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CBSE Class 10 Preparation Tips


Table of Content

The class 10th exam is the first step in building up a great academic portfolio. Students appearing CBSE class 10th Board exam this year shall be much nervous and hence to ease the preparation we are presenting some of the very important tips for CBSE class 10 preparation subjects wise.


CBSE class 10th Science is one of the major subjects that also help in shaping up the entire career. To get more detailed knowledge of the subject, it is necessary to understand all its sub-divisions into Physics, Chemistry and Biology. With a wide range of examples, experiments, evolution theory and preparation materials are easily available all over.

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2014 for SCIENCE

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2014 for SCIENCE

CBSE class 10 preparation Tips for Science (Subject-wise):

The CBSE class 10th Science has 3 divisions, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

CBSE Class 10th Physics:

  • Practicing the numerical questions and revising the concepts is the key to ace Physics

  • Students can formulate techniques to memorize the formulae’s and the concepts. This can help them in understanding the core subject.

  • Noting down the important formulas and equations of Physics can help the students prepare in a much better and planned way.

  • Physics has several question based ontheorem and direct formulas which can be memorized by revising thoroughly.

CBSE Class 10th Chemistry:

  • Chemistry is a high scoring subjects and it takes lesser time to prepare as well. Students can prepare the notes of important equation and charts of various chemical while studying and this can be really helpful while preparing for last minute preparation.

  • It is always advised to go through the derivations, SCC, FCC, BCC etc. These are some of the very important portions for the board exams.

  • Students can also practice as many organic reactions as they can to have the thorough idea of the subject.

  • Making the proper chart of all the important reactions (approx. 30 main reactions) can be handy while last minute preparation

Performing each and every lab experiment at least twice or thrice before going for the practical exams can be handy

CBSE Class 10th Biology:

  • Biology is a subject that requires a lot of diagrams and hence it is always suggested to practice as much of the diagrams you can to get the hand set on it and can answer any question related to it in exam with ease.

  • By developing the habit of revising point-wise and not skipping any part of the syllabus students can easily get over the Biology preparation

  • By noting down the experiment procedure can be handy during the practical exam.

  • Biology also has some of the toughest terminologies to memorize, one can ace them by revising them repeatedly time and again

  • Making of the notes, reading the NCERT notebook and highlighting the important points also helps a lot in the last minute preparation.


CBSE Class 10 mathematics is one of the basic subjects and traditionally considered as a 'difficult yet high-scoring’. We are presenting some of the important tips to ace Mathematics!

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2015 for Maths

First Term:

Duration: 3Hours

Total Marks: 90

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2014 for Maths

Second Term:

Duration: 3Hours

Total Marks: 90

CBSE class 10 preparation Tips for Maths:

  • Make notes of the formulae and try to memorize them by solving varieties of question in the same format.

  • Topics such as Algebra, Permutations and combinations are always tricky and hence students are always advised to prefer several books and try questions from various sources

  • Making the proper geometrical diagrams in the exam can be easily done if the student has the practice of making it, hence having a good hand on the geometry seeks vigorous practice.

  • Prefer the NCERT books for preparing for the CBSE class 10 Maths as it has the simplest way of making the students understand the problems

  • Try out all the past years questions as many times you can as it strengthen the idea of expected format and type of questions


Social Science is always thought as one of the boring subjects and it is also understood that learning social sciences in class 10th might not be apparent to you but in future it surely has a lot of benefits. The subjects in Social sciences enable the students in understanding the major historical developments, its implications along with getting aware of the things happening in your surrounding and the present world. With the subjects like Geography,History,Economics and Political Science the social sciences preparations shall has to be commenced with one of yourfavorite or any of the least favored first. Here we have some tips for to you to prepare for Social Science.

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2015 for Social Science

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2014 for Social Science

CBSE class 10 preparation Tips for Social Sciences (Subject-wise):


CBSE Class 10th History

  • History consists of the facts and incidents that occurred in past and are discovered by the historians and hence the only way to ace this subject is by memorizing the events, name of the people involved with the event and the places.

  • By understanding the necessity of the event that happened can let you have the idea of the construction of present day structure or monument that you see today. And this is the basic idea to make the students aware of the historical importance of a particular place, person or event.

  • Studying continuously, revising and re-revising can help a lot in preparing for the History

CBSE Class 10th Geography

  • Geography is interesting as it is all about the land, soil, maps and climate mostly. It is very necessary to understand the maps and practicing them

  • Problems on longitude and latitude are very high-scoring and needs less time to practice as well.

  • Reading in detail about certain place beyond the course books may be by using internet while preparing can be very helpful in keeping things in mind.

CBSE Class 10th Political Science

  • It is a subject that deals with the regular happening and the administration and his can be easily covered by having a continuous practice of reading the newspapers and magazines

  • Having depth knowledge of the latest happening in the political system can help a lot in preparing.

  • Understanding the economics and the political science, can be easier than memorizing

CBSE CLASS 10th English

English is also an important subject as it provides the high level competence to the students about the subject and they can give importance to the literary texts and can avail the exposure to a large number of rich texts and the world of literature.

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme for English

CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme for English

CBSE class 10 preparation Tips for English:

  • By reading as much as possible one can ace the subject as continuous reading gives strong idea of the language.

  • Reading the newspaper, topics from philosophy and even science fiction can help you improvise your English language knowledge and can help you prepare for the board exam

  • Communicating in English also improvises the language and the flow of correct grammar.

  • Practice several articles and texts and try to understand what exactly the author has intended to tell by giving the logical conclusions.

  • Practice formal letters, applications and report speeches and understand the format properly.


Hindi is the compulsory subject for CBSE class 10th and is also an interesting subject as it carries much of the stories, poetries and theory part and can be prepared nicely.

CBSE class 10 preparation Tips for Hindi:

  • Hindi subject can be prepared well if the grammar and the punctuation is done well.

  • The poetries and the meaning of there are to be memorized along with the important chapters and the questions arising from it.

  • By going through the sample papers and the CBSE class 10th previous year question papers students can score great in this subject

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