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CBSE Class 8 English is a subject that helps broaden your world. It not only makes you learn new words and phrases but enhances your imagination and creativity. If students have a better understanding of the English language, they will be able to grasp concepts of other subjects like Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. Moreover, English is the language of the modern world that will help you in every phase of your life. This is why CBSE considers English as an important language that students must learn. 


CBSE Class 8 English study materials include English literature, grammar and composition. AskIITians offers a comprehensive chapter summary for each literature chapter along with Grammar notes and NCERT textbook solutions for Class 8 English. Our Class 8 English CBSE notes are the best for last-minute revision and exam preparations. We have created easy to understand explanations of the chapter so that students can grasp the moral of the stories and write correct answers in their exams. 


Our expert faculty members thoroughly understand the CBSE curriculum and marking scheme. They have been teaching CBSE Class 8 English for more than a decade now and possess the right knowledge and experience to help you out. This is why you must refer to our CBSE Class 8 solutions for NCERT English. They will help you understand the whole chapter correctly and will make it easier for you to score better marks in Class 8 English. 


Class 8 CBSE English Curriculum

Class 8 CBSE English curriculum includes two NCERT textbooks namely - Honeydew and It So Happened. Both these are to be studied by the students and questions can be asked from both the books in the CBSE exam. Both the NCERT Class 8 English books are of high quality and expertise. They are easy to understand and contain a variety of literature and Grammar-based questions. 


The main English reader book is Honeydew and CBSE recommends the students to study and solve its exercises together in the classroom. While It So Happened is the supplementary reader. This means students are recommended to read and solve the exercises of this book independently and then they may discuss what they have learnt in the classroom. 


This not only makes CBSE Class 8 English study materials interesting for the students but also challenging for some. This is why AskIITians is here to guide the students at every step. Our Class 8 English CBSE notes will help you understand all the chapters easily. We have added an exclusive chapter summary and explained each character of the story in detail so that you do not miss any aspect of the story. 


Class 8 CBSE English Syllabus 

CBSE Class 8 English study materials of Honeydew textbook has two sections in each chapter. One contains a story and the other contains a poem. There are a total of 10 stories in the chapter while 8 poems, namely:


Chapter 1: The Best Christmas Present in the World

Poem: The Ant and the Cricket

Chapter 2: The Tsunami

Poem: Geography Lesson

Chapter 3: Glimpses of the Past

Poem: Macavity: The Mystery Cat

Chapter 4: Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory

Poem: The Last Bargain

Chapter 5: The Summit Within

Poem: The School Boy

Chapter 6: This is Jody’s Fawn

Poem: The Duck and the Kangaroo

Chapter 7: A Visit to Cambridge

Poem: When I set out for Lyonnesse

Chapter 8: A Short Monsoon Diary

Poem: On the Grasshopper and Cricket

Chapter 9: The Great Stone Face- I

Chapter 10: The Great Stone Face- II


CBSE Class 8 English study materials in It So Happened Supplementary Reader includes 11 chapters, namely:


Chapter 1: How the Camel got his Hump

Chapter 2: Children at work

Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant

Chapter 4: The Treasure within

Chapter 5: Princess September

Chapter 6: The Fight

Chapter 7: The Open Window

Chapter 8: Jalebis

Chapter 9: The Comet- I

Chapter 10: The Comet- II


CBSE Class 8 English Grammar syllabus includes topics like direct and indirect speech, active and passive voice, noun, pronoun, adverb, prepositions, tenses, conjunctions, and comprehension reading. CBSE Class 8 English Writing syllabus includes notice writing, formal and informal letters, story writing, diary entry and essay writing. 


At AskIITians, you will find special tutorials for CBSE Class 8 English study materials on Grammar and Writing sections. Our faculty have created step-b-step notes for English grammar and writing that will help you understand the formats and rules easily. Along with this, you can also download the CBSE Class 8 complete syllabus from AskIITians and make sure that you are on the right track for your exams:


  • CBSE Class 8 English Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Physics Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus 


CBSE Class 8 English Study Materials

One thing that plays the most important role in ensuring that you score the best marks in English subjects is the study material you have. The better the study material, the better would be your understanding of the chapters and the better answers you will be able to write in the exams. AskIITians has prepared the best CBSE Class 8 English study materials based on the latest exam pattern and curriculum. You can download the study material from our website and learn from anywhere. 


Which English book is best for Class 8?

NCERT books are the best study material for CBSE Class 8 English. These books contain questions based on the chapter along with vocabulary, writing, comprehension and grammar sections. Students must refer to the NCERT books first for their exam preparations. After that, they may study from reference books like All In One by Arihant Publications or Together With English for Class 8. 


Is NCERT book enough for Class 8 English?

NCERT books are the best for Class 8 English because they are easy to read. They contain to the point explanations and cover every grammar concept from the basis. There are standard practice problems in NCERT books Honeydew and It So Happened that will help you understand the characters in the chapter in a better way. 


English NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSE Solutions

Since NCERT Class 8 English books are very important for CBSE exams. Students must solve each and every problem given in the NCERT textbooks. However, there could be times when students are unable to answer a particular question or are confused about whether their answer is correct. In such cases, our Class 8 CBSE solutions for NCERT English will be your best guide. These solutions are prepared by our faculty members keeping in mind the CBSE curriculum and exam pattern. 


Which chapters in NCERT English Solutions for Class 8 are important for CBSE exams?

All chapters of Honeydew are important from the CBSE Class 8 English exam point of view. The NCERT exercises of It So Happened are also important as they include questions that could be easily asked in the exam, whether it be grammar or comprehension. Students must focus on both the books for their complete preparations. 


CBSE Class 8 English Notes for Revision

AskIITians has prepared chapter-wise Class 8 English CBSE notes that will help the students understand every chapter thoroughly. Revision notes are very important for English subjects as they contain all important points of the chapter. We have also added important questions in the notes along with examples and explanations. Here are some exclusive insights of CBSE Class 8 English notes by AskIITians:


  • Our notes include a summary for every chapter
  • We have explained the moral of the story so that you can use the same knowledge to answer the questions in the exam 
  • We have mentioned the character names and their descriptions for every chapter so that you can remember their characteristics easily 
  • We have also added a list of important vocabulary of the chapters


CBSE Class 8 English Previous Year Question Papers


Once you have read the complete NCERT chapter, studied the chapter notes and worked on Class 8 CBSE solutions, you must solve Class 8 English previous year question papers. Past year papers are a gem of knowledge as they help you in the following ways:


  • You are able to understand the question paper pattern.
  • You get familiar with the number of questions in each section. 
  • When you solve the paper in a timed environment, you understand how to manage your time in the real examination. 
  • Solving past year papers also enhances your writing speed which is crucial in English subject. 


Many students do not follow this last step of solving previous year question papers in Class 8 and hence their exam preparation remains incomplete. They then panic on seeing a different question in the exam and waste their time. Many students are unable to attempt the whole paper because they write very slowly and have not practiced at all. This is why you must download and solve all the CBSE Class 8 English Previous Year Question papers from AskIITians. In case you have any difficulty, we also have created Class 8 CBSE Solutions for all the previous year exam papers. 


  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 English
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Science
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Maths 


Connect with AskIITians Class 8 English faculty right now and avail all the benefits that we have to offer to you. From CBSE Class 8 English Study materials to study notes and textbook solutions, we have the entire study package ready for you. 



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