NTSE 2014 Sample Interview Questions

Follow are NTSE 2014 Sample Interview Questions collatedfrom various previous years NTSE examination interviews. Preparing these along with NTSE sample papers/NTSE model papers/NTSE papers will gear you up well for the examination.

1.       Tell me something about yourself/introduce yourself.

2.       Which is your favourite topic in science, maths and social science?

3.       What all preparations you have done for the Interview?

4.       What are known as suicidal bags of cell?

5.       Why is cell called structural and functional unit of life

6.       What do you mean by Globalisation?

7.       What do you feel what are the major problems India is facing today?

8.       What is the difference between various types of rocks and give example of each.

9.       Which plateau in India is made of sedimentary rocks?

10.   Mention 5 rivers each of central highlands and deccan plateau. Explain how these rivers are different from the rivers of the Gangetic plain?

11.   What is the role of Nehru in freedom of India?

12.   How many hours you study daily? Tell me your schedule.

13.   What was the role of Rajendra Prasad and Nehru in framing the constitution?

14.   Give the achievements of Akbar, Aurangzeb, Sher-Shah Suri,Cholasand Shah-Jahan.

15.   What was the aim of Din-i-ellhi? Any relation toKabir?

16.   Problems from Maths and various puzzles.

17.   How can we convert one form of energy into another? How can heat energy be converted to electric energy?

18.   What is heat? Explain the difference between heat and energy?

19.   What is pressure and how it is different from force and stress?

20.   What are resources and various types of resources? According to you which resources you consider most important and why so?

21.   Can you calculate the frequency of the needle of the watch? Can you do it for all three?

22.   How can a mixture of common salt, sandand camphor be separated.

23.   Which type of mirror are most common in your home?

24.   India does not have much Uranium and therefore we have to depend on Uranium supplying countries for power generation. Can nuclear power be produced strictly by uranium only?

25.   How do you separate sulphur from a mixture of iron and sulphur? Explainhow you will separate camphor and dry ice?

26.   What is a mixture? Tell its types and the examples.

27.   What is specific gravity?

28.   What is audible frequency?

29.   Can specific gravity be less than 1?

30.   Like bats can hear much more than what we can, can similarly some organism see what we cannot see?

31.   What is the wavelength of the visible light?

32.   Write electronic configuration of Na and Cl.

33.   What is the relation between charge and current? Also, if you carry a charge with you does it means current is flowing?

34.   Do you have invertor in your home? Do you know the battery of your invertor has which acid?

35.   If you want to prepare electricity using turbine at power plant, then which would be your favourite process –boiling or evaporation? And why?

36.   Lungs release waste and so does kidney also. Then what is the difference between them?

37.   Define Cell wall and Mitochondria?

38.   Carbohydrate is made us op Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. And kerosene oil also is made up of Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen. So why do we feel uneasy if we consume little bit of kerosene oil?

39.   Suggest measures to overcome the shortage of water.Though everybody knows that we should save water, how come so much of water is wasted every day?

40.   What is difference between green revolution and white revolution?

41.   What is the difference between soap and detergent? Explain how does it contribute to water pollution?

42.   What are your hobbies?

43.   What is your favourite subject?Explain why?

44.   Who is your favourite teacher? Questions related to the subject that particular teacher teaches you.

45.   Tell me your aim in life. Why?

46.   How you would be able to serve our country by being a grown up?

47.   What are your strongest points? Also, what are your weak points?

48.   If your hobby is any particular game, what are the various laws of the game? Can you name 2-3 favourite players of National and International levels?

49.   Apart from being good in academics, what other activities do you participate in your school?

50.   If you get NTSE Scholarship, what will you do with the money?

51.   Define Democracy (base it on current affairs).

52.   Apart from school books, what other magazines or books do you study?

53.   How you prepared for the NTSE Exam?

54.   Who is your role model?

55.   Tell me something about your parent’s job.

56.   Questions about various social organisations and there role during indian independence movement like the BrahmoSamaj.

57.   You should know various definition in maths like integers, composite numbers, rational numbers, prime numbers and also their properties.

