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How to prepare for JEE Main 2018


Table of contents


JEE Main 2018 Preparation Tips

IIT conducts JEE every year to admit meritorious students to several IITs located across the country. Students, who wish to get admitted to any of the top IITs have to clear IIT JEE with a top score. They have to get a minimum score called cut- off score to have any chance of advancing to the next stage. JEE is conducted in two phases; JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Students should qualify JEE Mains to advance to appear for JEE Advanced. The score and rank obtained in the JEE will decide the fate of the students. The top scorers can get admission into the top IITs and select their favourite branch of study.

As there is a stiff competition, students have to prepare in a best possible way to crack JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam. IIT JEE is one of the toughest technical exams that require a lot of hard work and a better strategy to crack the exam. Before they start their preparation, they should know even the minute details regarding the exam. They should know the syllabus as well as the paper pattern so that it would be easy for them to prepare. Students who want to know How to prepare for JEE Mains will get their answers here.

Before that, let’s see the paper pattern of JEE Main exam.


Total questions

Total Marks

Physics 30 120
Chemistry 30 120
Maths 30 120
Grand Total 90 360

JEE Main Syllabus

Students, appearing for IIT JEE, have to cover a large syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Before starting JEE Main Preparation, students should clearly understand the syllabus and make the plans accordingly. Let’s see the syllabus for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.


Section A

Physics and Measurement Electrostatics
Kinematics Current Electricity
Laws of Motion Magnetic Effects of Current and Magnetism
Work, Energy and Power Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents
Rotational Motion Electromagnetic Waves
Gravitation Optics
Properties of Solids and Liquids Dual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Thermodynamics Atoms and Nuclei
Kinetic Theory of Gases Electronic Devices
Oscillations and Waves Communication Systems

Section B

Experimental Skills  

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Section: Physical Chemistry

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry


States of Matter Equilibrium
Atomic Structure Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure Chemical Kinetics
Chemical Thermodynamics Surface Chemistry

Section: Inorganic Chemistry

Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties P block elements
General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements d and f Block Elements
Hydrogen Co- ordination Compounds
s-Block Element (Alkali and Alkaline earth metals) Environmental Chemistry

Section: Organic Chemistry

Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compunds Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Some Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry Polymers
Hydrocarbons Biomolecules
Organic Compounds Containing Halogens Chemistry in Everyday Life
Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen Principles related to Practical Chemistry

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Sets, Relations and Functions Integral Calculus
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations Differential Equations
Matrices and Determinants Co- Ordinate Geometry
Permutations and Combinations Three Dimensional Geometry
Mathematical Induction Vector Algebra
Binomial Theorem and its Simple Applications Statistics and Probability
Sequences and Series Trigonometry
Limit, Continuity and Differentiability Mathematical Reasoning

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Paper Analysis of JEE Main

Students, who are seeking answers for How to prepare for JEE Mains, can get an insight into the JEE Mains paper with the help of paper analysis. This will also give them JEE Main Preparation Tips that will help them prepare in a significant manner.

2017 JEE Mains Paper

Difficulty Level

Jee Main Preparation Time Table

Class wise Distribution of marks

  • In Physics, 13 questions of 52 marks were from class XI and remaining 17 questions of 68 marks were from class XII.

  • In Chemistry, 14 questions of 56 marks were from class XI and 16 questions of 64 marks were from class XII.

  • In Mathematics, 13 questions of 52 marks were from class XI and remaining 17 questions of 68 marks were from class XII.

  Class wise Distribution of marks

2016 JEE Mains Paper

Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level

Class wise Distribution of marks

  • In Physics, 14 questions of 52 marks were from class XI and remaining 16 questions of 64 marks were from class XII.

  • In Chemistry, 15 questions of 60 marks were from class XI and 15 questions of 60 marks were from class XII.

  • In Mathematics, 17 questions of 68 marks were from class XI and remaining 13 questions of 52 marks were from class XII.

Class wise Distribution of marks

Subject wise Preparation Tips

The preparation tips for JEE Mains are very helpful for students preparing for IIT JEE Mains. All three subjects are very important and students should give them equal importance. Before beginning their preparation, they should refer the syllabus and make a strategy to prepare them in a comprehensive way. Here are some tips that will help students prepare all the three subjects equally.


