CBSE Syllabus for Class 10 Social Science 2021-2022 Exam


CBSE Class 10 Social Science syllabus is available at the askIITians website for your reference. The syllabus plays an important role in helping you understand the course structure, marking scheme and the number of topics to be studied for the exam. Every student must take note of the CBSE syllabus so that they can prepare the correct topics for the board exam. You must not miss any topic from the chapters if you want to get full marks in this subject. Social science is a theory-based subject mostly for the Class 10 syllabus. It includes the study of human behaviour in various social and cultural aspects. It includes history, economics, civics or political science and geography concepts in Class 10 CBSE. 


When you will study the syllabus of Class 10 Social Science for the year 2021-22, you will find many interesting topics. For instance, resources and their development is an important topic. It helps you understand the value of the resources present on the earth and why one must use them rationally. Similarly, democracy and diversity is another important topic in general. It will help you understand many things about running a nation. However, this topic will not be assessed in the board exam but is important for your periodic assessments. You will also study the economic concept of money and how the present-day financial systems play a role in the country. 


The askIITians team provides you with the latest CBSE syllabus for Class 10 Social Science 2021-22. It includes all the topics that will be assessed in board exams and the topics that are to be studied for periodic assessments only. We have made sure to follow all the latest updates regarding the CBSE syllabus and examination guidelines so that you can prepare well for the exam. Not only this, at askIITians you can get complete study materials for Class 10 Social Science for your assistance like CBSE notes, NCERT solutions, assignments, tests, past papers and more! 


CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus 2021-22 Topics 


As described in the CBSE Class 10 syllabus, the course structure for the social science subject includes 4 Units of 20 marks each. These are India and the Contemporary World – II, Contemporary India – II, Democratic Politics - II and Understanding Economic Development. In total, the written examination will be 80 marks while 20 marks are reserved for the internal assessments. 


CBSE Class 10 Social Science Units 

Marks Allotted 

India and the Contemporary World – II


Contemporary India – II 


Democratic Politics - II


Understanding Economic Development



Total 80 Marks 


CBSE Class 10 Social Science Topics 



India and the Contemporary World – II


Section 1: Events and Processes 

1. The Rise of Nationalism in Europe

2. Nationalism in India

Section 2: Livelihoods, Economies and Societies

1. The Making of a Global World

2. The Age of Industrialization

Section 3: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics

1. Print Culture and the Modern World


You have to choose any ONE of the two themes given in Section-2. 


Contemporary India – II 


1. Resources and Development

2. Forest and Wildlife

3. Water Resources 

4. Agriculture

5. Minerals and Energy Resources

6. Manufacturing Industries

7. Life Lines of National Economy


Forests and Wildlife’ will be assessed in Periodic Assessments only 


The theoretical aspect of chapter ‘Water Resources’ to be assessed in the Periodic Tests only. But, the map items of this chapter as given in the Map List will be evaluated in Board Examination.


Democratic Politics – II 


1. Power Sharing

2. Federalism

3. Democracy and Diversity

4. Gender, Religion and Caste

5. Popular Struggles and Movements

6. Political Parties

7. Outcomes of Democracy

8. Challenges to Democracy

‘Democracy and Diversity’, ’Popular Struggles and Movements’ and ‘Challenges to Democracy’ will be assessed in Periodic Assessments only. 


Understanding Economic Development


1. Development

2. Sectors of the Indian Economy

3. Money and Credit

4. Globalization and the Indian Economy

5. Consumer Rights


Consumer Rights’ is to be done as Project Work.


CBSE Class 10 Social Science Syllabus FAQs


#1 From where can I download the syllabus for Class 10 Social Science? 


You can download the latest syllabus for CBSE Class 10 Social Science 2021-22 from the askIITians website with the links given on this page. You may also check the CBSE website for the syllabus. 


#2 How many chapters are there in CBSE Class 10 Social Science? 


CBSE Class 10 Social Science includes 4 NCERT books on History, Geography, Political Science and Economics. There are 25 chapters including 5 chapters in History, 7 chapters in Geography, 8 Chapters in Political Science and 5 chapters in Economics respectively. 


#3 How to prepare for CBSE Class 10 Social Science exam?


  • Make notes in a pointwise format so that you can revise the main concepts of the chapters easily. 
  • Writing notes while studying a chapter helps you memorise it. 
  • If you want to revise topics from the books, highlight important definitions in the book so that revision becomes easier. 
  • Use flashcards and mindmaps to memorise definitions, dates and events. 
  • Do not cram the textbooks, instead try to understand the purpose of the chapter. 
  • Solve NCERT questions and practice writing efficient answers for the board exam. 



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