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When you enter class 7, you generally get to learn the fundamentals of the Chemistry section in the Science subject that will help you in your future studies. To score well in the Science exam, all you need is guidance and best-in-class study material to learn all the three sections of the subject including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The concepts that are taught in CBSE Class 7 Chemistry play a very important role in higher classes. For this reason, you must have a clear understanding of all of these concepts. If you want to become well-versed with your CBSE Class 7 Chemistry preparation, keep reading this page! 


CBSE Class 7 Chemistry is one of the interesting subjects that introduces you to the newer concepts and methods that generally occur in the branch of chemistry. This subject not only helps you in gaining knowledge but also makes you understand the activities happening in daily life. Generally, the CBSE board adds Science as a subject in the curriculum from Class 5 onwards. Thus, if you’re a student of Class 7, make sure that you have clarity on every topic that you’ve studied in your previous classes. If your basics aren’t strong enough, you won’t be able to understand complex topics. Besides, you must be clear with what exactly you’re going to learn in your Class 7 Chemistry. For this, we at AskIITians have given several details such as Class 7 Chemistry CBSE Notes, Class 7 CBSE Solutions, CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Study Materials, etc that would help you plan and strategize your preparation for the final exam.


Class 7 Chemistry for CBSE Curriculum

If you’re a student of Class 7, then here we have given the Class 7 Chemistry Curriculum that you’ll need to study. The Class 7 Chemistry Curriculum includes the chapter of Acids, Bases, and Salts that’s the most important one to be studied. With the help of this chapter, you’ll be able to learn about the properties of various substances and learn whether they are acidic, basic, or neutral. Moreover, this chapter will also be helpful for you to learn about various types of indicators which are present there. In addition to this, the chapter of Physical and Chemical Changes will help you in understanding various types of changes that happen. Besides, you’ll be able to learn about the changes that occur in your surroundings. Furthermore, there are other topics or chapters in which you’ll learn about the process of Crystallization, Rusting of Iron, and Displacement Reaction. 


CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Syllabus 

The CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Syllabus is based on the chapters given in the Class 7 Chemistry NCERT Book. Being a student of Class 7, you need to study just one book for the entire Science syllabus and it includes all the 3 sections including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Once you’re done with studying the NCERT book, you can move on to the additional book if and only if you want to prepare for competitive exams such as Science Olympiads. The Class 7 Science NCERT book contains a total of 18 chapters, out of which 4 chapters are there in the Chemistry section. The chapters included in CBSE Class 7 Chemistry include: 


  • Fibre to Fabric 
  • Acids, Bases, and Salts
  • Physical and Chemical Changes 
  • Water - A Precious Resource


The syllabus for Class 7 Chemistry for the CBSE board is considering how it can help in developing and enhancing the conceptual knowledge and understanding among the students. 


We at AskIITians also provide the latest CBSE Syllabus of Class 7 for all the subjects that are there in the curriculum. The syllabus that we provide covers all the important chapters and topics that you need to study for the particular subject. You’re advised to go through the syllabus carefully before you dive into your preparation. 


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CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Study Materials 

There’s no doubt that Science can be one of the challenging subjects for many students. But one thing that plays an important role in helping students understand the subject is the study material. As per the Central Board of Secondary Education, NCERT books are the preferred textbooks to be studied by the students. If you’re a student studying in Class 7 and looking for the best book to study Chemistry or the complete Science subject, then NCERT is the book that you need to study. This is because the authors of NCERT books use very simple and easy language to describe and explain the topics. Because of the easy language, it’s much easier for you to understand all the topics and retain the information for much longer. In addition to this, the NCERT book also provides NCERT solutions that will help you in preparing for the exam. The NCERT books are designed based on the latest syllabus followed by the CBSE. The CBSE Class 7 Chemistry NCERT Syllabus, it’s designed in such a way that the content is unique, intuitive, and easy to grasp the concepts.  


Chemistry NCERT Solutions - Class 7 CBSE Solutions

NCERT textbook solutions for all the grade levels are known to be extremely helpful when it comes to preparing for CBSE Class 7 Science Exams. NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Chemistry aid in creating a sound knowledge on the concepts for students. We at AskIITians are providing you with the best in class Class 7 CBSE Solutions that will help you understand the topics easily and concisely. In addition to this, with the help of NCERT Solutions for CBSE Class 7 Chemistry, you’ll be able to cover the content without compromising the quality. The answers to the questions related to the topics present in the NCERT Textbook of Class 7 are explained descriptively. 


Class 7 Chemistry CBSE Notes for Revision 

Class 7 Chemistry CBSE Notes for revision have been largely compiled by the highly experienced faculty at AskIITians. These notes are designed keeping in mind the latest subject syllabus in the recent academic year. Class 7 Chemistry Notes are of great use, thus you need to go through these notes carefully so that you can revise the entire syllabus in less time. By studying these CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Notes for revision, you’ll be able to walk through the complete syllabus concisely. Not only the exam of Class 7, you’ll be able to be prepared for every question type including subjective as well as objective. Since Chemistry is a part or a section of Science subject and the subject has two more parts i.e Physics and biology, hence you get very limited time to revise or re-learn the syllabus of all these three sections. Hence, to save your time for the other two sections, it’s best to have a glance on the notes rather than reading the entire chapter. You can prepare revision notes on your own by jotting down the important definitions, formulas, and reactions while learning the chapter. Or you can also download the Class 7 Chemistry Revision Notes prepared by an extensively trained team of teachers at AskIITians. Doing this, you’ll have access to best-in-class study material that would help you score higher marks in your Class 7 Chemistry Exam. 


CBSE Class 7 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper 

After completing the Class 7 CBSE Chemistry Syllabus, it’s best to practice the Class 7 Chemistry Sample Papers and Sample Papers so that you can analyze where exactly you stand. It’ll become much easier for you to know the stronger areas and the weaker areas that need improvement. Having a proper plan in such a way that you’re able to complete the entire syllabus at least 15 to 20 days before the final exam. Doing this, you’ll leave with some to revise the entire syllabus and practice sample papers. This would help you learn time management skills that will be useful on the final examination day as you’ll be able to complete all the questions on time. In addition to this, you'll get an idea on Class 7 Chemistry Exam Pattern along with the difficulty level of questions and the marking scheme. Besides, you’ll have gain clarity on the important topics, chapters, questions that will carry maximum weightage so that you can dedicate more time in learning and practicing them to obtain higher marks in the examination. If you’re looking for Class 7 Chemistry Sample Paper here. Before appearing for the final examination, you must solve these sample papers and previous year question papers that generally have higher probability of appearing in the question paper. 


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