Best Correspondence Course for IIT JEE

JEE Main and Advanced (JMA) Correspondence IIT coaching program offered by AskIITians is a preparatory program meant for students who prefer to be self-taught. The aim is to facilitate such students in clarifying concepts and equip them with all the learning tools they need for JEE Main and JEE Advanced preparation – from the right books to lectures by ex-IITians to practice questions to challenging tests.

The course offered is a perfect solution to the scenario when students begin to choke under pressure while preparing for IIT JEE. At the time when they should just give their best, while being in the best of their health, they simply crumble, due to the excessive pressure of high expectations from all quarters. And, this is not just about the expectations shared by parents, relative, teachers, or their own self. It’s more about setting the highest benchmarks for excellence and stretching their mind and body to the core. Since every big or small aspect matters a lot during preparations, aspirants must only look out for best correspondence courses for IIT JEE. Seeking help from a good correspondence course for IIT JEE preparation ensures that they get expert assistance along with the freedom that self-preparation offers. JEE study material includes all the tips, tricks and techniques students learn in coaching classes to score more in JEE exams.

JEE Main and Advanced Correspondence course includes:

No. of Books 30 Books – 10 Books for each Physics, Chemistry and Math
Daily Practice Papers (DPPs) 225 DPPs – 75 DPPs each for Physics, Chemistry and Math
All India Test Series (AITS) 18 Tests 8 tests that cover part JEE Syllabus and 10 tests that cover full JEE Syllabus

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askIITians JEE correspondence course is also a very affordable means of seeking expert assistance. While, many aspirants find spending on regular coaching and tutoring along with their school fee to be a heavy load on their pockets, this is something that proves to be the best option for them. With the tremendous efforts of our expert team of ex-IITians we have brought along a gamut of tutoring opportunities for the IIT aspirants. Wherein, some can chose to enroll in our regular coaching sessions, others can take their pick from customized courses pertaining a specific subject. At other times, when a student wants to enjoy the perfect mix of freedom with self-preparation and expert guidance when required, they can choose IIT JEE correspondence course that we have for offer.

askIITians allow correspondence course students to subscribe to the individual components, according to their requirements:

Their selection of the desired component must reflect the exact requirement that they have. While many students might face trouble in preparing notes and getting good reference books in hand, others might just be looking for comprehensive tutorials in the chapters. So, we bring about just everything for you to choose from. We also offer a comprehensive test series separately, if you wish to boost your preparation skills and assess the level of preparation on timely manner. So, take a pick, or go all out with the most comprehensively put together correspondence course for JEE.

Individual Components of JMA Study Package


All 30 books

You may enquire about individual books at

Rs. 8,793/-
225 DPPs (Daily Practice Papers) with detailed solutions provided separately Rs. 7,202/-
DVDs of recorded lectures for Physics, Chemistry and Math
  • One DVD only – Rs. 4,890/-
  • Two DVDs – Rs. 9,500/-
  • Three DVDs – Rs. 14,000/-
All India Test Series – 18 Tests in all (8 Part Syllabus tests, 10 Full Syllabus tests) Rs. 4,950/-


If students subscribe to all the components one-by-one, it would cost them Rs 34,945/-.

However, we offer the complete set of askIITians correspondence IIT JEE coaching program at an extremely affordable rate of just Rs 20,165/- (inclusive of all taxes), offering a discount of over 40%.

Not limited to affordability, our comprehensive correspondence courses for JEE preparation provides a way out from the gruelling day to day schedules. We understand how tough it turns out for students to attend regular school and then rush for coaching classes. At times it’s the distance related travel that takes a toll on health, pockets, and time. While, at other times it’s simply the exhaustion of it all that starts bringing the morale down. However, by offering comprehensive JEE preparation correspondence courses to aspirants we believe, we have provided a way out. Yes, not only does this save a lot of time and effort, but gives expert coaching and guidance in the perfect ratio.

However, we have always understood the significance of offering what a student actually requires. Yes, even with our correspondence courses we do not want to burden the student with a comprehensive package only. So, we offer a lot of choices. So, go ahead and channelize your requirements with a personalized preparation plan.

AskIITians JMA Correspondence Course Highlights

Best correspondence course for  IIT JEE

  • Lectures by top IIT entrance coaching faculty in India included in JMA correspondence program as DVDs make up for the coaching classes you miss as a self-educator. These lectures are the essence of years of online teaching experience as well as first-hand experience of cracking IIT JEE. The only limitation these lectures impose on correspondence students is that they do not allow real-time interaction with teachers available in Live Classes.
  • Access to high quality and customised study material that is revised on a regular basis.
  • Graded assignments and practice papers include all types of questions from prominent entrance exams in India.
  • Books contain illustrations, detailed explanations, formula sheets, short notes, and important questions – all that you need to make it to the IITs.

Correspondence program can be an excellent option for students looking for affordable IIT coaching solutions in areas where internet connection is not very reliable.


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Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution