Top Engineering Branches in India

Now that JEE Advanced 2016 results and JEE Main 2016 results are out and online choice filling and seat allocation process is over, it is high time you must know all about popular engineering branches. After all, we know about Dotcom bubble and a little bit of research into different branches of engineering goes a long way in avoid such obstacles.

It’s time to decide your forte. Does innovation and research work attract you? Is logic and analytics your strong points? Do you always tinker with machines? Let’s discuss what branches in engineering available to you are best fit for your abilities and aspirations.

Choosing best engineering branch is the first building block of your career, so you must do it carefully.

Core engineering disciplines lead to several other ‘specialist’ fields. For example, there are many branches of Civil Engineering or many branches of Mechanical Engineering that you can branch out to – after doing B. Tech in the field.

This page will tell you all the minute you need to know about different branches of engineering, such as:

  • what types of jobs a particular engineering branch leads to,

  • predictions about number of job opportunities available for various engineering branches in India, and

  • salary packages offered to fresh graduates of that stream.

List of Engineering Branches

  • Computer Science Engineering

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Electrical engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Information Technology Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Aeronautical Engineering

  • Agricultural engineering

  • Mining engineering

  • Biochemical engineering

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering

  • Metallurgical Engineering


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