter your study schedule. 


Tip: You are the master of your own learning. So, you need to make your decisions wisely. Not studying because you are sick is acceptable but not studying because you have to watch TV is not. So look after yourself. 


These were the main benefits of the distance learning JEE correspondence courses program. You will encounter many more benefits once you enrol in our course. Now let us check some of the key features of our correspondence course for JEE Main and Advanced. 


Highlights of AskIITians JEE Distance Learning Program 


Best Learning Tools: We understand that studying on your own for JEE could be a challenge. But to make things interesting, we provide the best learning tools to the students like subject-wise question banks, previous year papers, formula sheets, mind maps, flashcards, and more. 


Fully Researched Content: We do not just provide definitions but in-depth concepts in our booklets. This means our JEE correspondence courses include stepwise explanations and easy-to-understand problem-solving methods based on the latest JEE syllabus. 


Analysis of Past Papers: We ensure that you are fully prepared for JEE which is why we offer past paper analysis where our JEE experts have worked in analysing every section of JEE Main and Advanced papers. 


Lectures from IITians: We offer you pre-recorded lectures from IITians, NITians and many experienced JEE teachers. Study from the best teachers in India from your home and prepare for JEE. 


The correspondence program for JEE Main and Advanced by AskIITians is a perfect package for preparations. Connect with us to know more about our correspondence program and start your preparations today. 


Frequently Asked Questions 


  1. Who should opt for this correspondence course for JEE? 

Students of Classes 6-12 can opt for our correspondence course for JEE Main and Advanced. Our course is specially designed to help you prepare for JEE step by step. 


  1. Should I take live online coaching for JEE or a correspondence course for JEE? 

If you think you can prepare for JEE on your own you can choose the correspondence course. But, if you need someone to discipline you or if you want to study in a classroom-like environment, enrol for our online JEE coaching course. 


  1. What is a distance learning program for JEE?

The distance learning program for JEE allows you to study for JEE Main and Advanced at your own pace and as per your schedule. It includes pre-recorded lectures, books, test series, notes and other important study material for JEE preparation.



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Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution