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The science subject is introduced by CBSE to the students from class 6th onwards. Till class 5, students usually study Environmental Studies. It’s a subject that covers a few basic science subjects. However, from class 6 onwards, CBSE has added Science in the curriculum as a primary subject. If students will study Science subjects, they’ll get to learn about the world, environment, and surroundings. Besides, this will help them become interested in knowing about various scientific discoveries.

Class 6 Science for CBSE Curriculum

In the Science of Class 6 subject, students will be taught about various topics such as Motion, Food, Substance Separation, Electricity and Circuit, Air, Body Movement, and many others. Learning these topics, Class 6 students will become more aware of all the daily-life activities that are related to Science. If you’re a student of Class 6 and studying in the CBSE curriculum, then this page for you. Here, we’ve given everything you need to know about CBSE Class 6 Science Subject. The information given on this page will help you prepare better for your Class 6 Science Subject.

CBSE Class 6 Science Subjects

If you’re studying in Class 6, it’s necessary for you to know everything about the syllabus of all the subjects including CBSE Class 6 Science Study Materials, CBSE Class 6 Science Notes, and Class 6 CBSE Solutions of the problems given in NCERT. When it comes to a subject like Science, it’s not easy to understand each topic with ease if your basic knowledge is not strong enough. Thus, if you really want to learn and stay ahead of your peers, make sure that you know what exactly you’re going to study in a particular subject. Familiarize yourself with the topics as well the sub-topics that will be taught to you throughout the year. This would make it easier for you to create a proper and effective study plan, complete the syllabus before the exam, and score higher.

CBSE Class 6 Science Study Materials

For each subject in the curriculum of CBSE, NCERT is the book that the board recommends to every student. Besides, teachers also teach the same book to the students in schools, and the entire question paper is based on the topics given in the NCERT book. This book is written in an easy and simple language that can be understood by anyone. In addition to this, it includes all the concepts which are properly elaborated and explained so that the students get clarity on everything related to the topic. In Class 6 Science NCERT textbooks, authors have explained most of the topics with the help of diagrams and suitable examples so that students can understand the topics in a better way. Not only this, the board has added two characters in the book and these characters include Paheli and Bhoojho. The addition of these characters in the book makes students feel more interested and engaged in their studies as the book seems to be more interactive for Class 6 students. The science subject of Class 6 includes 3 parts and these parts include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

NCERT Solutions - Class 6 CBSE Solutions

Once you’re done with studying through the chapters of Science subjects given in the NCERT book, it’s necessary for students to exercise additional questions. Sometimes, it happens that students usually find it difficult to get answers to various questions. Well, in this case, they can refer to our page where we’ve given Class 6 Science NCERT Solutions. All the solutions given on the page are written by the subject-matter experts at AskIITians in such a way that students can understand each and every step in a proper way.

CBSE Class 6 Science CBSE Notes for Revision 

When it comes to the Science subject for Class 6, there are a total of 16 chapters that students need to learn. Since some of the topics of CBSE Class 6 Science Subject are lengthy and complex, it’s best for students if they prepare revision notes while studying. Jotting down all the important topics, formulas, and concepts while studying a chapter can help students during their revision process. Besides, by doing this, they’ll be able to save a lot of time because they’ll no longer need to study the entire chapter while revising. All they need to do is keep the revision notes handy and go through them in order to utilize their time efficiently. If you’re one of those students who’re going to appear for your Class 6 Science exam, we at AskIITians would like to tell you that we also provide you with the revision notes on a chapter basis. All our CBSE Class 6 Science Notes for Revision are prepared by our team of expert and highly experienced faculty that you can refer to while reading a particular chapter a few days before the exam.

CBSE Class 6 Science Previous Year Question Paper

Once you’re done with the Class 6 Science Syllabus, it’s best that you practice Class 6 Science Previous Year Papers. Plan your studies in such a way that your syllabus including revision is done at least 15 days before the final exam. Practicing previous year question papers will help you understand where exactly you stand and know about the weaker areas that need to be improved. Besides, you’ll become more confident about your preparation and well versed with the Class 6 Science Exam Pattern along with the marking scheme. You’ll gain clarity on the important chapters, topics, and questions that carry maximum weightage so that you can spend more time understanding those topics.

If you feel like joining coaching classes but have hectic schedules, then we at AskIITians provide online coaching for students of all grades. Our online classes are flexible and conducted live, one-on-one where students can interact with their tutor. Besides, with the help of our online tutoring at AskIITians, you don’t need to worry about commuting to a particular location to attend coaching sessions as we allow our students to learn in the comfort of their home, at their own pace. We’ve got a team of highly-qualified and experienced online tutors that’s available 24*7 to instantly resolve the doubts of their students. We also provide best-in-class, CBSE Class 6 Science Study Materials that are available online, for free. All our online courses are personalized and designed by the experts keeping in mind the educational needs of an individual student.

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CBSE Class 6 Syllabus

Below is the prescribed syllabus of CBSE Class 6


Syllabus Test Homework
Food-Where does it Come From Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Components of Food Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Fibre to Fabric Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Sorting Materials into Groups Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Separation of Substances Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Changes around Us Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Getting To Know Plants Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Body Movements Chapter Test Questions Solutions
The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Motion and Measurement of Distances Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Light, Shadows and Reflections Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Electricity and Circuits Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Fun with Magnets Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Water Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Air Around Us Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Garbage In, Garbage Out Chapter Test Questions Solutions
Pure Substances and Mixtures Chapter Test Questions Solutions


Science (SA1)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Solutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions
Solved Sample Paper 1 Solved Sample Paper 2
Solved Sample Paper 3 Solved Sample Paper 4
Solved Sample Paper 5 Solved Sample Paper 6
Solved Sample Paper 7  


Science (SA2)

Sample Paper 1 Solutions
Sample Paper 2 Soutions
Sample Paper 3 Solutions
Solved Sample Paper 1 Solved Sample Paper 2
Solved Sample Paper 3 Solved Sample Paper 4
Solved Sample Paper 5 Solved Sample Paper 6
Solved Sample Paper 7 Solved Sample Paper 8
Solved Sample Paper 9 Solved Sample Paper 10


CBSE Class 6 TipsCBSE Class 6 Tips & Tricks

  • Prioritize Your Study: Before you start, plan your studies. You have limited time to study and will have to choose what to spend the most time with. Choose what chapters you want to focus more on.

  • If You Are Stuck, Ask For Help: If you're confused about your notes or the readings, take help of your mother, sister/brother or teacher. Asking for help leads you to better preparation in your studies

  • Take Breaks Between Your Studies: It is important to take a break before you feel tired and lose your concentration completely. Regular breaks at least once an hour helps to sustain your concentration.

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