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Webinar - Right Stream to Choose after 10th Board Exams

Right Stream to ChooseDue to hectic and fast lifestyle these days, it becomes impossible to manage everything in an efficient manner; be it working professionals or students who sweat day and night to ensure that they have a successful career ahead. To empathize more, I am talking about the students who wish to become an IITian or a flourishing Engineer.  They need to manage their school along with their coaching classes in order to exceed JEE Main entrance examination with flying colors. They need to study, attend classes and manage the preparation at same time. Also, they need to be active and attentive towards Webinars that are held to provide them accurate guidance and best possible solutions to their issues/ problems. But then where is the time?

Thus, in order to assist students in getting guidance from industry experts and ensuring that these students make the best possible decisions, askiitians proudly presents online webinar on  varied topics. These webinars are detailed and are formed on the basis of the questions posed by the students. They are a mode of interaction between students and experts those who passionately answer all the queries of their students. The best part of these webinars is that students can attend from their home or in the classroom at any given point of time. This also enables students to play, pause or stop the session as per their convenience. Not only this, students can attend live sessions and ask the questions directly to the connoisseurs. To make it simpler and easy for the students to refer to these webinars, askiitians has decided to document these various webinars. This will help the students to refer to them directly, if in case they have a query in their mind. 

These webinars have a proven record of being a big hit amongst students as not only they get lot of expert guidance; but also get lots of advice and tips that have helped them in cracking the JEE entrance exam. One such successful webinar was on the topic ‘Right Stream to Choose after 10th Board Exams’. This was presented by Mr. Siddharth Arora and Dr. Sumit Majumdar.

To give you an idea about our valuable guest and expert of the day; Dr. Sumit is a post-graduate from IIT Delhi and has earned a Doctorate’s Degree. He is topper and has won many accolades from top universities. He has been responsible in shaping the future and career of hundreds of students by helping them in cracking IIT entrance exams as well as Medical entrance exams.

After knowing the guest speaker, here is the gist of the entire webinar that was based on the queries posted by the students while registering for the Webinar. This webinar was based on what are the choices that students have after their 10th class and which stream is best for them. The main intention of this webinar was to provide online career counseling for the students of class 10th. Students being at the most crucial turning point of their life, it is important for them to understand the choices and then make a decision. Not only it will help students to make a choice, but also helps parents to understand and evaluate all the possible options. Here is the gist as well as list of questions that were posed by the students and answered by the expert speaker of the webinar:

First Question:

Q. Which stream to choose after class 10th? And which stream is better for career?

A. Well, all the streams are equally good and all of them have bundle of opportunities to offer to students. But, still we classify our streams in two basic streams; i.e, either Science or Commerce.

It is recommended that students should choose the stream that interests them and they are willing to study. For more detailed answer, please click on the following link and watch the video.

Q. Is CBSE the best board for students wishing to join IIT?

A.  Students can opt for CBSE Board those who are willing to join IIT, but then they need to focus more on their preparation style.  Watch the following video for expert’s advice on this question.
Q. What are the Career options after class 10th? Is IIT the best career option?

A. First of all students need to understand that IIT colleges are not a career option. Also, they need to be clear that IITs are not the end of the world and students should not get disheartened if they are unable to crack it. IITs do not guarantee success; it is our hard work and patience that works for us. For more detailed answer, watch the video.

Q. How to utilize two months in best possible way that students get after board exams?

A. The best possible answer to this question is that students should relax and refresh their mind in these two months that they get after board exams. And not bother about studying too much during this time. To know more about the do’s and don’ts watch the following video.

Q. I do not wish to join Medical field, but can you please give me a brief idea about it, in case I change my mind?

A. Students can change their streams even after entering into them. Students can resort back to Engineering stream if they find Medical stream difficult or non-interesting. Experts have a very detailed opinion about this question. Watch the video for complete answer.

Q. Is IIT a real worth? Any other courses such as CFA and CA would you like to suggest?

A. The answer to this question totally depends on the personal choice of the students. If you have a knack for Finance and it is something that safeties you, then do not go for IIT. To know more, click on the link to watch the video and get complete answer.

Q. I have cleared my class 10th. Please provide me the tips to clear IIT/JEE. And what are the ways to prepare for clearing IIT- online, offline or by any other means?

