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ICSE Class 6askIITians brings in comprehensive study material for the students of class 6 so that they can prosper academically. Designed and developed by the team of talented professions, the ICSE Class 6 study material helps develop student’s basic skills including reading and writing.

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ICSE Class 6 Syllabus

The ICSE Board has carved a strong foothold in the competitive era due to its well-structured syllabus and useful sample papers and question papers.

Find ICSE Class 6 Syllabus for Maths, Science, Social Science, English, & Hindi.

Science Syllabus




Fundamental of Physics

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Introduction of Biology

Mechanical Force



Work & Pressure

Elements, compounds and mixtures



Physical & chemical changes

Our environment








Rock & Soil



Maths Syllabus 

Number System

Natural and integer numbers, fractions and decimals, exponents, squares, and cube/roots, factorization, highest common factor, least common multiple


Basic algebra, linear equation


Average, ratio & proportion, percentage, time, distance & work, profit and loss

Set Theory

Introduction to set theory, Venn diagram


Line, planes & angles, triangle, polynomial, quadrilateral, polygon


Triangles, rectangles & squares, cube & cuboid


Data handling and graphs

Co-ordinate geometry

Point and line


English Syllabus




Old Tirumala

Mother to Son

Types of Sentences

Clever Jadhoji

The old brown horse


The White Mouse Circus

The way through the woods


Across three Millennia

The Railway Junction

Idiomatic Phrases

In a tunnel

In the Bazaars of


Comprehension Questions

Uncle Podger hangs a picture



Goodbye party for Miss Pushpa T.S.


Subject and Predicate

The Black Beauty


Adjectives: comparative/superlative






Direct and Indirect Object



Verbs and objects





 Hindi Syllabus



Social Studies Syllabus

History/Civics Syllabus

Geography Syllabus

How do we learn history

Use of globes and maps

Man: early phase of his life

Australia: the land and its resources

Public property

New Zealand

Significant developments in the life of early man

sugarcane cultivation in Queensland

Jainism, Buddhism and Confucianism

Africa: people and their economic


Development of empires and Asoka the great

life of bushman

Municipalities and corporations

Use of globes and maps

The Mesopotamian, Egyptians and Chinese civilization

Australia: people and their economic


The Indus valley civilization and coming of Aryans

The aborigines of Australia

The Guptas

Africa: the land and its resources

How do we govern our communities the village panchayat

The gift of Nile: The Arab republic of


Early iron age civilization- Greek and Roman

Cocoa Cultivation in Ghana


Computer Applications Syllabus

  • Computer Languages

  • Conversion of Binary to Octal and Hexadecimal and vice-versa

  • Compilers and Interpreters, their necessity and usage

  • Introduction to QBASIC


  • HTML: Revision of Hyperlinks, Tables, Fields, Button, Flowcharts – symbols, 

  • Logic development through flowchart

  • Variables and Constants in QBASIC

ICSE Class 6 Reference books 




  • I Discover: A Workbook For ICSE Chemistry 6 (Paperback) By Thomas

  • I Discover: A Workbook For ICSE Physics 6 (Paperback) By Tyagi

  • I Discover: A Workbook For ICSE Biology 6 (Paperback) By Das

  • New Oxford Modern Science Physics 6 (2/E (Paperback) By John West

  • New Oxford Modern Science Chemistry 6 (2 2nd Edition (Paperback) By John West

  • Biology For Middle Class-6 By A P Misra

  • Start Up Science (Book - 6) (English) Cce Edition (Paperback) By Shweta Sharma


  • New Guided Maths Book 6 (English) 02 Edition (Paperback) By Sushil Kumar Sharma Abhijit Mukherjea

  • Gem's Mental Maths & Work Book - 6 (English) (Paperback) By Sk Malhotra

  • Longman ICSE Mathematics Book 6 (Paperback) By Sehgal

Social Studies

  • Discover Geography PB (English) 01 Edition (Paperback) By Balagopal J

  • Longman Geography (Revised Edition) For ICSE 6 (Paperback) By Mukherjee

  • Discover History - Book 6 By Khanna|Author

  • Longman History And Civics For ICSE Class 6 (Paperback) By Vipul Singh, Jasmine


  • Learner's Grammar BK6 (English) (Paperback) By Sanghita Sen

  • Basic Comprehension Passages (Paperback) By Byrne

  • Starting With Comprehension And Composition 6 (Paperback) By Tressler

  • Longman Classics: The Secret Garden (Paperback) By Frances Hodgson Burnett

  • Comprehension & More 6 (Paperback) By Our Experts


  • Hindi Vyakaran 6 (Paperback) By Lalita Pandey, Laxmi Jain

  • Navrang Saral Hindi Abhyas Pustika-6 By Sharda Bhasin-English-Orient Longman Private Limited-Paperback_Edition-01 (Hindi) (Paperback) By Sharda Bhasin

  • Anurag Hindi Pathmala-6 01 Edition (Paperback) By Nageshwarlal

  • Uphaar Workbook 6 (Paperback) By Suresh Pant

General Knowledge

  • Go For Knowledge (Class - 6) (English) 2nd Edition (Paperback) By TMH

  • Know And Grow With Derek 6 6, 1 Edition (Paperback) By O' Brien

Computer Application

  • E-World ICSE Edition Book 6 (Paperback) By Goel

  • Startup Computer Science (Book - 6) (English) (Paperback) By Sharadha Prathap

ICSE Class 6 Sample Papers

Sample papers and question papers help students to gauge the exam pattern along with a fair idea about the importance and format of questions.

Tips & Tricks

  • Revision: Revising the subjects again and again can fetch you good marks in the examination. Make a chart consisting of the important points and try revising it once in a week.

  • Avoid force Study: Forcing yourself for studies is not a good idea at all. Study less, but understand what you are studying

  • Take Breaks: Try including breaks in your studies. Include outdoor or indoor games apart from watching television or playing video games.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You Might Like to Refer:                                                                                                                                                                     Neet coaching | Jee mains preparation | Neet online coaching in Dubai        

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