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ICSE Class 9With an aim to provide quality education to the students of class 9, askIITians brings in comprehensive study material in terms of syllabus, question papers and online coaching so that they can prosper academically.

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ICSE CLASS 9 Syllabus

We offer students the finest and well-executed syllabus that assists them to complete the entire study module within a set time.

Below is the detailed syllabus that is needed to be covered to outshine your upcoming examination. 

Maths Syllabus



Rational and Irrational Numbers

  • Introduction to Rational Numbers

  • Real Numbers

  • Rational Numbers between Two Rational Numbers

  • Comparison of Rational Numbers

  • Expressing Decimals as Rational Numbers

  • Irrational Numbers

  • Operations on Real Numbers

Profit, Loss and Discount

  • Percentage and Discount

  • Discount

Compound Interest

Simple and Compound Interest


  • Multiplication of Algebraic Expressions

  • Algebraic Identities


  • Factors of Algebraic Expressions

  • Cubic Identities

  • Factorization of Trinomials


  • Framing of Formula

  • Formulae and Their Uses

Linear Equations in One Variable

  • Introduction to Linear Equations

  • Introduction to Simple Equations

  • Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations

  • Application of Linear Equations

Simultaneous Linear Equations

  • Graphical Method of Solution

  • Algebraic Methods of Solving a Pair of Linear Equations

Graphs of Linear Equations

  • Cartesian Plane

  • Graphical Representation of Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Graphical Method of Solution