58.   How does desert cooler cool the room during summer? Is it related to humidity? Explain.

59.   What is difference between heat and temperature?

60.   Give one example of reflection and also one example of refraction in the room and the effect.

61.   What is sound? Is frequency associated with only sound waves?

62.   Why Sky is blue in day and black in night,on the other hand leaves are always green?

63.   What is the difference between ionosphere and troposphere? Is ionosphere related to ozone layer?If yes, how?

64.   How do we measure the age of the rock and that of the earth as well?

65.   Mention the largest magnet you have ever seen.

66.   What are alloys? Explain why alloys cannot be called Solution?

67.   What is the main difference between elements and alloys? Explain different characteristics of the alloys?

68.   What is valency? Explain what can be the maximum valency?

69.   Give one example of electromagnetic wave.

70.   What is Solution? Explain how can you prepare solutions of 5 types given from the various objects present on your table right now?

71.   What are acids and bases? Can you name any two acids which you can find easily in your home?

72.   What is the relation between charge and current? Can you carry charge with you?

73.   Define Physics and Chemistry. Explain what is Biology?

74.   What is study of cells known as?

75.   How you will differentiate between metals and non-metals?

76.   Why there is so much difference between hearing capacities of a man, dog and a bat?

77.   Which organ of your body is most important in terms of daily functioning? Give examples other than the option of heart?

78.   What is the difference between tissues and muscles?

79.   What is the difference between living and non-living beings?

80.   Is shortage of water is related to Global Warming?

81.   What is the difference between greenhouse effect and green revolution?

82.   Is there any difference between enzyme and hormone and a catalyst?

83.   What are prokaryotes and eukaryotes? Can you give one example each?

84.   Why urinals at Bus stand has such a bad smell?

85.   What do you mean by adaptation? Please give any two examples

86.   How society and civics are inter related?

87.   What are fundamental duties and rights?

88.   Can you map the area under control duringAurangzeb Akbar, Alauddin, and British? Define the major event between reigns of these rulers.

89.   Who is your favourite PM of India? Why?

90.   Why Indian rulers from the ancient time were not interested in going to other countries for campaign?

91.   Why in India, English is preferred than the Hindi or regional languages?

92.   What is pole star? Please draw its approximate location.

93.   You like reading Atlas? Did you ever find anything interesting in Atlas, post which you feel bit happy and excited?

94.   What are asteroids?

95.   What is the climatic region of your region or city?

96.   Who discovered proton? Can you tell the contribution of the Rutherford?

97.   Give one example of folded mountains.

98.   The capitals of all the states of India and major countries of the world.

99.   What is difference between state and a society? Should a citizen prefer a state or a society?

100.       What is the difference between gene and a chromosome?

101.       How Buddhism is fundamentally different from Jainism?

102.       Name 10 Freedom fighters of India. Don’t name more than 2 from one state.

103.       Which region of India is most prone to earthquakes?

104.       What is the capital of Mauritius and Maldives?

105.       Give any 4 different type of microorganism which causes diseases in human beings and give one example for each.

106.       Define proteins and how they are different from vitamins?

107.       What are the difference between equator, latitudes and longitudes? Locate them on the map

108.       What is Home Rule Leage in Modern History?

109.       How handful of British managed to defeat the Nawab of Bengal?

110.       Who were the main warriors in the 1857 war of independence?

111.       Who is your favourite scientist?

112.       In which manner the words socialist, sovereign, and democratic words are arranged in the preamble of our constitution?

113.       Give some information about the Rajya Sabha.

114.       What is Municipality?

115.       How many supreme courts are there in India and High Court in your state?

116.       Why satellites does not fall on the earth surface?

117.       What is Biosphere reserve? Please give the names of any 5 biosphere reserves in India.

118.       Who is supreme? The PM or the Parliament?

119.       What is the basic geographical feature difference between Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai? Are Kolkata and Chennai are similar?

120.       Square root of the number is always less than the number?

121.       What is a Map and a scale?

122.       Give any two contributions of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

123.       Give any two example of communicable diseases.

124.       What are the sources of nitrogen based pollutants in the air?

125.       How images are formed in our eye?

126.       There are 5 sets of words (1,1,1,1,1), (3,3,3,3,3), (5,5,5,5,5), (7,7,7,7,7) and (9,9,9,9,9) . Now select any five numbers such that sum of those 5 numbers is 22 only. How many such combinations are possible? Also give the logic for the answer.

127.       What is paper made up of?

128.       What was the cause of the swine flu?

129.       Define friction force and how it vary with the application of the external force. Which is the direction of the frictional force? Can you show the direction of frictional force in three different cases?