A. Students can choose offline coaching class which needs lot of time and energy to invest. To avoid investing more time towards preparation, you can choose online coaching center. As offline coaching needs more time and money, it is suggested that students go for online coaching centers. Click here to listen to complete answer by industry experts.

Q. I want to crack JEE Main and Advanced exam in 2017. How to prepare for these exams?

A. The best possible way would be to start browsing through the books of class 11th and join a (Online or Offline) coaching center. To know more about the career options available, watch the complete video.

Q. I am confused about which stream to choose after class 10. I have given many aptitude tests, but they just confuse me more. I am 100% sure that I want to become a doctor but then some of my teachers ask me to opt for Maths along with it (PCMB), whereas Aptitude tests suggests to take Computer (PCBC). On the other hand my friends recommend me that PE is best suited with Biology (PCBP). Now even I feel I should take PE, but I am still in dilemma. So please tell me what should I choose with Biology? (Computers/ Maths/ PE)

A. If you have a propensity for Maths and love solving the problems; then choosing Mathematics with Biology is an appropriate choice for you. When opting for Computers/ physical education, students need to understand that they are restricting their field and career options. Students can change their subjects till a certain extent; and it depends solely from school to school.

To know more in detail about these choices, please watch the complete video.

Q. Why should I choose CBSE only?

A. Many of the students have been recommended to choose CBSE board over other boards, as CSBSE is one of the easiest board to crack and it is the only board that allows the students to score more than 95% of percentage. Please watch the video for the complete answer.

Q. I wish to know the difference between ISC and PUC? I also want to know the difference between JEE Main, Advanced and CET?

A. The main difference between CBSE and ISCE board is that CBSE board gives the same degrees in class 11th and class 12th; whereas ISCE board gives two different degrees. For class 11th it gives ISCE and for class 12th it gives ISE degree. When clearing with PUC it means that you have completed your graduate degree along with class 12th.

To know the differentiation between JEE Mains, Advanced and CET exams; watch the following video and get sustaining answers to your queries.

Q. What steps should be taken by students from class 10th to build a strong foundation for JEE?

A. The first and foremost thing to do after class 10th towards building a strong foundation is to take proper break after class 10th. Relax and plan for future in an effective manner. To get the expert tips from industry experts, watch the comprehensive video on webinar hosted for answering queries of students.

Q. What is the minimum required % for applying in science stream? What marks are considered as good to choose general science? Is there any range of marks?

A. To apply in science stream most of the schools have a band of 80-85%.

Q. What are the career options in Commerce Stream? Apart from CA and CS, what are the other options?

A. CA and CFA are the basic options that one has in commerce stream. Apart from these, one can opt for additional specialized courses which are designed for CAs. Students can also get to start business, understand trade or economics and make their career in the field of their interest. To know more about the options, please click on the following link and watch complete video.

Q. Is it advisable to go to American School for 11th and 12th grade, before moving to USA for further studies and get used to their study level?

A. Yes it is sagacious to join American school (if there is such a facility available) for 11th and 12th grade to understand and get used to their curriculum. As, these American school have a completely different way of teaching and studying. To get a detailed answer, please watch the complete video.

So here are few of the questions that have been posed by varied students across the globe and have been answered by our valuable guest. These questions not only will help students to solve their doubts and queries, but will also act a guiding light to the parents of these students. Parents of these students can listen to this video and help their children in making most appropriate and suitable career options. However, I would like to highlight one thing that ‘THESE ARE NOT COMPLETE ANSWERS’. These are just a tit bits from the complete answers provided to give you a slight idea about the webinar. To know the complete answers or to listen to entire set of queries posted by other students, watch the entire video. This video is far more extensive and has detailed tips and tricks prescribed by the experts for laying strong foundation of student’s career. It can be watched online or can be downloaded from the website by registering online or by filling this simple and quick form.

All the answers have been answered keeping in mind the general comments or thought about the question. If you feel that you disagree with our answers or are not convinced by the options provided, please get in touch with us. We are more than happy to hear from you and sort your queries out.

I, along with the entire team of askiitians would like to wish all our valuable students ‘All the Best’ for their future happenings and decision making!! And yes, do not forget to watch the enlightening video.



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