Along with some books such as Concepts of Physics by HC Verma, you should also refer NCERT books. This will help you understand the concepts in a better way. As it is a conceptual subject, you should understand the basic concepts thoroughly that will make the problem solving easier. After studying a particular topic, ensure that you solve the related problems on the same day. This will make your concepts clear and help you remember them in a better way.


Chemistry is a combination of concepts, theory, problems and chemical equations. Refer some good books that will help you understand the subject better. While studying a topic, you can always mark the important points so that you can refer them in future for revision purpose. You should also solve the problems related to the concepts and practice the chemical equations to remember them in a best possible manner.


It is the most important subject and you can only be thorough in all the topics when you keep practising the problems. When you solve the problems continuously you can create your own shortcuts and relate different topics. This will help you save time during the JEE Mains exam.

These are some of the subject wise tips for the students who are going to appear for JEE Mains. You should make a time- table and allocate time for all the subjects. You can also allocate more time for the topics in which you are weaker. This will help you finish studying the syllabus within the timeline and give you time for revision.

Books for JEE Main Preparation

The books that students refer during JEE Mains preparation play an important role in securing a top rank in the exam. There are various books for all the three subjects but students should not refer all of them as that will lead to confusion. They should choose books for understanding the concepts in a significant manner. Along with the below- mentioned books, students should also refer NCERT books that will make their basic concepts clear. Let’s see some books that will help students in JEE Mains preparation.



  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma

  • Problems in General Physics- I.E. Irodov

  • Concept of Competition Physics- Agarwals

  • Organic Chemistry by Paul Bruice

  • Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon

  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd

  • Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma

  • IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna

  • Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

For more details regarding the books for JEE Main preparation, you can check out here.


How to prepare JEE Main Time Table

Preparing for JEE is not a piece of cake. It requires complete dedication and exemplary effort to sail through this reputed examination. Thereby, it is very important one works according to a JEE Main preparation time table, as he/she begins prepping up for the D-Day. Not only will a comprehensive time table assist in spending time wisely, but will also ensure that one does not feel any mental or physical stress. These simple ye significant JEE tips can prove immensely helpful as you go forward.

Preparing a Daily Schedule: Each and every minute of the preparation period counts. So, have a clear vision of your aim and plan well for JEE main preparation time table.

  • Give dedicated hours to prepare a new topic each day (2-3 hours) and try and complete the same with perfection

  • You can even spend another 3 hours to practice on problems and formulae from a previously completed topic. This will ensure a thorough revision of the same.

  • Give dedicated time to work on a topic wise mock test, to check your level of preparation on those topics (2 hours). Give another 1 hour to see where you went wrong and where you can actually refurbish your understanding.

  • Keep 2 hours each day to complete any remaining sections of a previously covered topic.

All the remaining days’ time is to be strictly followed for leading a healthy life. Take regular breaks, have a small nap, exercise, meditate and more. Students must make it a point to have a good night’s sleep for at least 7 hours.

Important Tips for JEE Main Preparation

Time Management: Maintaining a proper schedule for every task that you do can lead you to success. Prepare along with all daily tasks such as exercise, play and every other tasks by managing the time.


●  Diet & Food: Maintain a completely healthy diet including fresh fruits and vegetables. Try to ignore oily stuff and have a proper balanced diet.


Positivity: Always try to be positive towards every work that you do and be focused towards all your activities along with studies. Being optimistic works very well many a times in such situations.


●  Mock Tests: Prepare the best way by appearing as many mock tests you can, and analyze the results regularly. Try solving the portion which you find difficult in the mock tests and create a strong base.


●  Smart way to Prepare: Make separate sheets for formulas and theorem that can help you a lot while solving numerical in Physics and Mathematics.


●  Believe in yourself: Self-belief is most important as it generates a lot of positivity and gives boost to your confidence.


●  Revise: Make sure you revise every topic thoroughly and prepare well every topic by revising time and again. Also prepare separate revision plan for last minute preparation.



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