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If you are looking for NTSE preparation books, there are many options available to you. NCERT books for Class 8, Class 9 and Class 10 have to be the staple for all NTSE aspirants. Don’t forget that it is the NCERT that conducts NTSE Exam. 

Here are some of the other popular NTSE books that you can buy online: 

  • NTSE Books for Class 8

Study Package for


2nd Edition

NTSE Guide for

Class - VIII

01 Edition

NTSE Rashtriya Pratibha

Khoj Pariksha:

Study Package


In English

  • NTSE Books for Class 9

NTSE Foundation

Course: Math

Class- 9 1 Edition

NTSE Foundation

Course: Physics

Class- 9

NTSE Foundation

Course: Biology

Class- 9 1 Edition

NTSE Foundation

Course: Chemistry

Class- 9

Talent & Olympiad

Exams Resource Book

for Class- 9 01 Edition 

Jawahar Navodaya

Vidyalaya Exam

Guide (Class 9)

  • NTSE Books for Class 10

Study Package for

NTSE Class- 10

1st Edition


A Comprehensive Manual


In English Language

Class- 10

IIT Foundation and

Olympiad Explorer: Math

Class- 10 1st Edition

Lakshya NTSE Package

For Class-10

NTSE Foundation

Course: Physics

Class- 10


3 Solved,

5 Mock Papers,

Stage- 2 Class- 10

NTSE: SAT+MAT Physics,

Chemistry, Biology,


Mental Ability

for Class- 10

1st Edition

A Complete Study

Package NTSE


for Class 10

1st Edition



Complete Guide for NTSE-X for



You can easily buy NTSE books online. However, it becomes difficult to decide which of these books you need to buy. Most of the students study one topic from one book and refer to another book for another topic. Given the comprehensiveness of NTSE syllabus, it is not possible for everybody to acquire a library to cover all the topics well.

So, here is an interesting alternative. Go for NTSE study material offered by askIITians. It is well-researched, easy-to-understand and covers all the topics in appropriate detail.

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