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JEE Main Past Year Papers 

IIT JEE Previous Year PapersJoint Entrance Exam (JEE) is a single-window entrance exam for all the IITs, NITs, IIITs and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions as well as state-run and private engineering colleges participating in the exam. JEE Main /Advanced (Known as AIEEE till 2012) that used to be conducted by the CBSE and IIT JEE that was conducted by the Joint Admission Board (JAB) of the IITs have now combined to form the two stages of JEE exam.

  • Download Previous Year JEE Main Papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2) for FREE by clicking on the links below
Year Paper - 1
9th Jan, 2019 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 1 JEE Main Paper – 2019 –  Shift 2
10th Jan, 2019 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 1 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 2
11th Jan, 2019 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 1 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 2
12th Jan, 2019 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 1 JEE Main Paper – 2019 – Shift 2


Year Paper – 1
2018 JEE MainSolutions | Answer Key (Code B)
2017 JEE MainSolutions | Answer Key
2016 JEE Main – Solutions | Answer Key
2015 JEE Main – Physics | Chemistry | Maths
2014 JEE Main – Physics | Chemistry | Maths
2013 JEE Main Solutions Paper- 1

Note: To download papers of JEE Main/Advanced – 2012 and earlier, please Click Here

Year Paper – 2 (B.Arch)
2018 JEE Main – Solutions | Answer Key
2017 JEE Main – Solutions | Answer Key
2014 JEE Main Paper -2 - Code -K
2014 JEE Main Paper -2 - Code -L
2014 JEE Main Paper -2 - Code -M
2014 JEE Main Paper -2 - Code - N
2013 JEE Main Paper -2
2012 JEE Main Paper -2
2011 JEE Main Paper- 2
2010 JEE Main Paper- 2
2009 JEE Main Paper -2
2008 JEE Main Paper- 2
2007 JEE Main Paper- 2
2006 JEE Main Paper- 2
2005 JEE Main Paper- 2

Engineering aspirants taking the exam may have to clear one or both the stages for the exam depending on the institutes they are targeting:

  • Those who clear JEE Main Paper will be eligible for admission to all other engineering college, except the IITs. It is the new version of JEE Main /Advanced.

  • To seek admission in undergraduate programmes at IITs, students have to clear JEE Advanced Paper, which used to be known as IIT JEE earlier. Such candidates also have to meet several other eligibility criteria too.

Here, we bring you a collection of JEE Main /Advanced (Known as AIEEE till 2012) and JEE Main past year papers for the last five years:

JEE Main /Advanced Previous Year Papers

Naturally, the exam conducted last year is considered most important and you can use it to judge your preparation level for the Mains exam and familiarise yourself with the paper pattern.

  • Solve the 2017 question paper as a JEE Main model paper and refer to the answer key to check your scores. Since there can be many versions of JEE Main examination paper, do check the paper code and the answer key code before you start checking answers. 

  • You may also want to use askIITians JEE Main 2018 Rank Predictor tool  to check what rank you can expect with your current preparation level.

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