  • Exponents

  • Rational exponent


  • Logarithms

  • Laws of Logarithms


  • Triangles

  • Concept of a Triangle

  • Congruence of Plane Figures

  • Congruence of Triangles

Isosceles Triangles And Inequalities

  • Properties of Triangles

  • Inequalities in a Triangle

  • Theorems of Inequalities in Triangles

Construction of Triangles

  • Construction of Triangles

  • Construction of Triangles

Mid - Point Theorems

  • Mid-Point Theorem

  • Similarity of Triangles

  • Intercepts Made by Parallel Lines


  • Similarity of Triangles

  • Criteria for Similarity of Triangles

 Pythagoras Theorem

  • Areas of Similar Triangles

Rectilinear Figures

  • Polygons

  • Quadrilateral and Its Types

  • Properties of a Parallelogram

  • Kinds of Quadrilaterals

  • Construction of Quadrilaterals

  • Construction of Rhombus


  • Area of a Polygonal Region

  • Plane Figures

  • Areas of Parallelograms

  • Areas of Triangles

  • Triangle and Parallelogram of Same Base and Between the Same Parallels


  • Data Handling

  • Collection and Presentation of Data

  • Measures of Central Tendency

Graphical Representation of Data

  • Graphical Representation of Data

  • Frequency Curves

Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures

  • Plane Figures

  • Heron's Formula

  • Area of Quadrilaterals and Polygons

Circumference and Area of a Circle

  • Basic Concepts of a Circle

  • Circles

  • Areas of Combinations of Plane Figures

Mensuration of Cube, Cuboid and Cylinder

  • Surface Area of Solids

  • Volume of Solids

Trigonometrically Ratios

  • Trigonometric Ratios and Angles

  • Trigonometric Identities

  • Trigonometric Ratios of Special Angles

Co-Ordinate Geometry

  • Cartesian Plane

  • Graphical Representation of Linear Equations in Two Variables

Science Syllabus




Matter And Its Composition - Law Of Conservation Of Energy

  • States of Matter

  • Atoms and Molecules

Elements, Compounds And Mixtures

  • Types of Substances

  • Types of Mixtures

  • Methods of Separation I

  • Methods of Separation II

The Language Of Chemistry

  • Atoms and Molecules

  • Structure of an Atom

  • Chemical Reactions and Equations

Physical And Chemical Changes

  • Physical and Chemical Changes

  • Types of Chemical Reactions

  • Combustion


  • Composition of Water

  • Water Cycle

  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Water

  • Types of Mixtures

Atomic Structure

  • Structure of an Atom

The Periodic Table

  • History of Periodic Table

  • Modern Periodic Table

Study Of The First Element - Hydrogen

  • Preparation of Hydrogen

  • Preparation, Properties and Uses of Hydrogen




Measurement Of Length, Volume, Time And Mass

  • VernierCallipers

  • Screw Gauge

  • Measurement of Volume

  • Time and Speed

  • Simple Pendulum

  • Time Period of a Simple Pendulum

  • Physical Balance

Motion In One Dimension

  • Rest and Motion

  • Introduction to Motion

  • Graphical Representation of Motion

  • Universal Law of Gravitation

Newton's Laws Of Motion

  • First Law of Motion

  • Momentum and Second Law of Motion

  • Third Law of Motion


  • Force

  • Momentum and Second Law of Motion

  • Principle of Moments

  • Centre of Mass and Centre of Gravity

  • Centripetal and Centrifugal Forces

  • Graphical Representation of Motion

Pressure In Fluids And Atmospheric Pressure

  • Thrust and Pressure

  • Atmospheric Pressure - I

  • Fortin's Barometer

  • Aneroid Barometer

Up thrust In Fluids And Archimedes' Principle

  • Thrust and Pressure

  • Archimedes' Principle and Buoyancy

  • Verification Of Archimedes' Principle

Floatation And Relative Density

  • Laws of Floatation

  • Archimedes' Principle and Buoyancy

  • Hydrometers

Expansion of Solids, Liquids and Gases

  • Thermal Expansion of Matter

  • Thermal Expansion in Daily Life

  • Anomalous Expansion of Water

  • Hope's Apparatus


Temperature and Its Measurement

Transfer Of Heat

  • Transfer of Heat

  • Thermos Flask

Rectilinear Propagation of Light

  • Types of Media

  • Shadows and Pin Hole Camera

  • Mirrors and Reflection

Reflection Of Light At A Plane Surface

  • Reflection of Light

  • Reflection in Plane Mirrors

Propagation Of Sound Waves

  • Production and Propagation of Sound

  • Reflection of Sound

Static Electricity

  • Lightning

  • Protection from Lightning

Current Electricity

  • Electric Cells - I

  • Electric Cells - II

  • Current Electricity Circuits

  • Electric Components

  • Electric Circuit

  • Electric Conductors and Insulators

  • Current Electricity Basics


  • Magnetic and Non-magnetic Materials

  • Properties of a Magnet

  • Mapping of Magnetic Lines of Force due to a Bar Magnet : Neutral Points




Introducing Biology

Branches of Biology

Cell - The Unit Of Life

Introduction to Cell

Cell Structure

Tissues - Plant And Animal Tissues

Plant Tissues

Animal Tissues

Vegetative Propagation And Micropropagation

Asexual Reproduction in Plants

Reproduction in Unicellular and Multicellular Organisms

Layering and Multiple Fission

The Flower

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Pollination And Fertilization

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Respiration In Plants



Five Kingdom Classification

Classification of Living Organisms

The Animal Kingdom

Economic Importance Of Bacteria

World of Microorganisms

Dealing with Harmful Microorganisms

Nitrogen Fixation

Useful Role of Bacteria

Economic Importance Of Fungi

Economic Importance Of Fungi


Nutrients and Balanced Diet

Deficiency Diseases

Vitamin, Proteins and Mineral Deficiency Diseases

Digestive System


Test For Starch, Proteins and Fats

Movement And Locomotion

Joints and their Types

Skin - The Jack of All Trades

The Sense Organs

The Respiratory System


Diseases - Cause And Control


Infectious Diseases - III

Hygiene - A Key To Health Life

Personal Health and Hygiene

Nutrients and Balanced Diet


Community Health and Hygiene

English Syllabus

English Literature




Where the mind is without fear

India’s Heroes

Act I Scene

If thou must love me

Journey by night

Act 1 Scene I, II, III, Act 2 Scene I

The Inch Cape Rock


Act II, Scene II, III, IV, V

Stopping by woods on a Snowy Evening

My Lost Dollar

Act II, Scene VI, VII, VIII, IX

In the Bazaars of Hyderabad

God Lives in my Chest

The Merchant of Venice till Act 2

A small Pain in my Chest

The Kabuliwalah


I Believe

The Last Leaf


The Professor



English Language

English Grammar

Applied Grammar

Reading Section

Writing Section


Gap Filling/Sentence Completion

Reading Comprehension

Formal Letters


Dialogue Completion


Informal Letters


Sentence Reordering




Error Correction: Editing


Diary Entry


Error Correction: Omission


Notice Writing


Sentence Transformation


Message Writing









Sentence, Clause, Phrase








Reported Speech



Data Interpretation












Report Writing




Story Completion

Hindi Syllabus


Social Science Syllabus




Our Constitution

The Harappan Civilization

The Earth as a Planet

Salient features of constitution

Vedic culture

Geographic Grid

Directive Principles of the state policy

India in the 6th Century BC

Motions of the Earth


The Mauryan Empire

Structure of the Earth and Internal processes

Political Parties

The Sangam Age

Landforms of the Earth

Local Self – Government (Rural)

The Age of Guptas


Local Self – Government (Rural)

Medieval India



Delhi Sultanate



The Mughals Empire

Earth movements folding and faulting


Sufism and Bhakti Movements



The Beginning of Modern Age in Europe

The Hydrosphere


The Reformation

Movement of Ocean waters


Industrial Revolution

The Atmosphere


The Beginning of Modern Age in Europe(Renaissance)

