CBSE Syllabus for Class 9 Physics 2021-2022 Exam


CBSE Class 9 Physics syllabus is included in the Science syllabus only. The Science subject is not yet divided into streams like Physics, Chemistry and Biology in Class 9. But, you need to understand which topics come under the Physics stream as it will help you in higher classes. Class 9 Physics includes Unit 3 of the Science syllabus that deals with Moving Things, People and Ideas. This unit includes topics like motion, sound, force, gravitation, floatation and work, energy and power. 


CBSE Class 9 Physics syllabus comprises 27 Marks out of the total 80 Marks of the theory paper. You must know that 20 marks are allocated to internal assessments in Class 9 Science which combines Physics, Chemistry and Biology topics. You will be studying the concepts of distance and displacement, the laws of motion, velocity-time graphs, the equations of motion, conservation of momentum, action and reaction forces and inertia. Other topics include the concept of gravitation, acceleration due to gravity, free fall, mass and weight. You will also study the concept of sound which is quite important for higher classes. 


You can check the syllabus for Class 9 Physics by CBSE from the askIITians website. We have updated the topics list and marking scheme based on the CBSE guidelines for the academic year 2021-22. The syllabus for Class 9 Physis includes the following things: 


  • List of topics: Chapters and concepts that you need to study for your CBSE exams 
  • List of practicals: Practical experiments to be conducted based on Physics concepts 
  • Marking scheme: Marks associated with CBSE Class 9 Physics units 


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CBSE Class 9 Physics Syllabus 2021-22 Topics 


                                                CBSE Class 9 Physics Syllabus 2021-22


Unit III: Motion, Force and Work 

Motion: Uniform and non-uniform motion, displacement, velocity, distance-time graphs, uniform circular motion, motion along a straight line 


Force: Concept of force, laws of motion, inertia, momentum, acceleration, conservation of momentum 


Gravitation: Concept of gravitation, the force of gravitation, free fall, mass, weight 


Floatation: Pressure and thrust, relative density, the Archimede’s principle 


Work, Energy and Power: Concept of work done, energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, conservation of energy 


Sound: Concept of propagation of sound, echo, SONAR, the structure of the human ear, range of hearing in humans, ultrasound 

27 Marks 


CBSE Class 9 practical syllabus includes a list of experiments that students have to perform in the Science lab. Practical experiments are great for learning the application of concepts that you study in the theory class. You can find the details of the practical experiments for Class 9 Physics in the CBSE syllabus. Here are some of the experiments listed by CBSE: 

  • Verification of the laws of sound
  • Finding the relationship between the loss of weight of a solid when fully immersed in tap water 
  • Verifying the law of conservation of mass 


CBSE Class 9 Physics Syllabus FAQs


#1 Why should I download the CBSE syllabus for Class 9 Physics? 


The CBSE syllabus for Class 9 Physics includes all the details about the exam like the number of marks associated with Physics, the number of topics to be studied, the internal assessment scheme and the list of practical experiments. 


#2 How many chapters are there in Class 9 Physics? 


CBSE recommends the NCERT Science textbook in Class 9. As per the NCERT book and CBSE syllabus, there are 5 Chapters in Class 9 Physics as given below: 

Chapter 8: Motion 

Chapter 9: Force and Laws of Motion 

Chapter 10: Gravitation

Chapter 11: Work and Energy 

Chapter 12: Sound 


#3 How to study Class 9 Physics Syllabus to get full marks?  


  • Practice all the diagrams and learn all definitions properly 
  • Practice questions based on the equations of motion, force and gravitation 
  • Make sure you remember all the important formulae, use flashcards if you face problems in learning them
  • Create notes for every chapter and solve all the NCERT problems 
  • Solve previous year papers and sample problems 
  • Take online classes for Class 9 Science to strengthen your Physics concepts 


#4 What is Speed in Class 9? 


Speed is defined as the distance travelled by an object per unit of time. Speed has no directional aspect. The SI unit of speed is meters per second (mps). 


#5 What is Velocity in Physics in Class 9? 


Velocity is another term used to describe the distance travelled by an object per unit of time. However, velocity always has a directional aspect related to it. This is why velocity is known as a vector quantity. 


#5 How can askIITians help me in Class 9 Physics? 


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