IIT IEE Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is the study of compounds of carbon. Although many organic compounds are isolated from plant and animal sources, most of them can be synthesized. All the organic compounds contain the element carbon.Compounds of carbon with hydrogen are called hydrocarbons. Apart from hydrogen, organic compounds may also contains carbon atom bonded with sulphur, nitrogen, phosphorus and halogen atoms.

How to Study Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE?

Although Organic Chemistry in itself is quite vast but at IIT JEE level it deals with General Organic Chemistry i.e. basics organic chemistry.It starts with the concept of Hybridization, IUPAC Nomenclature, Isomerism, Resonance, Hyperconjugation, etc. Stereoisomerism is a critical part which becomes a bottleneck for most of the students. These concepts are used in almost every reaction mechanisms which are a part of topics like Hydrocarbons, Halides, Alcohols & Phenols, Aldehydes & Ketones, Carboxylic acids and derivatives and hence these are basics of organic chemistry. Named Reactions are like drivers direction for students and maximum come from the chapter of Aldehydes & Ketones, which is no less than a climax of a movie.

Purification & Analysis of Organic Compounds 

General Organic Chemistry



Alkyl Halides & Aryl Halides

Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers

Carbonyl Compounds  

Amines & Nitrogen Containing Compoundes 


Environmental Chemistry 

Questions of organic chemistry are slightly complex and it would be a good choice to solve the question of organic chemistry at the end after finishing the question of inorganic and physical chemistry unless you have very good command on organic chemistry.

Topic wise weightage for organic  chemistry in IIT JEE:

.Organic chemistry has at least 30-40% weight-age in the IIT JEE chemistry paper. It is the most critical part of chemistry where scoring is important to occupy a high berth in AIR of IIT JEE.



General Organic Chemistry


Alcohol Phenol and Ether


Aldehyde  Ketone


Carboxylic Acids


Nitrogen Containing compounds






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