The Insolation



Pressure Belts and types of winds






Natural Regions of the world – I



Natural Regions of the world – II



Pollution and its sources



Effect of Pollution



Abatement of Pollution


Economics Syllabus

Definitions of Economics

Basic terms and concepts

Basic Problems of an Economy

Types of Economics

Solution of the Basic Problems

Food security & Public Distribution system


Cottage and Small – scale industries

Human Capital – Health & Education

Women and Child Welfare

Impact of Industrial Practices on the Ecosystem

Industrial Wastes

Effect of Pollution Spoilage and Landscape

Abatement of Pollution



Commercial Studies Syllabus

Human Activities

Business Activities

Commercial Organization

Profit and Non Profit Organizations

Sole Proprietorship and Hindu undivided family


Joint stock company

Cooperative society

Public sector enterprise

Marketing and sales

Finance and Accounts

Human Resources


Purchasing and stores

General Administration and Legal Department

Nature and Importance of Communication

Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

Different methods of Communication

Meaning, Objectives and Terminology of Accounting

Basic Accounting Principles and Concepts

Accounting Books and Statements

Home Trade and Documents used in it

Wholesale trade and Retail trade

International trade and Role of WTO

Types of Pollution

Effects of Pollution on Environment & Control of


Management of waste and methods of safe disposal.

Physical Education Syllabus

Basic organization

Sensitivity and coordination

Movement and Support





Cricket & Football

Home Science Syllabus

Concept and Scope of Home Science

Food and Health

Role of Play and Play school for the young child

Food Preparation

Nutrients and their functions

Waste Management in the Home and Community

What are the 5’R’S?

Gas, Electricity & Water

Fabric available in the Market

Clothes are our second skin


Women and child welfare

Growth and development of children



ICSE Class 9 Books

askIITians prescribe some of the best books for ICSE Class 9. These are as under: 




  • Secondary School Mathematics for Class 9 PB (English) (Paperback) by V. Aggarwal R. S. Aggarwal

  • Together with Mathematics for ICSE Students Class-IX (English) (Paperback) by Bhanu Pratap Singh

  • S.Chand's ICSE Mathematics Book I For IX (English) 01 Edition (Paperback) by Anubhuti Gangal


  • Together With Chemistry (Class IX) (English) 10th Edition (Paperback) by Anshu (Suri) Gulati

  • ICSE Chemistry For Class 9 / E5 by Amarnath Mishra


  • Together with Physics for ICSE Students Class-IX (English) 9th Edition (Paperback) by Mukesh Kumar Gandhi

  • Concise Physics -I.C.S.E. Physics Part I Class - IX (Paperback) by Selina Publishers (2013)


  • Science Biology for Class - IX (Part - III) (Paperback) by Pradeep Publications (2014)

  • Together with Biology for Class-IX (ICSE Based) (English) 9th Edition (Paperback) by A. Jacob

  • I.C.S.E. Concise Biology Part 1 For Class 9 (Paperback) by Selina Publishers (2014)

History & Civic

Together with History & Civics for ICSE Students Class-IX (English) (Paperback) by Poonam Johri


Together with Geography Class IX (ICSE Based) (English) 10th Edition (Paperback) by Poonam Johri


  • A complete course in ICSE ENG. IX & X (English) by O P Singh

  • Evergreen ICSE Self-Study in English Language Paper-I Class-9 & 10 (English) (Paperback) by Joseph Fernandez

  • ICSE Art of Effective English Writing (For Classes IX - X) PB (English) 01 Edition (Paperback) by O. P. Singh Meena Singh

  • Together with English Language for Class-IX-X (ICSE Based) (English) 12th Edition (Paperback) by A. K. Saxena


  • Evergreen ICSE Self-Study in Hindi for Class - 9 and 10 1st Edition (Paperback)

  • Together with Hindi for Class-IX-X 7th Edition (Paperback) by Meenakshi Shrivastav Pushplata Sareen Pushparani

  • Art of effective Hindi writing IX & X by Mahendra

Computer Application

S.Chand's ICSE Computer Application For IX (English) 02 Edition (Paperback) by Dheeraj Mehrotra


S.Chand's ICSE Economic Applications Book I For IX By Abhijit Das

Commercial Studies

S.Chand's ICSE Commercial Applications Book I For IX by S Rajesh

ICSE Class 9 Sample Papers

Sample papers and question papers help students to gauge the exam pattern along with a fair idea about the importance and format of questions.

Tips & tricks

  • Plan Your Studies Well: Plan your study before it’s too late. When you study a topic, make sure you practice those questions that match your requirement in terms of examination.

  • Gain Your Speed: Practice solving last 10 years question papers to gain speed and accuracy for the upcoming examination.

  • Refer Your Books: Most questions in the ICSE board are based directly on your books. So, refer your books carefully.

  • Work On Those Abs and Muscles: Remember your mental state depends on your physical fitness. So, running in the morning or taking 30-minute break to play badminton in the evening is not a bad idea to burst out your mental stress.


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