NTSE Exam 2022-23


Since 1963, scholarships are being offered to gifted students under the National Talent Search Scheme (NTSS). The National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) is an annual exam conducted by the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training).

NTSE 2022 will be a two-level exam:

  • Stage 1 NTSE Exam is a State Level Exam, and

  • Stage 2 NTSE exam is a National Level Exam.

An applicant must pass both stages to be awarded the scholarship.

The first stage or the state-level exam is conducted in all Indian states and union territories. Those who successfully pass the NTSE Stage 1 exam are allowed to sit for the NTSE Stage 2 exam or the national-level test.

The purpose of the NTSE exam is to identify academically talented students early on (in Class X) and encourage them to pursue further education in their chosen fields.


Important Dates for NTSE 2022


The NTSE Stage 2 Exam 2021 was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will now be held on June 12, 2022. But this is an exception.

If you are preparing for NTSE 2023 and things go smoothly at the time, NTSE 2023 Stage 1 exam is likely to be conducted on the first Sunday of November that year (November 5, 2023) in all the States and UTs of India, except for Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Andaman & Nicobar Islands where it will likely be conducted on the first Saturday of November that year (November 4, 2023).

The NTSE 2023 Stage 2 exam is likely to be conducted on the second Sunday of May that year (May 14, 2023).

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NTSE Eligibility Criteria 2022


All Indian nationals studying in Class X in India or abroad can appear for the NTSE exam. However, the scholarships are only awarded if they continue their further education in India.

Students must have at least 60% marks in their Class IX annual exams to qualify for the NTSE exam. Those who are registered under Open and Distance Learning (ODL) may sit for the NTSE exam if they are under 18, not employed, and are appearing for the Class X exam for the first time.

Class X students in India have to clear the state-level NTSE exam before they can sit for the national-level NTSE examination. But students from abroad can straightaway sit for the national-level NTSE exam.

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NTSE Application Form 2022


At present, 2,000 scholarships are awarded to students chosen through the NTSE every year. Students pursuing professional courses receive scholarships up to second-degree or postgraduate level. For Social Sciences, Basic Sciences, Commerce, Humanities and other such academic disciplines, students receive scholarships up to PhD-degree level.

NTSE 2022-2023 will have a one-step application process where students only need to apply for the NTSE Stage 1 2023 exam online or offline. If they are selected, they will automatically be allowed to sit for the NTSE Stage 2 2023 exam.

Class X students abroad can apply straightaway for the national-level examination through the Head of their Institution.

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NTSE Syllabus 2022


The NCERT has not prescribed any syllabus for the NTSE exam. But askIITians experts recommend that for NTSE 2023 Stage 1 exam, students should follow the state board's syllabus for Science, Social Science and Mathematics. For NTSE 2023, Stage 2 exam, students should closely study the NCERT curricula for Class IX and X for these subjects.

Studying Class VIII NCERT books may help you clarify your basics and studying NCERT books for Science, Social Science and Mathematics for Classes XI and XII may give you an edge over your peers in the examination.

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NTSE 2022 Notifications


The latest NTSE notifications included the declaration of the NTSE 2021 Stage 2 exam result on February 18, 2022, and the issuance of e-Award Letters for NTS 2021 awardees on April 28, 2022.

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NTSE 2022 Study Material


Besides NCERT books and state boards' books for Science, Social Science and Mathematics, we recommend students to solve previous years' NTSE question papers published by Oswaal. For the MAT paper, students should solve practice questions from books on logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and so on.

We have also suggested a list of books for the SAT paper. AskIITians NTSE 2022-2023 study material presents you with the best bits of all these books along with expert tips on how to solve each type of question precisely and quickly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When will the NTSE exam be held in 2022?

The NTSE 2022 exam dates have not been announced yet. You can bookmark our NTSE 2022 Important Dates page and NTSE 2022 Notifications page to see the latest updates on this matter.

  1. What is the application fee for the NTSE exam?

There is no application fee for the NTSE national-level examination. The state-level NTSE examination application fee is prescribed by the respective State or Union Territory.

  1. Is there any negative marking in the NTSE exam?

No, there is no negative marking on any paper of the NTSE exam.

  1. How many times can a student attempt the NTSE exam?

A student can attempt the NTSE exam only once as only those students who are studying in Class X for the first time can appear for the exam.

  1. How does askIITians help students prepare for the NTSE exam?

AskIITians provides a comprehensive preparation course for the NTSE exam which includes video lessons, doubt solving sessions, practice questions, sample papers and mock tests. Our experts are highly qualified and know the NTSE exam inside out. You can be sure of getting the best advice and guidance from our side to help you crack the NTSE exam with flying colours!



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