CBSE Class 7 Online Syllabus 


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus includes five main subjects - Maths, Science, Social Science, English, and Hindi. Each of these subjects is important for the growth of the students. They learn about the different aspects of life, society, environment and the planet where we live. When Maths teaches them the fundamentals of arithmetic, number systems, shapes and algebra, Science teaches them how life works on this planet, how organisms breathe, the importance of nutrients, natural resources and the relationship between motion and time. 


The CBSE Syllabus for Social Science takes them to the Mughal era, and how tribes and nomads lived during the past. They learn about the history of towns and traders, how regional cultures developed, and political formations took place. Political Science brings light towards the working of our civil society, how markets are established and the role of media in our lives. Geography, on the other hand, teaches them how our earth has changed over the past years, the various geographical differences on earth like desserts, tropical and subtropical regions. 


CBSE materials for the English language also plays a great role in Class 7. They get acquainted with the rules and regulations of English grammar. More or less, the language items that students will learn in this subject will be an advanced level of what all they have learned in Class 6. However, the literature chapters are now slightly more in-depth and meaningful in Class 7. AskIITians helps you understand the complete CBSE Class 7 syllabus for all subjects. We have prepared a detailed subject-wise online CBSE Class 7 syllabus for your reference so that you can take note of all the topics that you need to study in Class 7. 


Check Detailed CBSE Syllabus Online for Class 7


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus Maths 

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus for Maths includes topics like integers, fractional numbers, rational numbers, powers, algebraic expressions, ratio and proportion, properties of triangles, symmetry, congruence, and construction. You will also study the concepts of data handling such as mean, median, mode, probability, and organisation of data. You will learn how to find the area of a rectangle, square, parallelogram, circle and the area between two concentric circles. 


Many topics that you will study in Class 7 are advanced concepts of what you have learned in Class 6 CBSE materials. For instance, algebra, ratio and proportion, shapes, 2-D and 3-D figures, constructions, and symmetry. Download the complete syllabus for Class 7 Maths from our website to know more about the number of chapters and topics listed in each chapter for your CBSE exams. 


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus Science 

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus for Science includes 18 Chapters on topics like Autotrophic and heterotrophic nutrition, animal fibres, how substances are categorised into acids, basis and salts, chemical reactions, different types of soils and climate found on earth, how animals adapt themselves to the changing environment. You will also learn about the different ways how water is supplied in plants and animals, how people measure time, what is an electric circuit and how it is represented, and the importance of natural resources. 

CBSE materials for Class 7 Science also include concepts about the various natural phenomena on earth such as lightning, rain and thunder. You will understand how light makes us see the world, how different images are diminished and magnified and how white light is composed of many colours. Download the online CBSE Class 7 syllabus for Science prepared by our experts to know more about the subject structure and the number of topics that you have to learn for every chapter. 


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus Social Science 

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus for Social Science includes three different subjects - history, political science and geography. The history subject will teach you about the timeframe and the timeline of major political developments. You will study the Mughal Empire and how their administration impacted the various regions. You will also learn about the various monuments created in that era. 


The CBSE materials for Political Science include topics based on two key ideas - democracy and equality. You will be introduced to concepts like equality, dignity and the rule of law. You will study how our constitution plays a major role in our society and how democracy is structured. It also includes topics like state governments, their working and functionality. The subject also includes how the media plays a major role in society and provides a platform for public discussion and opinions. 


The CBSE Syllabus for Geography Class 7 includes topics like natural and human environment. You will study the main aspects of our planet, that is, land, water and air in detail. For instance, how the interior of the earth is made, what it contains and the major landforms. You will study the composition of the atmosphere and the distribution of water over the earth. Then, you will learn about the human and the environment interact with the help of various case studies like Sahara and Ladakh, Amazon and Ganga and Prairies and Veldt.


CBSE Class 7 Syllabus English 

CBSE Class 7 Syllabus for English aims to help you use the English language and vocabulary correctly in various social situations and conversations. Regular practice and the classroom methods and techniques recommended by CBSE in this class will help you understand the overall idea of the text. You will be studying CBSE materials based on various English grammar topics like modals, determiners, clauses, reported speech, adverbs and adjectives. You can download the online syllabus for Class 7 English from our website to know more about the English literature chapters, books, marking schemes, and grammar topics. 


Why is CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 Important? 


The CBSE syllabus is a roadmap of how you need to study in Class 7. It contains all the information about how many chapters are included in the curriculum, what all you will learn in a subject and the list of all important topics. The syllabus also includes the main objectives of every subject that will help you understand what is expected from you in that subject. You must read the CBSE Class 7 syllabus carefully so that you do not miss any topic that you need to prepare for your exams. 


AskIITians has prepared the complete CBSE Syllabus online for Class 7 subjects that are easy to read and understand. Our experts follow the latest CBSE curriculum and exam guidelines and have included all the important details of the subjects that will enhance your exam preparations. The marking scheme will help you understand how you need to prepare for every subject. The topics list will help you keep track of whether you have covered all CBSE materials or not. 


How To Use CBSE Class 7 Syllabus For Exam Preparation? 


  • The CBSE Syllabus for Class 7 will help you form your learning strategy. You can easily identify all topics you need to study in a subject, and how much time it will take to cover the topics thoroughly. 
  • The syllabus contains the marking scheme of the exam, so you can decide how much should be spent on which section or chapter. This way you can give priority to high-weightage chapters before exams. 
  • The syllabus also includes sample papers or previous year papers for your reference. You must study that carefully to understand the paper pattern and the types of questions that can be asked in the exam for every subject. 
  • You must always keep the CBSE Class 7 syllabus with you whenever you study and keep a track of the topics that you have covered. This will help you stay on track and you can easily ensure that you are learning only the relevant topics and no unnecessary material. 


Achieve Excellent Results in Class 6 With AskIITians​ 


Whether it be Science, Maths, English or Social Science, AskIITians can help you enhance your learning, clarify your doubts and prepare 100% for CBSE exams. Our experts have created well-organised and latest study materials for you. This includes CBSE notes, NCERT Solutions, test series, worksheets, mindmaps and flashcards. Our online CBSE Class 7 syllabus will be your roadmap to success in Class 7. You can also download all previous year papers for Class 7 subjects from our website. 


Here are a few reasons why AskIITians will make your learning more interesting:


  • Top Experts: We have a team of top teachers of India including IITians and IISC graduates. Their knowledge, experience and innovative learning methods will make online learning fun and much interactive for you. 


  • Exclusive Online Classes: We offer one-on-one and batch-wise classes for the students. So you can study at your convenience without any hesitation. There are regular tests, performance analysis, parent-teacher meetings,  doubt removal sessions and a lot more learning activities at AskIITians.


  • Unlimited Learning Resources: Our experts have designed the latest study materials for you that will help in enhancing your understanding of the concepts. This includes chapter-wise notes, NCERT Solutions, previous year papers, important topics and a lot more. Whether it be career guidance or time management tips, our experts will mentor you at every step of your academic life. 


Achieving full marks in exams should not be your only goal in Class 7. You must be willing to gain knowledge and strengthen your concepts. AskIITians provides you with the right environment for that. So connect with our experts today and make yourself a better learner. 



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