130.       During winter night when we breathe the air out, then we can clearly see the droplets of water but we cannot see them in summer. According to you what is the possible reason? Please try to relate it with dew point? And condensation.

131.       A person is sitting in a room with an oxygen cylinder. After a while vacuum is created in the room. Then what will happen to the person?

132.       Does wall of the room absorbs light? If not, then does it reflects light?

133.       Prove that air is a bad conductor of heat

134.       What is spontaneous combustion? Can you give two example other than sodium to explain the same? Any application of this concept to understand the observed phenomena?

135.       Carbon is a part of both natural polymers and synthetic polymers? Is cellulose also a polymer? And, what about wool and silk?

136.       What are the differences between Rayon, Nylon and Dacron?

137.       The HCF of (n + 3) and (7n + 48) is k. Here n is a natural number. Then how many values of k are possible?

138.       A car covers a certain distance taking 7 hours in forward journey. Also, during the return journey, the speed was increased by 12 Kmph and it takes 5 hours. Then what is total distance covered?

139.       What would be the next number in the sequence ‘8’, ‘20’, ‘28’, ‘44’?

140.       Perimeter of front wheel is 30, and back wheel is 20. So, if front wheel revolves 240 times, then how many revolutions will the back wheel take?

141.       Define the various types of rainfalls. Also, if it rains in the Gangetic plains due to Himalayas, then it would be which type of rainfall?

142.       We spread dry clothes to make them dry. Do you know why?

143.       Why our wet hairs stick with each other?

144.       If a tiger is 1km away from you then approximately how much time he will take to eat you? Given that the friction of the ground surface is zero.

145.       Rotation of earth around the Sun is independent of the rotation of the Mars?

146.       Does there exist any frictional force on the moon?

147.       Forces are ‘due to an interaction between two bodies’.Please explain

148.       What are the various sources of energy available to human being?

149.       Are humans also the part of the food chain? And if yes, then the increase of population must be just the shift in the food chain and should not be a worry. Is it so?

150.       What is the temperature of a human body? Do all animals have the same body temperature?

151.       What is the difference between civics and economics?

152.       What is caste census and its effect?

153.       What do you think how corruption can be removed?

154.       What would have happened if India would have achieved independence in 1857?

155.       Who according to you is the greatest ruler of India?

156.       In India we are still using various rules framed by the British and still we criticise British for anti-Indian laws before the independence?

157.       What is the difference between developing and developed country?

158.       Name any two rivers of Africa other than river Nile.

159.       Define the position of the sun

160.       What is the average rainfall of your region or city?

161.       Name any two type of tides.

162.       Give any two alloys of Tin and Aluminium

163.       Western Ghats are continuous while Eastern Ghats are broken. Can you explain why?

164.       What were the policies used by the British to take control of the various states of India?

165.       In real life every process involves physics, maths or chemistry. Please give any 5 examples as such. Also, can you explain all of them using the example of process of breathing?

166.       Who was the founder of Buddhism and Jainism?

167.       Buddhism followers are now very less in India. Explain why?

168.       Except our neighbours and Gulf countries, can you give example of a country which is Islamic?

169.       What do you mean by Rabi and Kharif crop? Can you give one example of each.

170.       How you will detect the presence of carbon di oxide and oxygen? Explain.

171.       What are fat soluble vitamins? Are there any fat soluble and water soluble proteins also?

172.       Give name of any two lakes in Southern India and two lakes in Northern India. Also, give example of one lake on the coast of India.

173.       What is IST?

174.       What is indigo dye? What is its significance in our Modern History?

175.       Give some information about battle of Plassey.

176.       What were the gains from the 1857 war of independence?

177.       What is the volume of the earth? Explain how much water can be filled in the sphere of the size of the earth?

178.       If earth is rotating then why we are not feeling the spinning of the earth?

179.       You should know about your school. Like Founder, Principal, Achievement if any.

180.       Give some information about the Panchayat system in India.

181.       Indian agriculture is dependent on monsoon. Can you explain whether monsoon is a local wind or a seasonal wind or a permanent wind?

