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Physics is the natural science that involves the study of matter and its motion through space and time, along with related concepts such as energy and force. All the topics of Class 11 Physics have been prepared in accordance with the elite exams like IIT JEE (Main and Advanced). The theory has been well supported with illustrious examples to help more...
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  • Course Features

    • 110 Video Lectures
    • Revision Notes
    • Test paper with Video Solution
    • Mind Map
    • Study Planner
    • NCERT Solutions
    • Discussion Forum
    • Previous Year Exam Questions

  • Video Lectures Description

    This Course Contains

    • 1. Physical World
    • 2. Work, Energy and Power
    • 3. Kinematics
    • 4. Units and Dimensions
    • 5. Laws Of Motion
    • 6. Mechanical Properties of fluids
    • 7. Rotational Motion
    • 8. Gravitation
    • 9. Mechanical Properties of Solids
    • 10. Thermal Properties of Matter
    • 11. Thermodynamics (Physics)
    • 12. Kinetic Theory of Gases
    • 13. Oscillations
    • 14. Waves
  • FAQs

    • How can I access this course?
      This is an online course which offers study material and test papers prepared by best of Engineering/Medical faculty. You can browse all your material by logging into and then clicking My Self Study Course from top right. Click Here to know step by step process.
    • What are system requirements?
      You need an internet connection to view the study material. Since some of the materials are in video format, you are advised to get headphone or speakers to listen to video.
    • For how long, this course will be active in my profile?
      This course will remain active for 1 year in your profile. You will have to renew it to use it again.
    • Does this course cover board level as well?
      This course material was prepared keeping in mind toughness of JEE and NEET but it is ideal course of any Engineering/Medical entrance or Board exam.
    • There are too many reading materials. From where do I start?
      You can first start with study planner to know how to approach new chapter. After that you can start with topic wise video lectures. Once you are done with all lectures, you can revise chapter by running through mindmap and revision notes. Once you are confident that you are done with all the concepts, you can practice Test paper, Past JEE/NEET papers and ncert papers.
    • I did not like the course, can i get refund and get my money back?
      Since we are offering premium package at dirt cheap price, we do not encourage refund. However, we can look at the request at case by case basis. We believe that we can solve your issues instead of loosing you.
  • Teacher’s profile

    Name: Sumit Majumdar
    Subject: Physics
    Years of Experience: 8 Years

    Sumit Mazumdar, A PhD professional from IIT Delhi, dedicated his 8 years into teaching IIT JEE aspirants with Physics, Chemistry and Math’s. He worked with lot of reputed organization earlier like Narayana, Pie and Lakshya etc, pioneering him as one of the best teachers for IIT JEE. View complete profile

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