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Students overwhelmed with anxiety. Exam pressure at school and at home. Studying for long hours and skipping television and social media. That’s how the life of a class 10 students seems every day. But why let the fear of board exams get you when you have your study-buddy? Yes, we at, AskIITians are on a mission to help class 10 students shine bright in and we have made our first attempt by bringing the NCERT solutions online.

Whether it be tricky questions of coordinate geometry or the analysis of the Nationalist Movement in Indo-China, we are here to help you with every class 10 chapter. Download our NCERT solutions for class 10 in PDF from today and make your learning 10 times easier. The solutions have been prepared by our esteemed faculty of ex-IITians who have been teaching class 10 students for years now.

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1. Better Grades in Board Exams

With our NCERT solutions, class 10 students get a chance to learn how to write perfect answers. Many times students do not understand what to write when the question has more than two parts. If you read our answers and follow the pattern provided by us, it is for sure that you will write better answers in the exams.

2. Informative Solutions in All Subjects

Our solutions are rich in information that you must mention while writing the answers for all subjects. Our Math NCERT solutions will provide you with correct step-by-step solutions while our Literature NCERT solutions online will help you understand the author’s perspective easily. Seek help in all subjects and prepare yourself overall!

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We are your study buddies, always there to guide you. With our NCERT solutions for class 10, you will get a complete understanding of the topics. Download the answers chapter-wise for all the subjects and read them whenever you want. Whether you sit to study in the morning or are revising the solutions a day before the exam, you will have your study material handy.

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Did you get low marks in your class test? Are you wondering whether you have prepared the assignment correctly or not? Read our NCERT solutions for class 10 and you will understand how to write the answers correctly. Learn how to include the diagrams in the answers and how to mention the sub-headings to improve the readability of your answers.

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Many times students write a lengthy answer because they know the topic in depth. With this habit, they put a lot more time on questions that are easy which leaves less time for tough questions in which they actually need to think and write more. With our class 10 online NCERT solutions, you will learn to prevent over-attempting a question.

NCERT Solutions from AskIITians - The Best Resource For Board Exams

Class 10 is a golden opportunity to prepare yourself for tough examinations and perform better under pressure. It makes you familiar with handling the class 12 board exams which are much more difficult and important. With AskIITians, students can ensure that they do not waste this opportunity. AskIITians bring online courses and study help for class 10 students that will help them make a difference in their learning.

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CBSE textbooks are important to gain conceptual knowledge on various topics of class 10. Once you gain a basic idea of what the concept is, you can then look into other books and resources to learn more. That is why our class 10 tutors and your school teachers always suggest to read NCERT first and prepare the NCERT solutions before you pick up high-level study material. Start preparing for your board exams from today and make things easier for you.


Table of Content





Real Numbers Quadratic Equations
Polynomials Arithmetic Progressions
Pair Of Linear Equations In Two Variables Coordinate Geometry
Triangles Circles
Introduction To Trigonometry Constructions
Some Applications Of Trigonometry Areas Related To Circles
Statistics Surface Areas And Volumes





Chemical Reactions And Equations Carbon And Its Compounds
Acids Bases And Salts Periodic Classification Of Elements
Metals And Nonmetals How Do Organisms Reproduce
Life Processes Heredity And Evolution
Control And Coordination Light Reflection And Refraction
Electricity Human Eye And Colourful World
Magnetic Effects Of Electric Current Management Of Natural Resources
  Sources of Energy
  Our Environment


Social Science

SA1 & SA2

Power Sharing Popular Struggles And Movements
Federalism Political Parties
Democracy And Diversity Outcomes Of Democracy
Gender Religion And Caste  

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