182.       What is ecosystem?

183.       What is UNESCO?

184.       What are CFC?

185.       TN receives most of the rainfall in winter?

186.       Which state has the maximum number of Lok Sabha seats in India?

187.       Who wrote the book- ‘Discovery of India’? And when?

188.       Define Democracy?

189.       Define the unit of any quantity.

190.       Give any three examples of greenhouse gases(other than carbon di oxide).

191.       Why the oscillations of the simple pendulum keep on moving with same rate?

192.       What is the difference between sovereign and socialist? Explain what do you mean by republic?

193.       Now a day internet connection has come with relatively very high speed as compared to internet speed 10 years before. Do you know what made it possible?

194.       What are optical fibres?

195.       Which of the following is responsible for the concept of direction? Earth, Sun or Moon? Explain how? And, what will happen if the earth stops rotating?

196.       Which one is more dense- the dry air or humid air? Please explain.

197.       A table fan is running and air is flowing because of that with some speed in the room. After covering some distance the air flow comes to an end finally. Here assuming the rate of decrease of flow of air is constant (i.e. deceleration is constant). Can you suggest any simple manner to judge the deceleration and speed of the air? (Here using perfume can be a good answer- spray perfume near the fan and your friend will smell the perfume sitting 5-7 meter away from the fan. Please measure the time. Also, repeat the experiment several time)

198.       A 40 watt tube light is replaced by a 20W CFL. Now assuming bulb operates for 14hrs per day and the cost of electricity is Rs.5 per unit, how much money would be saved in a month (here 1 month = 30 days)

199.       During the cloudy day (just few hours before the rainfall), we feel too hot as compared to other days. Explain why?

200.       Who invented the vaccine for rabies? Explain what exactly are vaccines?

201.       How fire extinguisher works?

202.       What is the definition of acids? Can you give example of weak acid and very weak acid?

203.       What are the harmful effects of DDT?

204.       How you can get the sum of 31 from five '3's? And you have to use all ‘3's.

205.       What would be the next number in the sequence ‘2’,‘20’, ‘74’, ‘110’?

206.       Imagine that u r driving a car from Mysore to Bangalore at a speed of 75mph. Your car no is KA-19 DB1955. Also, the distance between Bangalore and Mysore is 250 Km. Can you tell me, what is the date of birth of the driver?

207.       Find out the smallest four digit number which is divisible from 1 to 10?

208.       Why none of the types of rainfall gives sufficient rainfall to Rajasthan region?

209.       How drying of clothes is related to the humidity in the air?

210.       Why fish die when removed from the water? (after some time and not instantly)

211.       A polar bear has thick layer of fat so that it can withstand the low temperature. But what are the disadvantage of having a thick fat layer to the polar bear?

212.       Mercury is harmful still it is used in CFL, thermometers, to measure pressure etc. Explain why?

213.       What are contact forces?

214.       Define Potential energy. Name the source of potential energy.

215.       Give 3 examples of a simple machine.

216.       Synthetic fibre can be made from - _____________________

217.       What is the full form of www used in the internet?

218.       What is the name of the Brahmaputra River at its origin? Give sources of other rivers, dams on rivers?

219.       Arrange given 4 cities from North to South or from East to west?

220.       What is national Anthem? Who composed it?

221.       What is the basic difference between Himalayas and Andaman islands?

222.       What is the full form of AIDS? Why it is tough to make vaccine for AIDS?

223.       Reaction of quicklime with carbon di oxide

224.       What is Arctic Circle? Do you know which countries have the control over Arctic Circle?

225.       What are the problems India is facing now?

226.       Which product (don’t count water) present in your kitchen can be used as a fire extinguisher?

227.       Explain the concept of a machine in a scissor.

228.       Science must explain the various phenomena of life to make our understanding simple and clear. Imagine if you move from first floor to third floor by stairs, then as per science you have not done any work. Why is it so? Explain where has gone the work? And, why you feel tired after moving to third floor?

229.       What is the difference between winds and air currents?

230.       Mitochondria also have the chromos?

231.       What is direction of acceleration in linear, circular, and random motion?

232.       What is the difference between disease and the syndrome?

233.       Explain the working of the thermos flask.

234.       How president of India is elected? And Vice President?

235.       Where are the mineral resources of India mainly located? Do you know the mineral reserves we found in Maharashtra?

236.       Which is a bigger problem? Is it illiteracy or the poverty?

237.       Anything you would like to ask from us?  Usually at the end of the interview.

Many students just go through NTSE question papers but forget to prepare well for the verbal interview. Remember that it is the decider round and always verbal test is tougher than the written one. So prepare well in advance.

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