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All about How to Prepare Class 10 Maths Exam


Table of Content

Of all the subjects in the examination, mathematics is usually considered to be the toughest. However, this traditionally difficult subject is also very interesting and scoring. The subject also requires more time to prepare as compared to the others. Our experts provide some tips for the students on how to ace this subject for the board exams.

Maths Paper pattern:

  • Weightage to content units – First Term (out of a total of 90 marks)


  • Weightage to content units – Second Term (out of a total of 90 marks)



Important Books to prepare for Class 10 Maths exam:

While NCERT does remain an important book that a Class X student cannot choose to ignore, there are some other books from which the students can practice the questions and sample papers.

  • Mathematics (Class 10) 7th Edition (Paperback) by R. D. Sharma

  • Secondary School Mathematics For Class - 10 (Paperback) by R. S. Aggarwal, V. Aggarwal

  • NCERT : Mathematics Textbook For Class - X (Paperback) by NCERT

  • Mathematics for Class X(Term - I) (With CCE Papers) 01 Edition (Paperback) by Dass H K

Line of action:

  • Never read mathematics- Practice by solving out each and every question. Solving will provide you an idea on where you are going wrong and how could you improve on them.Many a times students tend to mug up the questions, mainly the theorems, which is not good preparation. You should never learn and mug up any question or theorem.

  • Frequent testing- Attempt same pattern of questions and decipher the technique applied to solve those. This will give you a clearer understanding of the subject.Look for new questions on the similar context from Previous Year Question paper, Sample paper and other Model test paper. This will also help you gain confidence for the exam.
  • Make a timetable- You should always time yourself while answering the sample papers as it will help you manage time during the exam.Revise as many times as you can. Also, try and finish chapters which you find easy to understand as it will boost your confidence. Devote less time to the chapters you are comfortable with. While preparing, mark the questions and topics that you find difficult. And, devote more time to these trouble areas instead of procrastinating or avoiding them.

  • Important formulae and definitions- Every chapter of mathematics contains certain formulae and definitions that every student is expected to know. Prior to learning any formula, read the definition related to it and make sure that you have understood the definition.While studying, mark the formulae that you find are difficult to derive and revise these formulae again and again to make sure that these are on your fingertips.

  • Regularity- Another important factor is the regularity of practice. There’s no doubt that all the subjects are equally important and you must spend a significant amount of time on each. But ensure that your timetable takes care of mathematics on a regular basis.

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