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Maths is one of the most dreadful yet important subjects. Many students run away from maths because they lack conceptual understanding. With AskIITians, you can now say goodbye to maths fear and earn better marks. But why is Math an important subject? Maths is not just about solving problems but developing mental discipline and logical reasoning. It also helps in understanding other school subjects like science, social studies, and even art. Therefore, a good base in mathematics in Class 8 will help you understand difficult concepts in higher classes. 


The experienced faculty at AskIITians has prepared CBSE Class 8 Maths study materials. These include all important formulae, concept explanations and notes that will help you practice maths easily. We also provide NCERT textbook solutions along with important reference book solutions like RD Sharma and Together With Maths. With the help of our Class 8 Maths CBSE notes, it would become much easier for you to study maths at your home. 


The concepts that you will study in CBSE Class 8 are closely related to concepts in Class 9 and Class 10. A thorough understanding of these concepts will also help you in national level olympiads and tests such as NTSE. The best way to ensure that all your concepts are clear is to ensure that you practice CBSE Class 8 maths problems every day. If you need guidance, our teachers are here to help you with regular classes and doubt solving sessions. 


Class 8 CBSE Maths Curriculum 

Class 8 CBSE Maths study materials given in the NCERT textbooks include concept explanation, examples and exercise questions. Every chapter includes miscellaneous questions at the end which test every concept that is discussed in the chapter. The curriculum emphasizes the usage of friendly language and imparting mathematical confidence among the students. Teachers are encouraged to specify step by step solutions of the problems to enhance the conceptual understanding of the students. The faculty at AskIITians follows and understands the CBSE Class 8 maths curriculum thoroughly. All our study material is prepared based on the latest exam pattern of CBSE. You will also find chapter-wise Class 8 CBSE notes and previous year question papers. 


Class 8 CBSE Maths Syllabus 

CBSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus includes 16 Chapters with concepts like properties of rational numbers, types of quadrilaterals, organising data, finding cube roots, solving polynomial equations, 3-D shapes and finding areas of trapezium, cube, cuboid, and other polygons. CBSE recommends NCERT textbook and NCERT exemplar book for Class 8 Maths. It is recommended that students must practice from these books first before referring to any additional CBSE Class 8 Maths study materials. At AskIITians, you can download all books for CBSE Class 8 and chapter-wise syllabus for Maths, as per the topic given below:


  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Linear Equations in One Variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Practical Geometry
  5. Data Handling
  6. Squares and Square Roots
  7. Cubes and Cube Roots
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  10. Visualizing Solid Shapes
  11. Mensuration
  12. Exponents and Powers
  13. Direct and Inverse Proportions
  14. Factorization
  15. Introduction to Graphs
  16. Playing with Numbers


Keeping note of the CBSE Class 8 Maths syllabus is crucial for exam preparation. This gives you a bigger picture of how many topics are to be studied in every chapter. You can easily mark difficult topics that need constant practice and track your progress regularly. AskIITians offers a detailed syllabus for Class 8 CBSE Maths, Science, English and other subjects. You can download the syllabus from our website and use it as per your convenience. 


  • CBSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Physics Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus 


CBSE Class 8 Maths Study Materials 

The best CBSE Class 8 Maths study materials are prepared by AskIITians faculty. Our study material includes all the topics chapter-wise so that you can prepare every concept thoroughly. The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends following NCERT Maths textbook for Class 10. NCERT books not only include adequate explanations but also examples and exercise for practice. It is therefore recommended to first complete the NCERT textbook syllabus and then refer to any additional material. 


Which Maths book is best for Class 8?

Once you have practised all the questions from NCERT textbooks and Exemplars, you can refer to books like Mathematics for Class 8 by RD Sharma and Mathematics for Class 8 by RS Aggarwal. Some students also prefer All in One Mathematics by Arihant Publications. 


Is NCERT book enough for Class 8 Maths? 

NCERT books are a great resource for concept clarification. Many students often start studying a concept from different books and get confused as every author has a different method of explaining a concept. Hence, it is recommended that students must refer to NCERT books first and then to any other additional CBSE Class 8 Maths study material


Maths NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSE Solutions

If you ever get stuck in solving any NCERT textbook question, AskIITians provides detailed, chapter-wise, step-by-step NCERT solutions. These solutions will help you understand which step is missing in your solution or whether you have used the wrong formula. Practice NCERT exercises with the help of our Class 8 maths CBSE notes and you will be able to score more than 90% marks in Maths. 


Which chapters in NCERT Maths Solutions are important for CBSE exams? 

AskIITians recommends that students should practice every chapter of the CBSE Class 8 Maths syllabus. Although few chapters are of higher weightage than others. While some chapters will play a major role in higher classes. For instance, surface and volume concepts of polygons. Yet, all NCERT chapters are important. Each chapter relates to another in some way or the other. Therefore, you must practice every chapter thoroughly. 


CBSE Class 8 Maths Notes for Revision 

Why prepare any chapter notes for Maths subjects? Maths is all about formulas and theorems, how will notes help me in exams? Many students ask questions like these when it comes to Class 8 Maths CBSE notes. But, have you ever wondered how important your notes could be? You Maths notes can help you in the following ways:


  • They can help you remember and revise various formulae before exams. 
  • You can make note of important theorems and their proofs in your notes. 
  • You can also take notes of important steps while solving a particular problem. 


AkIITians offers detailed Class 8 Maths CBSE notes that will help you easily in your exam preparations. Our notes include solutions for subjective and objective type CBSE exam questions. Download our notes once and refer to them any time you want. 


CBSE Class 8 Maths Previous Year Question Papers

Until Class 7, students generally practice maths questions from NCERT books and prepare for their examination. But, do you know how important it is to practice Maths concepts in Class 8 with previous year question papers.  


  • Solving previous year question papers gives you a clear idea of the paper pattern. 
  • It tests your problem-solving speed. If you are unable to complete a sample paper in the stipulated time, you must practice hard to enhance your problem-solving speed. 
  • It tests whether you can perform calculations speedily without using any calculators or the internet. 
  • It gives you a clear idea of your strengths and weaknesses in the subject, so you can focus on your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths. 
  • It makes you comfortable with the real exam hall pressure and it then becomes easier for you to attempt the exam in reality. 


AkIITians offers all past year papers, sample papers and practice tests for CBSE Class 8 Maths along with solutions. Our faculty has prepared this study material for the benefit of the students. Download our CBSE Class 8 papers today and get 100% ready for your exam:


  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Maths 
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Science
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 English


Need help in fighting your maths fear? Refer to AskIITians CBSE Class 8 study materials and make yourself ready for your exams. Also, you can opt for our online CBSE coaching for Class 8 and study from the comfort and safety of your home. We have personalized courses for every student based on their learning requirements. Practice maths with IITians and prepare yourself for a better career tomorrow. 


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