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National Talent Search Examination 2018 is conducted by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) to identify young talent and nurture it. Class X students who win NTSE scholarships not only get financial assistance but also excellent opportunities to move ahead in life. NTSE 2017-18 Stage 1 exam is to be held on November 05, 2017 in a few states and UTs like Mizoram, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Andaman & Nicobar Islands while in the rest of the places, it will be held on 4 November. Last date to apply for NTSE 2017 exam will be announced separately by each state/UT.

Here are some cool NTSE 2018 preparation tips to help you ace the exam and add some fun and spice to your study experience:

NTSE syllabus 2018

NTSE syllabus 2018Cover the entire syllabus once but for revision, pick up topics that score more first. Solving NTSE papers regularly should give you a fair idea of which topics are more important and which ones are less important. Prioritize your study list accordingly.

Best books for NTSE preparation

Best books for NTSE preparationSince the scholarship exam is conducted by the NCERT, naturally NCERT books are your best friends for NTSE 2018 preparation. However, you have to be selective while studying these books as not all topics might be important from NTSE point of view. Instead, you may pick up focused NTSE 2018 study material that has been developed to highlight the topics that are more important for this particular exam.

Revision and practice

Revision and practiceMany students fall into the trap of overconfidence. But it is extremely important to solve NTSE sample papers from time to time – without any cheating. Also, try to recall topics one-by-one. Revise wherever you falter.

This will also familiarize you with the paper pattern, build up your speed and accuracy, help you learn time management, and reveal weaknesses in your exam taking strategy.

Ask the experts

Ask the expertsAs a school student, you already have a lot to cover. Between Class 10 board exams and NTSE preparation, you will not have much time to research on a topic you simply can’t understand. If you have already spent half an hour on a topic or a problem, don’t waste more time on it. Ask someone who is qualified enough to explain it to you and move on.

Show your talent

Show your talentNTSE 2018 aims to look for little geniuses. Rote learning won’t do you any good here. Understand the concepts well and learn how to apply them to various problems. It’s the practical use of your knowledge which will win you coveted scholarships.

Study groups for NTSE 2018 preparation

Study groups for NTSE 2018 preparationStudying with a group of friends is always fun. Try it for NTSE exams too. If you do not have kids of your age in your neighbourhood, start a virtual group. Explaining things to others and listening to other’s points of view offer you a rich study experience you cannot have if always study alone.

Prepare cheat sheets

Prepare cheat sheetsWhile we certainly not favour cheating, preparing formula sheets and short notes that we used to call ‘farrey’ is a good fun way to learn formulas, definitions and equations. Write whatever you wish you had in front of you during the exam. Then, write them down again smaller handwriting on another page – without looking at the cheat sheet you first prepared.

Logically, writing down these formulas should help you learn them automatically. In the end, do not give in to the temptation of taking these cheat sheets with you to the classroom.

Keep fit and fine

Keep fit and fineSmall recreational breaks during the study hours for jogging, cycling or a 15-minute round of badminton can help you freshen up and be more alert for the next rigorous study session.

Also be sure to sleep a lot, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, and smile a lot. These little things will go far in keep you healthy, confident and relaxed.

All the best!


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