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When it comes to Class 6 English, this subject is usually taught from the very beginning as a child enters a school. But once the primary schooling is completed, the syllabus for English subject becomes advanced. On this page, we’re going to discuss Class 6 English as per the syllabus given by the CBSE Board. Well, CBSE Class 6 English aims at building a strong foundation for students in the basics and fundamentals of the language. At this stage of education, students are usually taught how to improve their vocabulary and boost confidence while using the language. But sometimes it might happen that many students find it really challenging to use the right tense while framing a sentence or sometimes face a lot of difficulty in differentiating between the adverbs, articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, determiners, conjunctions, and other such grammatical factors. Thus, the syllabus for CBSE Class 6 English is planned in such a way that students gain a complete understanding of not only the reading section but the grammar sections as well. If you’re studying in Class 6 from CBSE Board, you’ve landed on the right page. On this page, we’ve given CBSE Class 6 English Study Materials, Class 6 CBSE Solutions, Class 6 English CBSE Notes, previous year papers, etc of English subject, then this page is for you. Keep reading the content given on this page and learn how you should prepare for this subject.

Class 6 English for CBSE Curriculum

The Class 6 English Curriculum is prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The CBSE has put its entire focus on understanding the basics of English including stories, poems, correct use of grammar are the major areas that are concerned for Class 6 English Subject. If you’re studying in Class 6, it’s necessary for you to know everything about the syllabus of all the subjects including CBSE Class 6 English Study Materials, CBSE Class 6 English Notes, and Class 6 CBSE Solutions of the exercises given in NCERT. When it comes to a subject like English, it’s not easy to understand each concept with ease if your basic knowledge is not strong enough. Class 6 English syllabus is designed in such a way that it makes the base of the students strong for further stories. The CBSE Class 6 English Curriculum begins with chapters like Noun and ends with the topics like Subject-Verb Agreement. All the topics and chapters included in the Class 6 English Curriculum provides students with the basic knowledge of the topics related to the grammar portion. It also contains the literature portion and for this CBSE recommends 3 different books. When it comes to the grammatical portion, some of the topics that are included in the curriculum include Verbs, Modals, Noun, Pronoun, Determiners, Adjectives, Adverbs, Vocabulary, Word Power, Direct and Indirect Speech, Prepositions, Simple Tenses, Conjunction, Punctuation, Interjection, and many others. In addition to this the syllabus for English also includes writing section and some of the topics included in the writing section include Notice Writing, Comprehensions, Paragraph Writing, Essay Writing, Story Writing, Letter Writing, Summary Writing, and many others. ,


CBSE Class 6 English Study Materials

CBSE has recommended three different NCERT books for Class 6 English. Besides, teachers also teach the same book to the students in schools, and the literature portion of the English question paper is based on the chapters given in these books. The Class 6 English syllabus is basically categorized into 3 books and these books include Honeysuckle (Prose), Honeysuckle (Poem), and A Pact with the Sun Syllabus. The English curriculum also includes the Grammar section for which there’s no such there are different sections, it can be said that the syllabus in the NCERT book for Class 6 English is vast. Thus, if you’re a student of Class 6, make sure that you’ve got an effective study plan if you really want to score higher in the examination and improve your language and communication skills.


NCERT Solutions - Class 6 CBSE Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English is known to be one of the important resources for students studying in Class 6. CBSE Class 6 English textbook includes answers to all the questions except for the topics which aren’t in the curriculum anymore. The solutions for Class 6 English have been provided by the teachers who are extremely trained and experienced. If you’re a student of Class 6, there are chances that you’ll find it extremely easy to understand the topics and chapters included in NCERT book for English.If you’re studying in Class 6 and looking for NCERT Solutions for English subject, we at AskIITians provide you with the solution for each and every question of the NCERT book. You’ll also find solutions to the supplementary books i.e A Pact with the Sun. All the solutions have been crafted carefully by our team of subject experts so as to provide students with the perfect way to frame solutions to the questions in the examinations. If you need any assistance or help with the questions or exercises in Class 6 English Solutions, our online tutors are always available to provide you with the most reliable and comprehensive CBSE Class 6 English NCERT Solutions.


CBSE Class 6 English CBSE Notes for Revision

English is however not only in terms of higher scores in the exams, but also it’s very important for students to become a good communicator. It’s basically a subject that plays a vital role in shaping your personality. Since the syllabus for CBSE Class 6 English Subject is vast, it’s best to refer to make notes on your own at the time of learning the chapters. If we talk about the literature section, make sure that you write the summary of the chapters and important questions so that you don’t need to read the entire chapter during the final days of your exam. Besides, jot down the grammar rules in such a way that you just have to quickly go through the rules in order to save your time. If you’re one of those students who’re going to appear for your Class 6 English exam, we at AskIITians would like to tell you that we also provide you with the class 6 English CBSE notes that’ll help you score well in the examination and also improve your personality. All our CBSE Class 6 English Notes for Revision are prepared by our team of expert and highly experienced faculty that you can refer to while reading a particular chapter a few days before the exam.


CBSE Class 6 English Previous Year Question Paper

Once you’re done with the syllabus for Class 6 English given in the curriculum, pick the previous year question papers and solve them so as to understand the areas that need improvement. You can use the revision time to practice Previous Year Question Paper for English as you get only limited time to polish your learning. If you don’t use your time effectively, it’ll make you feel stressed. For this reason, make sure that you practice Class 6 English Previous Year Papers. Make sure that you plan your studies and preparations in such a way that your syllabus is done at least 15 days before the exam. Practicing previous year question papers will help you understand where exactly you stand and know about the weaker areas that need to be improved. Besides, you’ll become more confident about your preparation and well versed with the Class 6 English Exam Pattern along with the marking scheme. You’ll gain clarity on the important chapters, topics, and questions that carry maximum weightage so that you can spend more time understanding those topics.

You can also take the online test series at AskIITians to make your basics strong. You can also join online classes to learn English online. The online classes provided by AskIITians are held live and provide flexibility to students to learn conveniently. With the help of our online tutoring at AskIITians, you don’t need to worry about commuting to a particular location to attend coaching sessions as we allow our students to learn in the comfort of their home, at their own pace. All our online tutors are highly qualified and extensively experienced who are available 24*7 to resolve your doubts and queries instantly whenever you need help. We also provide CBSE comprehensive Class 6 English Study Materials that are available online. The online courses at AskIITians are tailored keeping in mind the needs of every individual student as we understand that every student has a unique learning style. Thus, the courses are designed in such a way that it meets the educational needs of every individual student.

Now that you’re provided with all the important information about Class 6 English of the CBSE Board, make sure that you use all the information given above and master the subject. Should you need more details related to Class 6 English, stay tuned with AskIITians. Register yourself on AskIITians and get access to interactive, convenient, and fun learning.







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