IIT JEE Coaching in Kota

JEE Coaching in KotaFor years, coaching classes in Kota have been the mecca of IIT JEE coaching. There are several IIT classes in Kota flooding the nooks and corners of the city. For an aspirant, the city of Kota is the dream hub to seek IIT Coaching. These days students and parents start aspiring for an IIT dream as early as when the student is in the class eighth. The early start shows the tremendous drive for lakhs of students to seek admission in coaching classes in Kota.


Best IIT JEE Coaching in Kota

Towards IIT coaching in Kota, AskIITians offers various JEE Mains and Advanced Preparation Courses, through the Online Mode:

  • The course offers a total of 675 hours of coaching: 301 live classroom hours, 90 books (30 each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics), recorded lectures, daily practice papers, and All India Test Series (107 tests).

  • The course is priced at Rs. 1,52,900/- ($ 2090)


  • With over 831 hours of coaching: 412 live classroom hours, 90 books (30 each for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, recorded lectures, daily practice papers including 10000+ problems, and All India Test Series (144 tests).

  • The course is priced at Rs. 2,88,200/- ($ 3938)


  • The course includes: 30 books (10 each for Physics, Chemistry, and ,Mathematics), 255 daily practice papers, 18 tests (8 part syllabus tests and 10 full syllabus tests)

  • The course is priced at Rs. 15,000/-


Reasons to Seek JEE Coaching in Kota from AskIITians

When lakhs of students compete for a handful thousand seats in the IITs, it’s always better to seek the expert guidance of ex-IITians. AskIITians connects a team of 100 passionate ex-IITians to IIT aspirants through the online mode. By offering the best coaching facilities through the online mode, they have successfully made a convenient foray into the daily lives of IIT aspirants in Kota.  Therefore, when aspirants look for the most affordable Kota Coaching, they can get in touch with askIITian’s team. Their IIT Coaching in Kota fee structure is pretty nominal. All programs come with comprehensive study material, mock tests, recorded lectures, and test series, and help students prepare for IIT JEE Main and Advanced, and Class 12th Board Exams.

IIT JEE coaching in Kota is all about the spirit to reach out to one’s future dreams. Since the city reverberates of IIT preparation, there is a constant vibe to excel. Students come from far-off places and settle in Kota to attend regular coaching sessions, under the guidance of ex-IIT faculty and other experts. They compare the Kota IIT JEE Coaching Fees for both offline and online modes. However, when they understand the highly priced regular coaching sessions, they reach out to the online coaching experts of askIITians.  Compared to the Kota IIT coaching fees, askIITians fees stand to be pretty reasonable. Apart from the coaching costs, the expertise of all ex-IITian coaches is something that is unmatched.


Benefits of AskIITians IIT JEE Online Coaching in Kota

  • Live Online Classes: All online coaching programs are delivered through live online sessions and each session is conducted by an expert ex-IITian. These classes can be conveniently attended from the students’ home.

  • Flexible Delivery Schedules: Unlike those enrolled in the regular coaching classes in Kota, AskIITians students in Kota need not rush from their school to the coaching centres. They can attend these sessions at a scheduled convenient time, after school hours.

Kota Coaching Classes For IIT JEE

  • One-on-One doubt Removal: In spite of having most affordable IIT Coaching in Kota fee structure, askIITians’ live online classes provides an opportunity to stay connected with the coach. And, seek one-on-one query resolution, or participate in dedicated query resolution sessions.

  • Regular PTMs: Just like the regular sessions, online coaching courses provided by askIITians include regular Parent-Teacher Connect to discuss the students’ progress. In this manner, parents and teachers can discuss the students’ progress and work to improve the same.


Details regarding all these programs are on the AskIITians website

IIT JEE Coaching in KotaAskIITians IIT coaching in Kota and across India allows students to take their pick through the gamut of courses they have on offer. Each student has an opportunity to choose only the modules they are most interested in or need help with. Unlike a regular coaching course, online courses by askIITians keep student first. That is why we offer so many customised solutions towards their IIT JEE preparation.

It is to be noted that Kota IIT JEE coaching fees for regular offline courses are quite high when compared to the costs of askIITians online courses. So, if you are amongst those who are still looking for Kota coaching classes for IIT JEE, call or chat with the askIITians client team to get more details. The team will be happy to explain the breakups of askIITians Kota IIT Coaching Fees.

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Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

Course Features

  • Video Lectures
  • Revision Notes
  • Previous Year Papers
  • Mind Map
  • Study Planner
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Discussion Forum
  • Test paper with Video Solution